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    What...."CHrIsTiAn..yeah I'm oNe of ThOsE"

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    How easy is it to blurt out the word Christian...but its so hard to talk about Christ. Christian seems to be a word so easily spoken....Yet God's heart is still broken.  We run around all day, making things OUR way...and God wonders if we'll ever give way.  Matthew kicks off the 3rd year of "Skin DEEP Theology" with a BANG!! Join us TONIGHT LIVE @ 9pm EST to find out MoRe!!  Call in with questions, comments and thoughts... we would LOVE to hear from you 516-387-1513

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    Skin Deep: Defining Beauty

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    This week on Roundtable with Stephanie Robinson, Stephanie takes on the coveted concept of beauty. American women, in particular, are largely consumed with achieving a particular notion of beauty amidst the onslaught of media images promoting certain standards that heavily impact our judgment and perceptions. But what actually is beauty? Is it really only skin deep? And who gets to judge?

    Joining us to sort these questions out is plastic surgeon Monte Harris, actress and model Claudia Jordan, and blogger and media analyst Jessica Ann Mitchell. Together we will discuss this complex notion of beauty, its definition, standards and ongoing implications.

    It is time to gather at the Roundtable as Stephanie Robinson delivers hot topics, deep talk and a little bit of uplift. Roundtable with Stephanie Robinson... pull up a chair.

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    Podcast #11: Once Upon A Time Hiatus Rewatch: "Skin Deep"

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    The dreaded Once Upon A Time hiatus continues and Once Upon A Fan is back to help fill the void! Zach Van Norman and Amy Hood return with the next episode in the Great Hiatus Rewatch: "Skin Deep"! Relive a tale as old as time as Rumple and Belle find each other, and join us for the discussion!

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    Stage Right Episode 4: "Skin Deep" and More Lousy Writing

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    Episode 4 of "Stage Right," the show that asks the question "why are there so few conservative voices in theatre," will review playwright Rich Orloff's "Skin Deep" as an example of a) bad writing influenced by television and b) the all-too commonplace left-wing vision.  We may also start discussing the work of famed conservative thinker Russell Kirk.

    Be sure to tune in and to call, email, or chat with your host, Rocky Benasher.  To reach Rocky before airtime, write to stagerightaudio1@gmail.com.

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    Defining ChRiStIaNiTy?? CuRe or InFeCtiOn

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    Today's message sounds something like this.... "Come to JESUS, He will give you peace, joy and happiness'".... or EVERY day is a FRIDAY, go get that new car, new house or new job ..."YOU DESERVE IT" ...or even worse.....You drive up in a BMW...someone say's "WOW, did JESUS give you that"?? and the response is.... "HE, sure Blessed ME, didn't he!"  so they scream out.."I'll take JESUS wow!!"  THE INFECTIOUS DISEASE ....LACK OF TRUTH

    Here's my question .... When was the last time any American, African, Asian ever said....JESUS is ALL satisfying because YOU drove a BMW............N E V E R!!  That is idolatry... elevating GIFT above GIVER..... Tonight Matthew breaks all this down and gets real!!  Join us LIVE @ 9pm EST.  Call with questions, thoughts, comments we'd love to hear from you 516-387-1513

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    WhAt'S NeXt??? Is BELIEF eNoUgH?

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    Okay, Okay, You feel like crap, someone says... "Hey we've got coffee and donuts come to CHURCH"....so you walk in... hear a message that gives you goose bumps... ya make a decision, you get "sprinkled, dunked or emersed in water, you join the band...... WHAT NOW???  Where does the rubber begin to meet the ROAD?  Why are most pastors chasing decisions with the ideology that all you have to do is believe?  Doesn't the Bible say "even the demons believe"?  So the question to raise... "IS BELIEF ENOUGH"... Find out TONIGHT LIVE @ 9pm.  Call in with questions, thoughts or comments.... 516-387-1513  "Skin DEEP Theology"

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    Beauty is Only Skin Deep: Learning to Love Yourself from the Inside Out

    in Self Help

    Images displayed by the mass media play a tremendous role in defining “beauty.” Often times, the images we are subjected to, however, are nothing more than social constructs that have been created and edited by the media to make people feel poorly about themselves and their body image. The bottom line is always about profit and rarely about making the consumer feel more “beautiful.”

