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    Can We Create An Electronic Voting System To Empower All Citizens To Participate In The Election Pro

    in Women

    When Election Day rolls around, most people choose to stay home rather than take advantage of the opportunity to choose the people who create the laws that affect their lives. Why is that? Have people become so skeptical and hopeless that they no longer believe they have the power to choose individuals who will represent their interests? What would happen if we simplified the voting process and made it possible to go online, type in your social security number, and cast your ballot over a 2 week voting period? What if you could go online and rate each elected official, judges included, and also see their rating prior to voting on them? Would that increase voter participation and change election outcomes?

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    Hawks Bounce Back, Bulls Top Cavs, NFL Championship Weekend Review

    in Sports

    The Blackhawks got back to their winning ways with a 2-0 triumph over the St. Louis Blues last night. Per usual, Kane, Panarin & Crawford had a lot to do with it. The Bulls surprised many with their win over the Cavaliers on Saturday. Should fans be impressed with the win, or skeptical of the team's continued inconsistencies? Plus my review of the NFC and AFC Championship games! Call in @ 347.327.9183! BECAUSE CHICAGO LOVES SPORTS. 

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    GBBLive Podcast: Free Agent Value & Perspective on the Memphis Grizzlies.

    in Basketball

    The Memphis Grizzlies are in the thick of the Western Conference Playoff picture, where most people had them being at the beginning of the season. Why, then are so many so skeptical of the future of this team? Host Joe Mullinax and his guests dive in to this and much more on an all-new episode of GBBLive Wednesday, January 20th at 8:00 PM CT on BlogTalkRadio!

    Joe is joined in the first segment, as always, by Chris Faulkner, the Managing Editor of SB Nation's Grizzly Bear Blues! Joe & Chris reflect on a successful home stand for Memphis & will talk about which players will be the most important to the Grizzlies staying in the playoff hunt moving forward in to the second half of the season.

    In the second segment, GBB Senior Writer Matt Hrdlicka returns to GBBLive, and he and Joe are not as optimistic about Memphis' current standing as the seeding would suggest. The guys will analyze Memphis' upcoming schedule, future free agents, and dive in to just how difficult it will be for the Grizzlies to be successful now and in the future if nothing changes personnel/asset wise.

    All this and so much more on the latest episode of GBBLive! Follow the show on Twitter @GBBLive and make sure you subscribe to the podcast on ITunes! Also make sure you're checking out Fan Essentials, our tremendous sponsor, over at fanessentials.net. "See" you Wednesday night, Grizz Nation!

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    A skeptical look at GUNS!!!

    in Atheism

    Join Kevin, Nancy and friend of the podcast Jim (from a previous episode) welcome Ken Morisson as we take a skeptical look at guns, the myth and differences between the US and Canada. Guns have become a huge issue within our society and strike fear in the hearts of many regular citizens, this episode will inform you about what actually goes on in Canada today.

    Nancy takes us into another This Day in History

    Wanda Morris gives us an update on the battle for dying with Dignity

    and a gun manufacturer writes bible verses on the AR-15?

    This episode was pre-recorded

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    The Painful Truth Show. The Truth About Trust.

    in Entertainment

    Love is a tricky business in today’s day and age. We start out so young and innocent, ready to jump in with both feet and believe in the fairytale. That naivety lasts as long as our first real heartbreak, and then we begin the process of becoming more guarded. As women, we want to love. Compassion and nurturing is in our nature, but battling trust issues changes the game completely for us and for our prospective future partners. When we meet someone new, for example, rather than reacting with pure excitement like we did when we were younger, we are skeptical. What does he want? How quickly can we find out his true motives so we don’t waste our time or get hurt again? Join us and share your views on trust Jan 19 9AM EST.

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    Big Daddy's Hard Talk #4

    in Entertainment

    It's time for HARD TALK with your host, Big Daddy & Big Booty Trudy!!!


    Each week we will bring you news and our opinions on the worlds of Sports, Wrestling, Entertainment as well as Relationships and Real Life.


    This Week's Guest is...............

    Celebrity Boxing & Wrestling Promoter - Damon Feldman

    Philly Inquirer Sixers Writer - Keith Pompey


    We will be taking your calls every week, so feel free to call in with your topic, and be ready for some Hard Talk!!


    Call in # is 718-508-9883

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    Problems with Demythologizing Core Christian Doctrines

    in Christianity

    Recently at "Bellator Christi," we discussed the denial of the resurrection by one Christian pastor named Jim Rigby. It seems that many even in ministry are beginning to allow skeptical ideologies to influence their theological spectrum. However, this is problematic. In this episode, Pastor Brian explains why. Join us on this episode. We will take your calls towards the end of the show at (323) 784-9617.

