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    Sister2Sistah Presents Lifestyle Changes Inside and Out

    in Women

    Can lifestyle changes really improve people's health? The evidence for the importance of healthy lifestyles is now overwhelming. Let's talk about it! Please join the conversation with Sister2Sistah and guest speaker Shameeka Hunt. 

    The creator of KeepMeTight® shapewear didn’t have time to agonize over her midsection after having 2 children. As a wife, mother and businesswoman, her days were spent worrying about project deadlines and spit-ups, not crunches and sit-ups. So she did the math, 2 kids + 2 C-sections + 1 busy career equals a mommy who needs her body back and fast. But how? Like most women, she turned to shapewear to fix her problem.

    After an exhaustive search, she discovered that finding a good shaper for the tummy area was a challenge. The fabric quality, comfort level and amount of support weren’t always on the mark. Realizing the need for everyday shapewear that smooths the most stubborn pooch or muffin top, stays in place and feels natural - the idea behind KeepMeTight® was born!

    Through months of research, fabric analysis, and rigorous product testing, the wife and busy mother of two designed a prototype of the first KeepMeTight® product - the Hour Glas. The Hour Glas and all products to follow are adjustable, breathable, made with cotton, and is super comfortable. KeepMeTight® proved to be the founder’s best creation, well, besides her beautiful babies!

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    Sister2Sistah Presents "The BODACIOUS Body Care Movement"

    in Women


    This Wednesday night June the 25th, 2014 from 9:00 to 10:00 PM EST. “Sister2Sistah’ introduces The Bodacious Body Care Movement! The Call into the broadcast at (718) 664-9186, or listen from your computer at>http://tobtr.com/s/6490161      

    Chanta Davis also known as Shasee is the owner and operator of a natural bath, body and hair care products company.  Bodacious Body Care & Boutique offers her customers unique, natural, hand crafted products. Additionally, Ms. Davis also offers her clientele handbags, jewelry and other accessories.

    Join Me, Victoria “IGOTTAMAKEITHAPEN” Manns, Producer & Hostess of Sister2Sistah, Co-Producer of “The Literary Corner”, CEO, of Manns Business Development Center & Executive Director of the emerging Non-Profit “Life After-Creating Your Own Happy Ending”.

    It gives me great pleasure to welcome Chanta Davis to the Sister2Sistah Blog Talk Radio Family & to also present…The “Bodacious Body Care Movement” to our BTR-audience.  

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    Sister2Sistah Presents Branding Your Business Post College w/Danielle Stradford

    in Women

    Are you in college and have still what seems a lost sense of direction for your future?

    Following the interview with our sister station and La Tonia Renee,Sister2Sistah represents Danielle Stradford to discuss entrepreneurial endeavors post undergrad school. We also wanted to give an extra support for the launch party of the Purity w/Style Lifestyle Brand.

    Danielle Stradford is the brand ambassador, CEO & founder of Purity W/Style, a lifestyle brand and blog. With the mission of representing purity in all things BOLD, SEXY & CHIC, Purity W/Style stays relevant in the worlds of fashion, beauty, music and social media. Purity W/ Style is always on trend, helping to reframe society’s old fashioned views of Purity by boldly integrating them into today’s culture w/ style! After struggling and even failing in the area of purity throughout high school and college, Danielle made the decision to pursue the lifestyle of Purity three years ago and has not looked back! Through this brand she desires to change the face of purity and encourage people to confidently live out this lifestyle all while loving life and enjoying the great benefits of this decision every step of the way. Danielle is a second year graduate student at Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC. She currently finds her home in Maryland.

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    Sister2Sistah Presents The Prophetic Pen with Andrea Renfroe

    in Women

    Sister2Sistah is proud to have Mrs. Andrea M. Renfroe join the fourm on Wednesday July 9, 2014.

    Andrea is a scribal prophet by the unmerited favor of God. He has given her the ability to skillfully paint word pictures with her pen (a weapon of warfare) to express His heart, encourage the oppressed, bring liberty to the bound; and present paradigm shifts where old patterns have caused stagnation.

    Andrea is a proven servant-leader. She has operated in various capacities in ministry to include choir, usher board, youth/young adult ministry, hospitality, administration, finance, intercessory prayer, leadership, preaching, and teaching. Armed with extensive training and an unyielding testimony, Andrea is committed to completing the work Father God has anointed and sent her to do (John 4:34). 

