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    Outside Looking In w/ Bruce Negrin

    in Current Events

    Outside Looking In  - Talking about the issues that eminate from Montgomery County and beyond.

    Are Foreign Leaders Running Our Country?
    Say it ain't so Shelly?
    This week we will discuss the "Potential" of the Life Sciences Center in Gaithersburg/Rockville as presented by State Rep Aruna Miller.
    Country Road Take Me Home - Montgomery County push for development but sometimeslack of foresight.
    SkyMall is No More - Where do the surplus 10 ft stone Yetti go?  
    2 sides to every story.   Interpreting The Washington Post. 



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    Things to Do When You're High...in the Sky

    in Comedy

    What happens as soon as your board the plane for a long flight?  That's right! Sky Mall Magazine, ya'll!  We will discuss our favorite inventions and offers from the magainze where potentially good ideas go to die.

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    Three Successful Owners Tell How They Did It; What To Do; What Not To Do;

    in Business

    We asked three successful small business owners to talk about how they came to start their enterprises; what they did before they launched; what happened; what failed; how to lessen the chances of failure. Their pithy, round-table discussions is a "must-hear" on how to start and grow a small business.
    Karen Griffin is growing her successful skincare company through hardwork and a little help from government agencies; her banker and others.
    Seeing a need in her own home, Diane D'Andrea created a kitchen product, patented an marketed it successfully. She even got it into the SkyMall magazine. She talks about getting a product produced in China; getting it into the Sky Mall magazine; and what's next for her efforts.
    Michelle Ojea, founder of Piggy Pillows, discusses the challenges and triumphs of her company and how it is important to concentrate on one product before branching out. She also points out how important it is to carefully manage a small business leader's time.

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    Jetiquette 2: Lack of Airspace

    in Travel

    In this airline etiquette podcast, Gailen and Kim discuss the increasingly cramped quarters on board and browse the SkyMall catalog for "interesting" items with Carol.They also discuss:

    The constant battle for arm rest space, including this proposed design

    Seat space reduction compared to yesteryear

    Fun browsing the SkyMall catalog

    What's your favorite SkyMall item?

    Please join us every week to discuss making travel better! Remember to check out Gailen's blog at dearskysteward.com.

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    Marco Rubio MIA On Keystone Pipeline Vote

    in News

    Why did Senator Marco Rubio miss the vote on the Keystone pipeline bill in the Senate? You won't believe the reason. How a credit card given to you by your company can damage your personal credit score. The new high tech method of embezzlement - bogus credit card refunds. Skymall goes bankrupt, and 14 red flags that could trigger an IRS audit. 

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    The Dr.Dave and Biggun Show

    in Comedy

    Back In The Saddle: After a short vacation we are back with bigger and better comedy including our latest Trade-Up, Trouble in Space, Off The Rack, Debbie Myers Green Bags and SkyMall for Toddlers.

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