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    Mr. 365, D. Klarque Garrison, host of the blog, Survive 365, and the blog talk radio show, Survive 365: The Conversation of Survive 365 discusses his book, How to Survive the Next 365 | Your Lifeline to a Better Life.

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    The Radio Show About Nothing

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    Hey, remember us?

    Of course you do! We are Slick Radio and we are back in your life on a full time basis to bring you the hottest topics going on in the world. We hold no punches as we break down what has been going on including a certain father who is a deadbeat dad, does anybody really care if Big Sean signed to Roc Nation, the first week of NFL (and how great the Cowboys were...) and much more.

    We have missed you guys and we promised to deliver a show that you will remind you on why we are the best in the world.



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    Slick Radio Present... Clones

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    Episdoe Information TBA

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    Who Needs To Plan Anything Anyway?

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    The beauty of Slick Radio. No planning needs to take place. It just happens. We are back in your life with a brand new episode of grade A ignorance! We are never short on topics as we break down the impending divorce of Amber Khalifa, Leonardo DiCaprio as Andre 3000, Scandal being back on televison (and freeing every man to do whatever he wants) and so much more.

    Also, we have a special return to the show...or do we.,...........

    All this and more on Slick Radio! Tonight! LIVE!!!!

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    Pancakes With Prince and The Revolution

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    Do you want to purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka?

    Or you want to rock with the Slickest crew in the world and listen to Slick Radio!?!?

    Probably the first one but we are once again back in your life for another edition of Slick Radio and I hope you guys are ready for the randomness because we freestlying this show from start to finish. We might some topics but we want to do some classic season 1 ignorance for you.

    And we will be playing Prince!

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    The Anniversary Show

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    On June 7, 2013, we promised to give the world something different to the sound of radio and after one full year.....we have done a pretty damn good job of not getting canceled :)

    Slick Radio is back once again in your life as we celebrate our one year anniversary of being the Slickest show in the world! We are honored to give laughter, tears and so much more to everyone that has stuck by our side for the past 365 days and we promise to give you lovely folks a show that you will never forget.


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    10 Years of Hype

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    Let's try this again...

    In celebration of Hype's 25th Birthday on Sunday the 27th Slick Radio will have a special show titled 10 Years of Hype this upcoming Friday. Sunday will mark Hype's 10th year as an artist. He will reflect on his favorite projects and thoughts, reviews on each project along with his typical professional ignorance. Peace be unto the motto.

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    I'm Sorry Ms. Drizzy....

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    I am for real. Never meant to make your daugther cry, I apologize a trillion times...

    Sorry, I love that song.

    But Slick Radio is once again in your life to provide some much needed entertainment on a wonderful Friday night! We have music, we have topics and some other stuffs that will makes sense when you tune it. We are wondering how (or if) Drake will respond to Jay-Z "Misses Drizzy" line and how ironic is it that Jugde Joe Brown being arrested? Also, the greatest news story so far in 2014.....Diddy is going back to being Puff Daddy!

    All this and more on Slick Radio!

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    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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    Slick Radio & Real HipHopHead? Part 2? Yes please!

    We are back in your life once again on this Friday night to bring you the most anticipated show in history as our man Ryan Buley returns to drop some much needed knowledge on the world for your listening ears.

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    20 Years Later and O.J. Still Did It

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    "If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit" - Johnny Cochran

    "If it is not Slick, you must call Nick." - Scotland Underwood

    Shameless laywer talk out the way, Slick Radio is once again in your life on a Friday night to provide TLD for two hours and more as we cover the most important topic in that has taken place in the  last 20 years.....Lil Terrio is getting his own reality show!!!

    Oh yeah, we will probably talking about O.J. Simpson and the crimes that changed the world 20 years ago and the five ways that Mr. Simpson was likely gulity and the dumbest man in the history of time. We also debate Sega Genesis vs. Super Nintendo, Kanye West's New Testment, who has the worst timing in Hip Hop and maybe (just maybe) the return of This or That!

    Whew, what a show we have planned but y'all are not ready it.....or are you???






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    The Brent Show

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    There has been guests. And then there is been legends.

    And then, there was Brent.

    Slick Radio is back again in your life to bring you masses of entertainment and somewhat ignorance again in a Friday night! Tonight we are joined by TLD Hall of Famer Brent Burford and he taking over the show. Really no other description other than it is about to go down!

    Peace be onto the motto.

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