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    Skin Deep: Defining Beauty

    in Culture

    This week on Roundtable with Stephanie Robinson, Stephanie takes on the coveted concept of beauty. American women, in particular, are largely consumed with achieving a particular notion of beauty amidst the onslaught of media images promoting certain standards that heavily impact our judgment and perceptions. But what actually is beauty? Is it really only skin deep? And who gets to judge?

    Joining us to sort these questions out is plastic surgeon Monte Harris, actress and model Claudia Jordan, and blogger and media analyst Jessica Ann Mitchell. Together we will discuss this complex notion of beauty, its definition, standards and ongoing implications.

    It is time to gather at the Roundtable as Stephanie Robinson delivers hot topics, deep talk and a little bit of uplift. Roundtable with Stephanie Robinson... pull up a chair.

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    What...."CHrIsTiAn..yeah I'm oNe of ThOsE"

    in Christianity

    How easy is it to blurt out the word Christian...but its so hard to talk about Christ. Christian seems to be a word so easily spoken....Yet God's heart is still broken.  We run around all day, making things OUR way...and God wonders if we'll ever give way.  Matthew kicks off the 3rd year of "Skin DEEP Theology" with a BANG!! Join us TONIGHT LIVE @ 9pm EST to find out MoRe!!  Call in with questions, comments and thoughts... we would LOVE to hear from you 516-387-1513

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    Skin Cancer- How to prevent and cure it!!!

    in Health


    Skin Cancer is preventable!!

    Skin Cancer is NOT Genetic!!

    Skin Cancer is not from "not enough sunblock"!!

    Learn the facts and truth behind all of the skin Cancer myths!

    Don't miss this life saving show!!

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    Benefits of using Yarrow & Chamomile plants in skin care!

    in Self Help

    Rosie is going to discuss the many benefits  of the Yarrow and Chamomile plant in health and beauty care.   Yarrow has many names, including Nosebleed, Milfoil, Thousand-leaf, Soldier’s Woundwort, Devil’s Nettle, Devil’s Plaything, Bad Man’s Plaything and Yarroway. Don’t let the tough names scare you, though– yarrow is a gentle herb.  

    Yarrow is a perfect ingredient for cleansers especially Yarrow hydrosol which is a very gentle skin toner, especially those aimed at oily skin. It’s great for tonic, especially due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s even used in cosmetics as a soothing agent.

    Chamomile is an age-old medicinal herb known in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Chamomile's popularity grew throughout the Middle Ages when people turned to it as a remedy for numerous medical complaints including asthma, colic, fevers, inflammations, nausea, nervous complaints, children's ailments, skin diseases and cancer. As a popular remedy, it may be thought of as the European counterpart of the Chinese tonic Ginseng.

    The show is sponsored by Rosales of Blended Herbal Treasures at www.blendedherbaltreasures.com.

    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*

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    YTC & Skin Care, Innarah developer, Manzoor Jaffery

    in Lifestyle

    Carolyn Bendall, Fashion Critic and blogger (www.carolynbendall.com), discusses subjects, trends, or products within the beauty and fashion industry, focusing on Your True Colours, and how it applies to you, the individual.  

    Manzoor Jaffery is a pharmacist/Chemist and has 40 years experience in Cosmetics manufacturing. He made this cream (VenoDefense ) for himself  to lighten  a small discoloration on his face. He was experimenting on biofermentation.  And, an entire skin care line, Innarah was created.



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    Deep Virtue 11: The Virtue of Faith

    in Spirituality

    Bear Woznick, your adventure guide and host of Deep Adventure Radio, brings this two-minute podcast to bolster your courage to follow God's will in your life. Today, Bear talks about the virtue of faith and what that should mean in your life. Check back every Tuesday & Thursday for more Deep Virtue audio blogs or visit DeepAdventure.com. And remember, the most radical thing you can do in life is follow God's will.

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    Stage Right Episode 4: "Skin Deep" and More Lousy Writing

    in Culture

    Episode 4 of "Stage Right," the show that asks the question "why are there so few conservative voices in theatre," will review playwright Rich Orloff's "Skin Deep" as an example of a) bad writing influenced by television and b) the all-too commonplace left-wing vision.  We may also start discussing the work of famed conservative thinker Russell Kirk.

    Be sure to tune in and to call, email, or chat with your host, Rocky Benasher.  To reach Rocky before airtime, write to stagerightaudio1@gmail.com.

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    Entrepreneur Ann Webb: Skin By Ann Webb

    in Finance

    from the archives of Austin's premier lifestyle radio program, Living Wealthy Radio with Teresa Kuhn...

    Her own struggles with cystic acne were the motivation for entrepreneur Ann Webb's desire to develop alternative methods for helping people have more vibrant, beautiful skin.

    Ann's passion led to research and educate herself about every kind of skin treatment that was available, including specialized, hands-on acne protocols developed by Dr. Brent Schillinger.

    Ann went on to work for the PGA Spa, The Florida Center of Cosmetic Surgery, and to serve as Cosmetic Director for the Austin Plastic Surgery Center while maintaining an esthetics studio in her home. Developing a product line came about when she recognized a need for affordable, clean products for her local esthetics clients. She had already contributed to the development of two other product lines, and was ready to put more than 10 years of research and labor into a line of her own.

    Ann envisioned products that would be affordable, simple to use, and contain the best pharmaceutical-grade ingredients available.   Together with her best friend, business developer Joanna Marceaux, she developed Skin By Ann Webb, a company that sells natural, effective skin products worldwide.

    Ann opens up about how she channeled her passion for skin care into a multi-million dollar business; her struggles and the valuable life lessons she learned on the way to success.


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    "Is Skin Color A Deciding Factor In Dating?"

    in Romance

    When dating, how much of a factor, if any, is the other person's skin color? Does it matter a lot, not at all, or somewhere in between? As always, our hosts of the Girlfriend Network will dig in to this juicy topic. Joining them will be Armani Valentino,Best Selling Author and Relationship Advisor. His expert insight will definitely help us explore this topic thoroughly. Of course all you experts out there can offer your opinion on the matter too! Join Us LIVE! 

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    Secrets to Having the Skin of a Thirty Year Old

    in Health

    Bags, wrinkles, skin tags oh my, you are getting older and your face can scare away the big bad wolf.  Well today we are going to share with you some remarkable beauty secrets using essential oils that will have the big bad wolf chasing you all over again.  There is no reason to look your age when you can give Little Red Riding Hood a run for her money.

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    Podcast #11: Once Upon A Time Hiatus Rewatch: "Skin Deep"

    in Television

    The dreaded Once Upon A Time hiatus continues and Once Upon A Fan is back to help fill the void! Zach Van Norman and Amy Hood return with the next episode in the Great Hiatus Rewatch: "Skin Deep"! Relive a tale as old as time as Rumple and Belle find each other, and join us for the discussion!

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