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    Emancipation Proclamation

    in Christianity

    Emancipation Proclamation will inspire those who feel bound to be set free by knowing The Truth!  The Truth that will be revealed will cause many to walk in liberty that was already granted to us when Jesus gave up His Life that we may live.  Are you ready to be set free?  Tune in...

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    Repentance is the Key: The Blessings of Slavery

    in Religion

    Few historians will deny that the system of institutionalized slavery was the primary factor that transformed America into an economic powerhouse and solidified its position as the most powerful nation on Earth. While slavery was clearly a blessing for the financial growth of the country, few would be so callous or so foolish as to suggest that slavery was a blessing for the millions of Blacks who were enslaved. But that is exactly what one Arkansas State Representative is proposing. In his book written in 2009 Republican Jon Hubbard states that slavery was a “Blessing in Disguise” for the Black Race. And while it may be easy to offer a response based on raw emotions.  We will refrain. We will instead use the words of the Holy Bible to answer the question “Was slavery a blessing or a curse to the black man in America?”

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    Slavery abolition in the 21st century

    in Lifestyle

    If you though slavery was abolished in the 1800's then, you have another thing coming. In the 21st Century, right here in the Grand United States of America we have a slavery problem of mass proportions... We call it The Prison Industrialization Complex and it affects Blacks, White, Latinos and those without means to have an attorney represent them in cases all across this country. With the prison systems going toward privatization fill quotas and sentences are “creative” to say the least. Hence, the “New Slaves.”

    Join us and our special co-host Max Parthas of the New Abolitionists Radio station on Black Talk Radio Network, as we delve into this topic head on.

    Max comes to us with many years of hands on experience and from the trenches of today’s topics of race, politics and the Prison Industrialization Complex.  He is a husband, father, friend and prolific poet. You may remember him from a previous show on Howelegant and Toi talks on the Mask of Racism.

    With the upcoming elections, the status of race relations and equality in America, you can expect that we will have a powerful conversation on this subject and those that directly relate to slavery and it’s metamorphosis in the United State of America!

    Come prepared to learn, be challenged and called to task by our dynamic co-host of the evening! You will not be disappointed. 

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    Kings and Priests: Black History Mental Slavery

    in Religion

    Are we still affected by slavery today? Was slavery a plot by the "white man" to keep us down or biblical prophesy for disobedience to God and his commandments?  Come and join us as we discuss this Black history topic.

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    The Scoop - Black History Before Slavery

    in Entertainment

    Call and listen every Tuesday at 8pm cst on THE SCOOP.  This week Winfred, Shaquilla, Rashaad and Takisha welcome Keith Young who teaches black history.  Where can we find resources, why is it not taught and what is some history we do not know?  Tell us your comments and thoughts by calling (929) 477-2304.  Plus we will have new music in our New Artist Feature.  And as always we talk about the latest in sports, news, politics and religon on THE SCOOP.  CLICK the link to listen online.

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    Chattel Slavery vs Contract Slavery & How The 2 Types Are Perceived

    in Politics

    Greetings 9Mind Sacred Sisters of luv and light. Peace, Protection, Prosperity and most of all wisdom be upon we all and those we love. With the increase of BA'S being murdered by LE, the tragic William Henry Cosby indictment, the deaths of two iconic Black women, Natalia Cole & Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, the floods, hurricanes ect... Many of we are trying our best to make sense or either explain what it all means and why the things that are happening are indeed happening. As usual I have my own personal interpretation and explantion for things as we all do. We at the 9Mind like to see things in a 360 degree fashion as opposed to a square. I here a lot of so called concious Blacks talk about standing on their square, whatever that means? I have heard of the circle of LIFE never the square of life. But to each is own I guess. I prefer to stand in my circle lol, ok? Once again I stand in MY CIRCLE in complete opposition to what many of you who look like me, think, believe and DO. Yaaassss being a lone wolf is always ...LONELY but sometimes necessary. lol

    Chattel slavery is what most people have in mind when they think of the kind of slavery that existed in the United States before the Civil War, and that existed legally throughout many parts of the world as far back as recorded history. Slaves were actual property who could be bought, sold, traded or inherited.

    Bought & Traded? Sounds exactly what they do to a lot of our favorite Sports Athlete's huh? 

    SLAVERY of the MIND is WORSE than SLAVERY of the BODY!!! ~ shiloah

    Alrighty then, let's get it innnn...


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    Its Time to Awake : Is Slavery the Only Link to Black History

    in Religion

    Romans 13:11 And that, knowing the time, that now [it is] high time to awake out of sleep: for now [is] our salvation nearer than when we believed.

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    RAP WITH BEEGE - Episode 3 - The Black Relationship from Slavery to NOW

    in Culture

    Another Controversial Episode on RAP WITH BEEGE! In this one we will dive into the state of the black relationship today and how it is in a cycle of slave mentality. Lets begin to heal the hears of our lovers on this Valentines Day Week! 

    With Cohost, Krena Dean 

    CALL IN NUMBER : 516 387 1480

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    in School

    Professor James Muhammad, Educator, Activist with Black Leaders will focus on education and economic development  as it pertains to the Black African community. Our children are victims of social engineering and school to prison programs. Black children are marginalized by systemic racism and we must take action to bring about change in the educational system

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