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    Islam, Religious, Religion, Islamic History,Critical Issue Affecting Our lives

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    1st hour:Solution to critical issue that affect/effect our lives with host Dr. Jamal Rasheed, author of Broader Perspectives of Effectively Educating All of Us, It is Mandatory to Identify and Kick Slave Habits, Positive Solution To Improves Our Lives,and other books.  Joint in on the Conversation.

    2nd hours Islamic history with Amadous Shakoor, History from 636 AD up to Today. Joint in to increase and share your knowledge. 

    3rd Hours Not Just Talk with Michael Hameed, talk with quests about information that keep you inform on the happening in the communities.

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    Who Did It To You? Roundtable Discussion with Dr James Jones

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    Nobody will ever change the condition of a people until they change within themselves. Family the burden is on us to change our behavior; to build love, trust and confidence in each other and in our people for us, then, 95% of our problems will be solved. We, as leaders must declare that we will never sell out the aspirations of our people for personal wealth, position and advancement in the society of our former slave masters and their children. We must make a covenant with our people to work and sacrifice and be willing to be the good shepherd (leaders) who will lay down our lives for our people. Let us accept our responsibility and change our behavior to that, which will make us more than comrades and brothers and Sisters, but a behavior that will make us friends and companions in the struggle for the total freedom of our people here and wherever we are found on this earth.

    "Hold fast by this covenant of ours, all together and be not disunited. And remember God's favour to us when we were alone, then He united our hearts, so by His favour we became brothers and sisters."

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    Slave Making Religions

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    Join us this afternoon with host Chief Kamara as we explain slave making religions and their purpose on the almighty afrikan lion show.

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    Jade Helm and Mind Control

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    And it will be increasingly
    the case that you human beings will be treated like animals for the slaughter, implanted with electronic data chips
    by means of which you will be completely controlled and robbed of freedom by authorities, public offices and
    governments, although in your ignorance you will think that you live as free human beings although you are in fact
    servants of the governments. So public authorities, official bodies and those in government will rule over you in a
    wise that has never happened before, meaning that you will no longer chart the course of your own fate in the collective,
    because this will be done by those who exercise total might and control over you. In this wise, every one of
    you will be a servant and slave of authorities, public bodies and governments, i.e. of those mightful ones and their
    vassals who possess might in this respect.

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    LOTL The Comfort Zone Welcomes ConFunkShun, Debuts new Album ' More Than Love '

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    New Single  “I Miss You” Debuts at #30 on the Billboard UAC Chart!  

    Once upon a time there were many great self-contained R&B and funk groups, innovative, immensely popular artists such as Earth, Wind & Fire, War, The Meters, The Commodores, Kool & The Gang, Lakeside, Slave and many others who created a body of work in the 70s and 80s that still thrills audiences today.   ConFunkShun was one of the successful bands in this wave, scoring 25 chart hits between 1976 and their break-up in 1987, including such smash hits as “Ffun,” “Chase Me,” “Electric Lady,” “Baby I’m Hooked” and others—many of which have been liberally sampled by the hip-hop generation. When the band re-united with lead vocalists/songwriters Michael Cooper and Felton Pilate, after more than two decades apart, they were welcomed back by their fans as they toured nationally to adoring crowds. Not content to ride on their past hits, they began writing and recording new material which they found got great response in concert. Their highly anticipated new CD and Shanachie debut MORE THAN LOVE (April 28, 2015) is the band’s first new studio album in more than two decades. Their new music finds ConFunkShun as irresistible as ever. Comprised of some of the most soulful, seasoned and respected musicians on the scene, ConFunkShun is: Michael Cooper (Lead vocals, guitar, keys), Felton Pilate (Lead vocals, trombone, keys), EQ/Eric Young (bass), Karl Fuller (trumpet, flugelhorn), KC/Kurt Clayton (keys, vocals), Ron Moton  (sax, vocals) and Brian Collier (drums).  

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    Tribute to Yvonne Craig

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    Although she only played Batgirl for one season (the final season) on Batman that role defined Yvonne Craig; But she was so much more. Sharing the screen with legends like Bing Crosby and William Shatner ;) she was an Orion Slave Girl in the Star Trek Episode For Whom Gods Destory. Tonight's show is a tribute to this beautiful, multitalented actress. And advocate for equal pay for equal work. I remember seeing this commerical when it orginally aired back in the early 70s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n00xZ_mKQgk. See if you can spot what's missing..

  • UNLAWFUL CAPTIVES #HenryAllenMuhammad #JasonX #ForrestMuhammad 323.2927.2913

    in Politics

    Hosted By: Henry Allen-Muhammad

    With Special Guest Hosts: Jason X and Forrest Muhammad

    Unlawful Captives deals with the creation, sustaining, the politics, criminalization and the effects  of The Prison Industrial Complex in America and World Wide.

    Why are there more people incarcerated in America the rest of the free countries worldwide combined.

    Why does America lock up drug user whereas other countries opt for treatment?  


    Prison Industrial Complex – Law – Above The Law – Black Lives Matter – #FTP – Police Corruption – Political Prisoners – Poverty Inmates – Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome – Police Brutality – Urban Concentration Camps – Militarization Of The Police Departments  

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    The Apocalypse- Say NO to War

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    Come join us for a discussion of the Apocalypse and Armegeddon and the future of our world. Hear the messages given to me by our Spirit Guides about our world. Who was here first? Why alien abductions? Are we in the end times of our planet? Is the war between good and evil real? What are "Preppers" and are they right to prepare? Come for answers and to give more questions regarding this serious and interesting topic!

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    The problem with GOCC and other black Hebrew Israelite movements

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    I have been studying the premise that American blacks and other black people brought to the Americas during the International slave trade are the true Hebrews of the bible.  This is something I believe after many hours of research.  My plan is to continue this study.  In later shows, we will discuss why I believe that blacks in the Americas are the true Hebrews according to scripture and according to the minimal historical accounts.  What I will discuss here are the lies of the black Hebrew Israelite religion.  I will discuss why they are nothing but a cult. I will also discuss the idea of the gate keepers of knowledge, and why the black Israelite movement hinders any real discussion on the topic of blacks being the true Hebrews (They are gate keepers to truth).  Stay Tune!  I should get heat from both sides for this show.

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    Ever since slaves arrived to America off the good ship "Jesus" black people have been indoctrinated that god looks different from them. This lie caused much tension, pain, and low self esteem in the black communities. Fast forward 400 years and it seems like the descendants of these free laborers are just now getting through the for of forced assimilation. They are finding out that they posses a divine spark and the creativity of the character they once worshiped. Does it not say, even in the slave master's bible that "Ye are Gods"? With this new realization comes new responsibility, but has this new awakening happened to late? The ancestors are here to help but WILL BLACK GODS SAVE BLACK PEOPLE?

    Historian and president of the National Educators Of Afrika, Anu Negus, discusses the future of the liberation movement, the power of the mind, and what's next in black spirituality

    11pm est
    Call in 3234100036