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    Gail Eisnitz, author of "Slaughterhouse" Chief Investigator for Humane Farming

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    Our guest tonight is Gail A. Eisnitz, author of the book "Slaughterhouse" and Chief Investigator for the Humane Farming Association (HFA).

    Gail A. Eisnitz, a winner of the Albert Schweitzer Medal for outstanding achievement in animal welfare, has done work that has resulted in exposés by ABC’s Good Morning America, PrimeTime Live, Dateline NBC, and has been featured in newspapers including The New York Times, Miami Herald, Detroit Free Press, Texas Monthly, Denver Business Journal, Los Angeles Times, and US News & World Report.

    Eisnitz was the driving force behind a front-page, award-winning exposé in The Washington Post documenting slaughterhouse atrocities entitled “They Die Piece by Piece.” 

    It is often assumed that farm animals are slaughtered in a clean, orderly process that minimizes stress and pain.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  HFA’s groundbreaking investigations have exposed the fact that farm animals are routinely dismembered while still fully conscious in U.S. slaughterplants.

    The USDA’s Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) in Nebraska has, for decades, been using taxpayer dollars to fund meat-industry research to genetically and chemically alter farm animals.  In addition to torturing and mutilating live, defenseless animals, MARC has starved to death as many as 6,500 animals.

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    In With The Knews: Hunting VS The Slaughterhouse

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    Sunday, August 2nd, 11pm est . 8pm pac ... IWTK: HuntingVS The Slaughterhouse. We will be discussing the controversial hunting that goes on worldwide, as well as the ethics used inside of the slaughterhouses.

    Call in at 626-414-3414

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    "Beyond the Slaughterhouse" on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake up In 'Merica"

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    Looking Beyond the Two Party Slaughterhouse
    Does anybody actually know how many political parties we have in ‘Merica? Believe it or not, there are more than just two. Why is it that not every Presidential Candidate is being represented and having their voice heard?
    Isa & Common Cal’s guest on A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica is one of the Candidates running on the Libertarian party ticket Darryl W. Perry.
    Darryl has spent most of his adult life as an advocate & activist for peace and liberty.
    The goal of the Darryl W. Perry for President campaign is to run the most libertarian presidential campaign in history, to promote the ideas of liberty as boldly and as often as possible, and to give as many people as possible the chance to vote for an actual libertarian in November 2016!
    Isa and Cal will also offer insight into whom Darryl is running against for the Libertarian party nomination Gary Johnson.
    A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica airs LIVE Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm EST/5:0 0pm PST on wakeupinmerica.com, jrevradio.com and Coffee Party USA Radio Network.

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    grudgeinc/slaughterhouse racing monday madness

    in Automotive

    Who has the best races big tite or small tire

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    Grudgeinc/slaughterhouse racing monday madness

    in Automotive

    Who the grudge racer of the year.

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    Godz On The Mic with Problem 13

    in Hip Hop Music

    Problem 13, Hip-Hop Artis, discusses his music and upcoming perfomace at the  "Godz on the Mic" event. 

    Checkout Problem 13's Freestyle Track: https://soundcloud.com/…/the-slaughterhouse-revisited-frees

    Order Godz on the Mic Tickets Today@ http://GodzOnDaMic.eveyevents.com

    Konscious Vibe Entertainment

    Problem 13 Questions

    What inspired you to first start rapping?

    What is the creative source of your content?

    Is it tough to be a hip-hop artist while at the same time being a FOI?

    On the Slaughterhouse Revisited {freestyle} where you intentionally calling out the hip-hop game?

    Tell me about the Wolverine persona?





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    Alien Baby Media Episode 233-Music from Eminem & Slaughterhouse

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    Coming from the cornfields its another Alien Baby show......featuring unreleased music from Eminem and Slaughterhouse

    Wanna show support get official collector Alien Baby shirts HERE



    Get your music heard by thousands, email us a MP3.  If it's dope we will play it on a future show.

