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    Great Books Foundation presents Dr. Dan Rothstein, co-director of "The Right Question Institute, an education group which tackles key challenges in Education like poverty and inequality and promotes democracy. Dan is also the co-author of  Harvard Education Press' "Make Just One Change;Teach students to ask the right question"

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    Weekly Skills Training: The Skill of Perseverance!

    in Health

    Weekly Skills Training: The Skill of Perseverance!

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    Casino City Gang: It takes skill edition

    in Sports

    Casino City's Aaron Todd, Dan Podheiser and Vin Narayanan discuss the most interesting real-money skill games on the Internet, whether it's ever OK to remove the guarantee from a poker tournament and the IRS looking at taxing the money players win at casinos at $600, instead of the current $1,200. They close the show, as always, with their best bets.

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    A game of skill

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    Mind of Mansion Depth Perspective Episode 174: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion discusses how a perceived DFS controversy became an actual scandal. 

    How game theory and high variance plays help DFS sharps. 

    What the DraftKings guys did was not a big deal, but that stops mattering once the major sports media complex perceives it as a big deal.

    Justine Sacco resurfaces from a shame hiatus. 

    Daily fantasy sports may be the only industry actively seeking more regulation, because regulation means legitimacy. 

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com

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    Mill city Skill share

    in Entrepreneur

    We discuss Mill City Skill Share

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    Happy New Year! Let's talk Skill Building for 2016

    in Psychology


    The work continues as we work on becoming better versions of ourselves.  Please join me for the next episode of Discussion with Delia as I share five skills I think can be helpful.  Let's go back to the ABC, Awareness, Breathing, Compassion, Delaying and Empathy.  Do remember you can call in live on 619 639 4621


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    John Carver Show - The Skill of Self Confidence - Dr. Ivan Joseph

    in Self Help

    These are the main points for building self-confidence:

    1.  Practice what you want to do. If you choose something that you’re passionate about, it’s easier. There’s no way around the fact that practice, practice, practice is the key.

    2.  Stop the inner negative dialogue. “I can’t do this.” (Yea, I have said that too often, even while pregnant.) Our thoughts influence out actions so stop the negative self talk.  In quiet moments remind yourself — “I am the captain of my ship and the master of my fate.”  I’m not talking about ego or false pride. But you need to give yourself credit. This is especially true when you are religious, because you can feel down.

    3.  “Get away from the people who tear you down.” In fact, that kind of thing can bring on the inner negative dialogue. Don’t hang with those who bring you down. Avoid negative energy.

    4.  Acknowledge the good. Remember how you’re supposed to catch your kids doing good? We have a tendency to catch them doing bad. It takes work to remember to look for the good and ignore the things they didn’t do — like take out the trash. Give yourself credit for doing the good things. We all mess up but we don’t need to dwell on it.


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    Coin Toss or Skill: Aaron Rodgers vs. the referees; MLK holiday with NAACP Chair

    in National

    Aaron Rodger pulled off 2 Hail Mary's and didn't win it for the team.

    Fitzgerald was stunning.

    In other news, we will discuss MLK Holiday march in Reno, Nevada  Pat Gallimore, Reno Sparks NAACP Chairman will join the show with remarks about her speech at the Unitarian Church and Jewish Temple at Reno this weekend.

    and journalist imprisoned in Iran over 545 days.

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    Six Key Powers

    in Goals

    Today Arthur will share ideas about six key powers and attitudes that you can develop to increase success in your life. These words are: choose, find, share, look, offer and know.  Understanding how and why to add these words to your repertoire helps you become a success is a skill you will want to learn and practice . 



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    Bat Girl Radio-Kenny Attison & Rising from the Ashes Radio-Twin Flames

    in Paranormal

    Bat Girl Radio 8pm - Amy Jo -

    LIGHTS Paranormal was founded in 2012 based on a long-standing passion for the paranormal and the unexplained.   LIGHTS believes that through our unique lifelong paranormal experiences, it has shaped our lives in one way or another, and has led us to an ongoing search for answers.  With our constantly expanding knowledge and experiences as our shield, we are compelled to help those who are being affected by the paranormal.  Because of this, all investigations are always free of charge and done with the utmost honesty, courtesy, and commitment. Our mission is simple: to seek out, document, and reveal all paranormal findings.  If further assistance is needed, we will do our best to help. Since starting LIGHTS Paranormal, others have joined in our efforts because they share the same passion and beliefs.  In addition, each member brings a vital and credible asset to the team through their unique professional skill sets and diversity.


    Rising from the Ashes Radio 9pm- Holly's Valentines Day special with Jon Thomas. They discuss Twin Flames and Soulmates.. Jon is a traditionally trained shaman who has spent ten years in study with multiple teachers of different forms of healing.

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    Gravity, Human Movement and Parkinson's Disease

    in Health

    Innate human coordination requires being in sync with the STRAIGHT-down influence of gravity. This enables us to tap the substantial energy generated by the downward movement of our body mass. In infancy, we all learn this highly evolved skill as we teach ourselves to sit, stand and walk with grace and power. Early in childhood, however, through deep cultural conditioning, we forget. From the day we are born, we see everyone around us sitting back in chairs, sofas, car seats, etc. At around 3 or 4, we get sucked into this utterly normal, but mal-adaptive behavior. We begin sitting-back with staggering repetition. In so doing, we interfere with gravity's influence by sending our body mass down on a BACKWARDS trajectory. Our brains automatically react -- with muscular strain and skeletal distortion -- to keep our head/neck functionally vertical. We don't notice these reactions nor feel anything unusual. It all happens subconsciously. This kinesthetic disconnect spills over into how we stand and walk. The consequences are all around us: society-wide epidemics of bad posture, lower back and neck pain, knee and hip replacements. For people with Parkinsons, the consequences are even more severe, restricting free movement considerably. This can be changed -- through re-developing sensitivity to our downward-moving body mass and how it is affecting us moment-by-moment. If you are planning to listen, it will be worth your while to check-out in advance an illustrated essay on this topic at www.uprighting.com/Parkinsons.pdf.

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