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    Biting The Hand That Feeds You. Daily Gogetemism #328

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    It's a slippery slope. Someone is fiancing you and/or your projects. You feel good about the fact that you're getting the help that you need to do what you need to do but at the same time you notice that the person financing you is into some foul stuff or treats people like crap because they have money or for whatever reason. Should you just shut up and keep your money flowing or do you bite the hand that is feeding you? That's what we're talknig about this morning at 6am ET on The Daily Gogetemism Show. Call 347-677-1533 to listen live.

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    Antigone Rising (Alt-Country Group Whose Member Made the Cover of Time Magazine)

    in Country Music

    Enjoy an encore episode as BlazinRy host Ryan Holmes welcomes alt-country rock band Antigone Rising. Recorded 10/26/14 at the Cyber PR CMJ Wrap Party. 

    The band discusses their new album and the power of crowd-funding. Band member Kristen Henderson talks about when she and her wife were featured on the cover of Time Magazine's "Gay Marriage Already Won" issue in 2013. 

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    Orchids - Lady Slippers - Cypripedium

    in Environment

    The genus name Cypripedium is derived from the Greek words "Cypris" an early reference in Greek myth to Aphrodite, and “pedilon” for sandal.  Ladies Slipper Orchids These beautiful orchids are a favorite among orchid keepers.This is because the fused petals that form the orchid’s pouch or modified lip (labellum) resemble a slipper or shoe. The staminode (sterile stamen) is often showy and seems to welcome the insect into the pouch where it makes its way to a back-door exit and in so doing transfers pollen to the stigma.

    On Friday July 31st at 8pm est,7pm cst and 5pm pst. If you would like to join the conversation visit our chat room on our web page or call in to our studio number 1 -949-534-0637.

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    a Theory of Parenting -Central Park Conservatory Garden

    in Photography

    The Conservatory Garden is Central Park's six-acre formal garden.

    It is divided into three smaller gardens, each with a distinct style: Italian, French, and English. The Garden's main entrance is through the Vanderbilt Gate, on Fifth Avenue between 104th and 105th Streets. 

    The Italianate center garden is composed of a large lawn surrounded by hedges and is bordered by two exquisite spring-blooming pink and white crabapple trees.

    A 12-foot high jet fountain plays on the western end of the lawn, backed by tiered hedges and stairs that lead up to a wisteria pergola.

    On the walkway under the pergola are medallions inscribed with the names of the original 13 states.

    spectacular seasonal displays of spring tulips,  all within an ellipse of Japanese holly.

    In the center is the charming Three Dancing Maidens fountain by German sculptor, Walter Schott.

    To the south is the very intimate English-style garden.

    There are five mixed borders of trees, shrubs and perennial plants, and five seasonal beds featuring spring bulbs that are followed by annual flower displays.

    A slope of woodland plants lines the western edge of this garden.

    At the center is sculptor Bessie Potter Vonnoh's lovely Frances Hodgeson Burnett Memorial Fountain, a tribute to the author of the children's book, The Secret Garden.

    The children — a girl and a boy, said to depict Mary and Dickon, the main characters from the classic — stand at one end of a small water lily pool. 

    The Conservatory Garden is an officially designated Quiet Zone and offers a calm and colorful setting for a leisurely stroll, and intimate wedding, or an escape with a good book.

    For many years the garden was tended by volunteers from the Garden Club of America and in 1983 it was restored by the Central Park Conservancy.

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    The End of Objective Truth

    in Politics Conservative

    So now we have yet the latest example of an individual's own subjective and skewed version of truth and reality thrust into the mainstream of which we're expected to accept as being valid.  Rachel Dolezal is the latest example of our culture and our world losing its grasp on, in my own mind, sanity, clarity of mind, and what is objectively and verifiably true.  Along that slippery slope also resides morality as well.  Today I'll try to take a look at the insanity of the week and of the culture wars at this time, and I'll do it live at 4:30 Eastern time and archived after that.

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    SCI Recovery Radio Step 9

    in Podcasting

    In the latest edition of the Recovery Radio Show host David Gerber interviews Michael Boccia about Step 9. Making amends is one of the more recognizable of the 12 steps. It is also a potential stumbling block. Knowing when making amends is helpful or harmful is often a slippery slope that requires much guidance. Listen as David and Michael simplify Step 9 for both the average listener as well as those engaged in recovery.

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    My Family Thinks I'm Going To Hell

    in Education

    SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR:  http://www.harrys.com (promo code: thinkingatheist)

    Are you an atheist (or perhaps an adherent to a religion apart from that of your parents, siblings, children or distant relatives), and your loved ones are terrified that you're sliding the slipper slope toward damnation?

    This podcast is about the fears of the faithful, the damage done by religious concepts of Hell and torment, and the liberation that comes in living without fear.

    Neil Carter's blog, "You're (Not) Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone?"  http://www.patheos.com/blogs/godlessindixie/2015/04/27/youre-not-gonna-miss-me-when-im-gone

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    American Firest5orm: The Slippery Slope to War

    in Current Events

    American Firestorm: Slippery Slope to War

    May 13, 2015

    Our country is coming apart before of our eyes. Worse, it’s being systematically and intentionally destroyed to the extent that foreign invaders will be invited to take it over – for our own good, of course. In short, the current administration, aided and abetted by long-established socialist/communist factions and Islamic extremist factions, are working their plan to destroy America and its citizens.

    The bottom line for most Americans, whether they know it yet or not, is simple – WE must stop them…any way we can; and we have to get to it right now, because, in fact, it’s almost too late.

    Join Firehawk live for this critical episode on Blog Talk Radio at 9:00 PM ET May 13, 2015…

    Or listen to the American Firestorm archives anytime at:



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    Bevidst Hest, Bevidst Rytter

    in Lifestyle

    Ligemeget om man er vant til heste eller det er helt ukendt territorie, så kan du få meget ud af at være med hestene. De har en fantastisk evne til at bidrage med en tzunamie af energi og de er en klar spejling af enhver at os, som har mod på at kigge på sig selv.

    Conscious Horse Conscious Rider(Bevidst hest, Bevidst rytter) er ren magi I dagens program taler vi om hvordan vi kan bruge kerneværktøjerne fra Access sammen med heste. Hvordan vi kan fjerne fysiske og adfærdsmæssige begrænsninger hos hestene og hos os selv. 

    Sammen med heste bliver det hele væsentligt klarere og lettere Heste er der hvor vi så gerne vil være - 100% tilstede, de dømmer ingen, de har ingen fastlåste synspunkter og de slipper begrænsninger o.l. med det samme Vildt inspirerende


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    GOING COCONUTS: The Skinny on Oils, Saturated, Refined, Hydrogenated

    in Health

    After a millennia of using oil for cooking, the modern change to hydrogenated oils used in fried, fast and processed food, few things have brought so much pain and suffering to mankind. From spreading margarine on a bagel to crunching on fried junk food, humans have imposed self-inflicted wounds that contribute in no small measure to obesity and the modern health crisis.

    Join us as we speak with Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, The Natural Nurse ®, author, radio host, medical school instructor and herbalist as she helps you navigate this slippery slope and identify the best oils that support vibrant health and gourmet taste.

    Meet Ellen and some of the other top integrative, wellness oriented healers, authors and celebrities from around the world at the upcoming NAVEL Expo May 3, 2015 at the Huntington Hilton, Melville, NY.

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