     In this eye-opening LIVE discussion, Certified Wellness Coach, Lisa Marie Pepe, and Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practioner, Gina Costa-Goldfarb will dive in to discuss how the media influences how we see ourselves and what we can do to deconstruct the beauty “myth” and reclaim our inner peace.

    Lisa Marie Pepe is a Certified Wellness Coach and the owner of Positive Transformation Wellness Coaching. She specializes in empowering young women to embrace how beautiful they truly are by providing them with the tools they need to live more healthfully, have more self-confidence, and to meet the world on their terms. She resides in Connecticut and is currently accepting new client referrrals. She can be reached at lisa@positivetransformation.net or by calling 203-671-0139.

    Gina Costa-Goldfarb is a breast cancer survivor and a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Index Master Practioner. She is the owner of New Beginnings Coaching Services, LLC . She helps women diagnosed with breast cancer cope, step by step, with the emotional and physical challenges they experience, so they gain confidence and feel in control of their life again. She is dedicated to helping her clients to embrace new beginnings in the aftermath of being diagnosed with breast cancer. She currently resides in New Jersey. Gina can be reached at gina@newbeginningswithgina.com.


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    Is Beauty Really Skin Deep???

    in Lifestyle

    On This Episode of The Beautiful Butterfly show we will be discussing " IS BEAUTY REALLY SKIN DEEP". Often when people are in search for a mate, some say that dont care about the persons outside appearance, and they just want someone who will treat them good, and be on the same page with them etc. BUT what happens when you get into relationships with people and someone brings this long laundry list of characteristics they feel you should acquire, and things they expect from you overall...Do you think that when people get into relationships that they really learn to love and respect each other for whom they are...or do we try to mold people in what we want them to be...So Tune in as we find out if...." IS BEAUTY REALLY SKIN DEEP??"

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    DeFiNiNg "ChRisTiaNiTy"??? Has it lost it's meaning??

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    Dont you dare MISS out... even if you can't show ...you can listen LIVE.....THIS IS A FREE EVENT!!!!  LIVE from LOMA Coffee in downtown Wilmington!  Matthew sits down with a few from the studio and asks - "What is "Christianity?"  Join us from 5 - 8:30 pm TONIGHT LIVE!!.  Open MIC Performances by .....you'll have to come down to find out!!!! Loma Coffee is located at 239 N. Market Street Wilmington, DE.  For more information, contact the station at 813-992-1187




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    ChEw ON ThIs! A smorgasbord of ToPiCs!!

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    We invite all to join us tonight LIVE at 9pm EST.  Matthew has been milling about the studio talking with everyone... Boy does he have a lot to say tonight....MORE than usual... Don't MISS THIS!!  Matthew has so much to say to everyone tonight, he is chewing on his cheeks!! So come ChEw ON ThIs - A smorgasbord of Topics!!  Tonight LIVE at 9pm EST.  If you have a question, concern, thought or just got something to say.... CALL IN!!  516-387-1513  Find us EVERYWHERE on the WEB -

    Facebook - Road to Redemption Ministries, Road to Redemption Radio, Matthew Scott Senge, Operationinplainsighttshirts

    Twitter - @Fishn4souls

    Our website - Road to Redemption Ministries or ...Dang it just call us @ 813-992-1187

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    Defining ChRiStIaNiTy?? Part 3 "TrUth and NoThIng BuT!"

    in Religion

    How many of us will take the TRUTH and manipulate it just a little so it's easier to swallow?  How many have said ....Yeah, I love everybody.... but yet spoon feed the not so truth to people?  We "Christians" have a nasty habit of self defining what truth IS.  Truth can NEVER be SUBJECTIVE, it must ALWAYS be OBJECTIVE... Truth can never be based on personal feelings or interpretation but on absolute FACTS. 

    How do we love someone if we walk past them (ignoring the Great Commission) and don't care about where they may spend eternity??  Folks, that's not LOVE, that's HATE.  Tonight is part 3 of our month long series on "Defining Christianity"  Join us LIVE on the air 516-387-1513 with your questions, thoughts, comments... or post them in our LIVE CHAT PANEL - "The Sticks and Stones Zone"  ALL LIVE AT 9 PM EST!!  Dont MISS IT!!

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