    Sister2Sistah Talk is an open forum created to provide a powerful view of women and their role in life, the lives of others, and in our communities.

     Our mission is to motivate, empower, and educate women while increasing their potential in areas of personal and professional development. 

    We will discuss topics that involve women as it relates to stepping out of limited self-beliefs, self-worth, submissiveness, abuse and victimhood.

     This assembly provides a safe and nurturing environment for all women regardless of status, ethnicity, or spiritual beliefs.

     Problems here can be delivered. Yet we will aim to bring forth solutions.

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    Sister2Sistah Presents The 1Lyfe Movement with Mr. Ed Kitrell aka Ed Lyfe

    in Women

    Sister2Sistah is very excited about the brotherly love visit from Mr. Ed Lyfe.

    Ed Kittrell, founder of The "1 LYFE" Youth Suicide Prevention Movement has been constant in his goal educate our youth about depression and prevention youth suicides in urban areas. 

    The 1 LYFE Movement is aimed to uplift and empower our youth but more importantly INSPIRE all people to LIVE LYFE TO THE FULLEST EACH DAY in hopes of becoming everything that GOD has intended us all to be! "Paying it Forward" and doing something for someone other than ourselves is a motto that I live by everyday.

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    Sister2Sistah Presents a Discussion about The Illuminati Influence

    in Spirituality

    Victor “The Million Dollar” Manns, is the son of Victoria "IGOTTAMAKEITHAPPEN" Manns, who is the producer of Sister2Sistah Blog Talk Radio. Victor is a entrepreneur in his own right as the CEO of Manns Vending & Sales. He is a 13 yr. old male who would like to express his viewpoint on the "Illuminati" and how it influences today’s youth and others. He would also like to discuss it's effects on the overall economy and their goals of destruction as it pertains to new world order.

    Tune into the broadcast on Wensday June 4th, 2013 from 9:00 to 10:00 PM EST. the call in number for this broadcast is (718) 664-9186, press 1 to speak with the guest or the host,or listen from your 



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    Sister2Sistah Presents Serenity's Door, Inc. & Ride Against Domestic Violence

    in Women

    This Wednesday night July the 3rd, 2014 from 9:00 to 10:00 PM EST. “Sister2Sistah’ Turns all the way Up with Domestic Violence Awareness. Call into the broadcast at (718) 664-9186, listen from your computer http://tobtr.com/s/6518551

    With special guest Pamela M. Hawk-As a survivor of domestic abuse, Ms. Hawk has become an avid supporter of victim’s rights. As the Founder & Executive Director of Serenity’s Door, Inc. she is fighting against Domestic Violence.

    Join Me, Victoria "IGOTTAMAKEITHAPEN” Manns, Producer & Hostess of Sister2Sistah & Co-Producer of “The Literary Corner” As we welcome Pamela M. Hawk and allow her to shed some light on the underlying issues surrounding Domestic Violence, Her Courage to “Get Out” & how she “Rides Against Domestic Violence"-Her Annual Fundraiser!


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    Sister2Sistah Presents "Beauty vs. Sexiness"

    in Women

    Beauty vs. Sexiness; the exploitation of women's beauty through abundant sexual gestures and influences of today's media.

     This assembly provides a safe and nurturing environment for all women regardless of status, ethnicity, or spiritual beliefs.

     Problems here can be delivered. Yet we will aim to bring forth solutions.

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    Sister2Sistah Presents "New Beginnings"

    in Women

    Goal Setting vs. Resolutions

     Problems here can be delivered. Yet we will aim to bring forth solutions.

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    Sister2Sistah Presents Spirituality vs. Religion

    in Women

    A discussion about Spirituality vs. Religion; "Is there a difference between the two?

     This assembly provides a safe and nurturing environment for all women regardless of status, ethnicity, or spiritual beliefs.

     Problems here can be delivered. Yet we will aim to bring forth solutions.

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    Sister2Sistah Presents High Blood Pressure and Physical Fitness

    in Women

    A discussion about High Blood Pressure "aka" The Silent Killer.

     This assembly provides a safe and nurturing environment for all women regardless of status, ethnicity, or spiritual beliefs.

     Problems here can be delivered. Yet we will aim to bring forth solutions.

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