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    When wil the madness stop?

    in Pop Culture

    As a depression and anxeity afflicted I understand the unfortunate stigma attached to mental health issues in this country. It is a shameful thing in this country to have mental defects. It is just a lack of toughness and over sensitivity, and we should just buck up and stop whining. They say other people have the same problems and they are fine.  They say we are fakers and just don't want to face reality. Well the people just like us aren't fine. Just because you don't know others or you think they are fine by the smile on their face, believe me, if someone feels like us, they are having trouble handling it just like us. It is an insult for someone who is afraid or skeptical of mental health issues to excuse them and to put them off to us as if we have control of it somehow.

    on the next BigEfromMo show I will address the issue of mental health in this country and over the world. I will go over the myths and misconceptions of mental health disorders. I want to bridge the gap between societies expectations and understanding and what it really is all about. Call ins are most welcomed and together we can send out the message, you are not alone, we are here for you. Join me Friday January 8th at 10pm, right here for a revealing and much needed and long overdue real talk about mental health issues.

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    Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable With Inquirer's Frank Fitzpatrick

    in Sports

    What will Tuesday's firing of Chip Kelly mean for the Eagles' near- and long-term future? Legendary Philadelphia Inquirer sportswriter Frank Fitzpatrick makes a return visit to the Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable, joining Bill Furman and Jim "Chet" Chesko to talk about Jeffrey Lurie's decision to part ways with Kelly, and the fact that 2015 has been one of the worst years ever for Philadelphia's pro sports teams. In his distinguished career as a sportswriter and columnist, Frank has seen it all; he has been a beat writer for the Phillies, Eagles and the Penn State Nittany Lions, and today writes a popular column in the Sunday Inquirer. He's won numerous awards, written several books, covered many Olympics and been a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize. Also on this week's show: Sixers and Flyers talk and our Philly sports trivia question and prize giveaway courtesy Carl's Cards & Collectibles, Inc. It's all brought to you by shopforkisses.org, the online shopping network of the Kisses for Kyle Foundation.

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    Matters Of Mind - Your Child's Mental Health - Meet the host Dr. Marla Deibler

    in Parents

    “Matters of the Mind”

    The mind is powerful. It can help us achieve greatness or hinder us from meeting our goals. Matters of the Mind will explore topics related to the psychology of the human condition and the obstacles we face throughout development. Topics will range from lifespan development and psychologically-informed discussions of understanding the world around us to mental illness and evidence-based treatment approaches.

    Our host, Marla W. Deibler, Psy.D., MSCP is a clinical psychologist and nationally-recognized expert in anxiety disorders and obsessive compulsive and related disorders, including OCD, trichotillomania, excoriation (skin picking) disorder, and hoarding disorder.Dr. Deibler is the Founder and Executive Director of The Center for Emotional Health of Greater Philadelphia, an outpatient facility with locations in Cherry Hill and Princeton, NJ, specialized in providing evaluation and evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral therapies for these and other difficulties.

    Dr. Deibler hold a doctorate in clinical psychology and a post-doctoral master of science in clinical psychopharmacology and us a licensed psychologist in the state of NJ.

    Dr. Deibler has appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, A&E’s “Hoarders”, TLC’s “Hoarding: Buried Alive”, CBS News, ABC News, FOX News, It’s Your Call with Lynn Doyle (CN8, Retirement TV), and CBS’s “Swift Justice with Nancy Grace”. She has been quoted by media outlets, including Life Ed with Maria Shriver, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Huffington Post, and Philadelphia Inquirer, among others.

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    Maximizing the Magic in your life. Replay

    in Spirituality

    Special Guest Alert**

      Author, Founder of Psychic Housewives and a former Emmy-award winning television reporter, Lorraine Roe.


     Have you had unusual experiences that you write off as coincidence?  Do you minimize the magical things that happen in your life?  

    Are you Psychic?  Lorraines latest book is about surviving psychic experiences.  " Psychic happens to the best of us, and more often than we care to admit.  If you have had prescient dreams, seen or heard ghosts, or believe you have talked to a loved one who's gone to the other side, this is the book for you!  I was a regular person walking around minding my own business, when dead people started to see me.  As a former reporter, I can assure you I was skeptical.  However hard I tried, ultimately I couldn't deny what was happening. "

    We are going to chat about maximizing the magic in your life.   Check out her book at this link  http://www.psychichousewives.com/the-psychic-survival-manual-what-to-do-when-dead-people-see-you.html