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    Underground Wednesday with special Guest M-DOT

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    In 2008 M-Dot was named to Stuff Magazines Hot 100. Also in '08 M-Dot shared the honor of "2 Dope 2 Sleep On" with Casey Veggies presented by 2dopeboyz.com. He went on to receive positive reviews for his mixtapes Money Doesn't Own Thought (2009) from DigBoston.com and Making Doubters Over Think (2010) from the Boston Globe. Continuing with European exposure M-Dot performed at the 2010 Winter XGames in Tignes, France. For years he has solidified a fan base through local shows and mixtapes in New England. M-Dot won both major Boston hip-hop music awards in 2010: at the 22nd annual Boston Phoenix awards, Best Hip Hop Act, and at the 23rd annual Boston Music Awards, Hip Hop Artist of the Year. He then went on to win Hip Hop Dependency "Artist of the Year 2011. M-Dot garnered more accolades for his first EP, a collaborative effort with DJ Jean Maron, Run MPC.The Run MPC single "You Don't Know About It" Ft. Masta Ace reached number 2 on RapAttackLives.com, college radio charts and the 12 inch record finished fifth in vinyl sales in 2010 at undergroundhiphop.com. His third installment in his acronym series, More Doubters Over Thinking, was also well received. In May 2012 in support of the release "Layer Cake," M-Dot embarked [24] on a 33 day European tour with the likes of Slaughterhouse (group), Saigon (rapper) & El Da Sensei. The Layer Cake cd was also considered another example of acute lyricism. Layercake finds M-Dot weaving a go-for-the-gold battle-rap narrative over beats from young producers.

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    The only way our people will truly be free is when all the prison doors are flung open wide and our people are set free. This letter from George Jackson and a clip from Angela Davis's speech at The Eric E. Williams lecture, at  a University in South Florida at point 28.12----.
    These two people to me set an example of telling the truth at all costs, about the oppression of our people and how to come forward out of it.  George Jackson gives us an insight into the life behind bars and walls. What should we do about this, whatever we do to free ourselves must come from the bottom up. "The reality is that we are a cast at the bottom of the class society, the only group that has built-in factors (physical characteristics) that prohibit any form of socioeconomic mobility." These words we must examine and take heed to the analysis that the new slavery is the prison industrial complex. The killing of our brothers in the street and the prison are done the same way by the same people. It was described to me the killings of the prisoners at the Attica uprising as a slaughterhouse scene with blood flowing in the mud, the blood of human beings. The ultimate symbol of the dehumanizing of the Black race in America.

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    The Cypher (Slaughterhouse Edition)

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    Welcome back, I know its been a long time but i've been busy. But i've been sick all week stuck in this room since sunday with a fever and a horrible cough. So i'm going to do the show tonight. Slaughterhouse Edition means its going to be nothing but Slaughterhouse played. This group consists of Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I. Stop in and listen. Call in if you want to. Real Hip-Hop lives through us. Tune In.

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    Business & Legal Week in Review 06/22/15 LIVE | UTLRadio.com

    in Legal

    On today's show we discuss:

    Parents Under Investigation After 11-Year-Old Plays Alone in Yard for 90 Minutes 
    Rachel Dolezal: 'I identify as black' 
    Government sues Spectrum Brands over defective coffee pot
    Tech Firm Awarded Costs in Ellen Pao Discrimination Suit
    White Suspect Behind Slaughter of 9 in Black Church Apprehended
    Murdered Woman's Parents Blame Police
    Judge Boots Case Over HP's Botched Deal
    $1.1 Million Verdict Against L.A. Landlords
    Federal Court Advances Sony Hack Lawsuit
    YMCA Camp Not Liable for Pig that Injured Child
    Tween Brands
    Slaughterhouse takes action after chicken abuse video
    Supreme Court: Texas OK to reject Confederate flag plate
    New York prison break: Escapees added to U.S. Marshals' most wanted list
    Court Says Killing of Dog Can't Be Based on Breed

    For more info or to contact UTLRadio:
    Web: www.UTLRadio.com
    Legal: www.Peterlamontesq.com
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/pjlamont1
    Twitter: @pjllaw
    Tel. (973) 949-3770
    E-mail: Info@utlradio.com

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