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    Introducing Shiseido Ibuki: A New Skincare Line for Smooth Skin

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    Do you have uneven skintone, dullnes, dryness, blemishes, roughness, and visible pores that drive your skin nuts?  Glenda explains one of Shiseido's new skincare line called Ibuki.  Don't miss this episode about Shiseido Ibuki on the Glenda Ramos Radio Show!

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    Transitioning to Toxin-free Skincare with Shifa!

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    Everyday you sabatoge your health, well-being & healing with poisonous chemical cancer causing skincare.
    Shifa shares the importance of transitioning to toxin-free skincare & personal care. She gives the the toxin-free solutions.
    How many personal care products do you use in a day? According to our survey of 2300 people, on average, respondents use 9 products daily.
    Skincare & personal care products contain a minumum of 126 unique toxic chemical ingredients. One man in 100 and fully 25 percent of women surveyed apply 15 or more products each day.  Are YOU using toxic chemicals on your body everyday? If it contains the word "fragrance" the answer is YES.  Shifa can change that, if you choose to.

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    Making Beauty Basics to Avoid the C.R.A.P. in Your Skincare Ritual

    in Self Help

    On Today's show - Making Toxin-free Beauty Basics.

    Cleansing, Moisturizing, Pomade, Clay Mask, Fruit Mask.

    Ingredients, recipes and equipment


    Our mission is to make a positive impact in people's lives by providing a genuine holistic product and opportunity that can help individuals feel better physically and do better financially.

     Helping People...Avoid the C.R.A.P. -
    Chemical, Risky, Artificial Poisons seeping into the cells, blood, organs, and brain subtly, deceptively,
    wrecking well-being, seductively, fragrantly and softly destroying peoples health.

    I formulated of Oneness by Shifa! Toxin-free Skincare
    - Personal Care the Way Nature Intended

    Created to:

    Results head-to-toe, out-side in

    My intention and heart's desire is to provide you with toxin-free healthy and healing skincare and personal grooming products.

    Specializing in "Custom Blended" high vibration skincare to augment healthy lifestyles helping to prevent the low frequency of disease.

    Naturally promoting healthy, radiant glowing skin and internal cellular well-being.





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    Show-#12-Link Between Hormones And Health; Holistic Health & Self-Image!!!

    in Motivation

    Guest 1- Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson, Nutritional endocrinologist Nutritional gastroenterologist.



    Dr. Berkson’s career spans almost four decades of research, clinical practice, authorship, teaching, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical investigation, and her own experience as a patient.

    Dr. Berkson has been in on functional nutrition since its inception. She has worked together with many integrative leaders such as Jonathan Wright, MD (with whom she collaborated on a natural HRT) as well as Drs. Alan Gaby, Leo Galland, David Brownstein and Jack W. Moncrief, and scientists like John McLachlan PhD and William Toscano PhD.

    2nd Guest: Rachael Pontillo, Bestselling Author, Holistic Health & Image Coach, Natural Skincare Formulator and Educator.


    Rachael Pontillo is the bestselling author of the book Love Your Skin, Love Yourself, and co-author of The Sauce Code. She’s an AADP Board Certified Integrative Nutrition® Health Coach, metaphysician, licensed aesthetician; and natural skincare formulator, educator, and speaker.

    After overcoming her own struggles with severe acne, weight gain, and self-image issues, Rachael began her blog, HolisticallyHaute.com, which would later evolve into a thriving private practice and business which helps women heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually from skin conditions and self-image issues. She offers one-on-one and group support through fully customized individual, group, and virtual online spiritually-based coaching programs, events, products, and her online course, Create Your Skincare.


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    Experts In Skincare

    in Health

    Healthy, radiant skin—we all know it when we see it.  How do we best take care of our own?  Experts discuss product types, lifestyle issues and some methods you may not have heard of before.  Guests include: From The Real Housewives of Miami, beauty industry expert and philanthropist Lea Black; renowned cosmetic surgeon and biochemist Michelle Copeland, MD, DMD (author, The Beautiful Skin Workout); acupunturist; facial rejeuvenation specialist Victoria Mogilner (author, Ancient Secrets of Facial Rejuvenation); and longevity expert Allison Heath who promotes healthy skincare through facial exercises, homemade skin creams and avoiding chemical ingredients.

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    Fiafini Skincare by Stasia Serafini

    in Women

    Stasia Serafini is the president and CEO of Fiafini Skincare. Fiafini Skincare is the first line to blend the anti-aging power of South African Marula Beauty Oil in a skincare line. Stasia and her two sisters all struggled with extremely sensitive skin and decided to take matters into their own hands and began experimenting with properties that would address fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness as well as provide exceptional moisturize and hydration benefits with protection from environmental damage. The rest, they say, is history…Here’s their site

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    Skin Care Reality Check for Making Your Skin GLOW for Spring

    in Fashion

    Monday we will be talking about how to make your skin really glow for the spring season!! These are must have tips so you can show off the beautiful skin you have while enhancing it with the latest makeup looks!! 

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    How to Have Good Skin

    in Self Help

    Having good, healthy skin is just as important as your physical fitness.  In this episode Pat Council will share some great tips for having and maintaining healthy, radiant skin.  Learn to take care of all of you.  Skincare is important, too.  Also find out how to win the latest bodycare giveaway.  

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    Beauty Talk with Manicurist & Natural Nail Stylist

    in Blogs

    It's all about nails tonught on Beauty Talk with our guest, Angel Williams. Angel is a Manicurist and Natural Nail Stylist who works in Fashion/Runway, Editorial/Print, Film/TV, and so much more.  Join us tonigt at 9pm ET as we chat with Angel about all things Nails! 

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    Apriori Beauty Radio - conversation with Kathleen Jones

    in Entrepreneur

    At Apriori Beauty, each and every single Consultant brings something unique and special to this incredible Company. We’ve had the opportunity of seeing Consultants start out and develop into strong business leaders, and are in continuous awe of their ever-growing transformation.  In addition to watching their business evolve and flourish with success, we’ve also witnessed their personal growth. Once shy and soft-spoken, Sr. Consultant Kathleen Jones has become a visible marker here at Apriori Beauty.  From hosting tables at Beauty Bars to sharing her personal story, and even being crowned Apriori Beauty Queen, Kathleen is a constant reminder how personal and business success coincide with one another.  Join us this month as Susan Twellman talks with Kathleen about finding her voice through being an Apriori Beauty Consultant and how she’s using that voice to grow her business. 

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    Food, Energy and the Body with Nahbila Sonia Thames

    in Food

    Nahbila Sonia Thames is a woman of many talents. She is a Licensed Nurse, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Nutritional Counselor, and Master Comsetologist. Highly sought after for her skincare and wellness services, Sonia is an extraordinary resource when it comes to nutrition and holistic health. Our conversation highlights issues with the new food pyramid, cultural factors that contribute to our unhealthy eating habits and nutritional insights and solutions that will help you eat healthy without compromising taste! Everyone is thinking differently about food nowadays. This episode provides helpful tips on cooking practices that will turn your kitchen into a whole new world!

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