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    Skin Bleaching and the Bleaching Syndrome in America

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    Host: Dr. Donnamaria Culbreth
    Guest: Dr. Ronald E. Hall, Founder of the Color Clinic, co-author of The Color Complex and author of "The Bleaching Syndrome Among People of Color"
    Topics:  Skin Bleaching and the Bleaching Syndrome in America and Abroad
    Talking about Colorism Out in the Open

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    SKIN BLEACHING: Hating the Skin You’re In

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    For centuries, there has been a divide within the black race. That divide is of complexion; dark skin blacks and light skin blacks. This divide can be referenced as far back as slavery. As we all have been taught, the lighter skin blacks were hailed worthy to work inside the kitchens or waiting on the slave owners, where dark skin blacks were used in the cotton and tobacco fields. That was the very beginning of a social divide that remains today.On this episode of Hot Topics Talk Radio, we’re going to tackle the topic of “Skin Bleaching”. Thanks to our listener and friend, Karla G, we are bringing this topic to the forefront with the questions of why are so many dark skin blacks willing to put their physical well-being at risk for the sake of having lighter skin. And, is there a cultural disconnect that comes along with skin bleaching? Join us on Friday, February 8, 2013, where we’re going to dig deep into the topic of SKIN BLEACHING: Hating the Skin You’re In. 8pm PST/ 10pm CST/ 11pm ESTCall (646)200-3148 to listen or voice your views. Or join listen online from your computer and join the chatroom conversation.

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    The Health Effect of Skin Bleaching

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    On this International women’s day we would like to spot light the dangerous trend of skin bleaching among African women, and even the men. Skin bleaching – the practice where dark skinned people use whitening and various exfoliation creams to lighten their skin color is an alarming trend that is plaguing people of native African communities around the globe. The negative medical consequences of severe burns, damage and likelihood of developing skin cancer does not deter people from this practice which leads us to believe that the problem runs deeper than just a poor trend choice. Studies have shown that people repeatedly make such poor choices to secure acceptance, love and regard from their society revealing a deeper problem of low self esteem, self and worth. Today we will explore the origins of skin color, the clinical functions of skin, how the concept of “colorism “ evolved and trends that lead to lighter skin being perceived as better than darker skin. We will examine the dangerous trend of skin bleaching and the dangerous consequences that may arise thereof. Finally we will look at ways we can teach our children some self esteem and self worth.
    Please call with your stories and comments on this dangerous trend of skin bleaching across the African continent. We would be glad to speak with you.

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    "Love the Skin You're In"

    in Health

    Join me, MSKeepItMoving along with special guests, Professional Makeup Artist Shanell Dowden Majors, Hair Stylist and Glamologist, Siobhan Nicole and Fashionista and Fashion Writer of The New Simply Elevate Magazine, Denisha Locke on The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show as we discuss dressing your body type and creating a look that's all about YOU. Learn to "Love the Skin You're."

    Dial in to listen and participate at 773.897.6470

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    Putting love on your skin - Sally B's Skin Yummies

    in Women

    With passion and unwavering ambition, Sally Larsen finds the perfect balance of health and beauty with Sally B’s Skin Yummies, her handmade line of natural and organic skincare products and makeup.  A firm believer that health and beauty are dependent upon one another, the self-confessed “product girl” began making her own good-for-your products in 2003 when she noticed a void in the organic skincare market.  What began as a personal journey to replace her chemical-rich beauty products quickly turned into an in-demand hobby among her friends, motivating Sally to found Sally B’s Skin Yummies in 2005.

    Launching Sally B’s Skin Yummies with just two products, her now famous Shea Butter Bar and Healing Hand Butter, Sally established Skin Yummies to share the positive benefits of a healthy beauty regime with the world and also stake her own personal claim in the organics industry, the “unofficial Larsen family business.” While she wasn’t exactly raising bees and harvesting her own honey like her father, she spent countless hours researching and testing organic and natural ingredients as alternatives to preservatives, chemical additives and harsh irritants often found in beauty products.  As she learned, created and experimented, her initial small offering grew into a product line of over 30 must-have lotions, potions and other good-for-you creams. 

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    "Is Skin Color A Factor In Dating?"

    in Romance

    When dating, how much of a factor, if any, is the other person's skin color? Does it matter a lot, not at all, or somewhere in between? As always, our hosts of the Girlfriend Network will dig in to this juicy topic. Joining them will be Armani Valentino,Best Selling Author and Relationship Advisor. His expert insight will definitely help us explore this topic thoroughly. Of course all you experts out there can offer your opinion on the matter too! Join Us LIVE! 

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    "Ask The Aromatherapist: Supple Skin & Lustrous Locks"

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    FINALLY, the harsh weather trends are shifting. Now is the time to pay special attention to the care of your skin and hair. Aromatherapy and body care have been dancing a synergistic waltz for more than 4,000 years. Secrets to youthful beauty, using essential oils, have been passed down from ancient Egyptian cultures, for many generations. Egyptian Queens Cleopatra and Neferttiti were extolled for their beauty and known to practice aromatherapy.

    Essential oils, such as rose, jasmine and frankincense are nature’s own anti-aging ingredients. Essential oils can benefit ALL different skin and hair types; leaving you feeling and looking younger and healthier!!!

    In this call, celebrated Certified Aromatherapist Monica Bickerstaff Riley will share her expertise in the following areas:

    *Top 3 essential oils for long, healthy hair
    *Say "Good-Bye" to Dandruff & Flaky Scalp
    * The #1 essential oil that may lower DHT(hormone responsible for male and female pattern baldness) and improve hair growth

    *Monica's Anti-aging "recipe" for youthful skin
    *The highly acclaimed; "Healthy Hair Elixir"
    *Top 3 essential oils to smooth and soothe sensitive skin

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    Improving your Skin

    in Health

    Blog Talk Doc will show you simple ways to improve the quality and softness of your skin. In this informative 9 minute show, learn specifics about the body's largest organ.

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    Beauty Talk with Vertere Skin Care

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    Join us tonight at 9pm for a conversation with Vertere Skin Care. The line consists of 2 products that improves the apearance of aging skin, adult acne, and hyerpigmentation. Have questions about skin, join us tonight!!!