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    KTL RADIO presents THE DIVINE FEMININE pt 2 ft Sista Keisha UAM

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    Join us tonite on KTL RADIO as we continue one of the most important conversations PRESENTLY taking place. 

    We will be joined by Sista Keisha from the UAM. Join the conversation as we get her unique perspective on the DIVINE FEMINIE and what are some of the biggest threats to that divine institution in these day and times. 

    Last Friday's episode, PART ONE ft Shahrazad Ali was EPIC, and tonite will ebe just as enjoyable as we prep from this weekend's upcoming Annual Women's Her-Story Month Celebration, this Sunday in Harlem at the National Black Theater. 

    Tune in for the tune up...CLASS IS IN SESSION! 

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    Sista Sondra - Live from Selma

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    Veteran radio personality Sista Sondra comes to you live from the 50th Anniversary of the historic March on Selma, also known as Bloody Sunday.  Sista Sondra is on the ground in Selma, Alabama, talking to foot soldiers, veteran civil rights activists and people traveling to this historic event that will feature President Barack Obama, Claudette Colvin, Amelia Boynton Robinson, Dick Gregory, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Tyrese, Kirk Franklin, and a host of others.  Check out www.selma50.com for more details.


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    The Power Zone with DU: Special Guest Robin St. Clair

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    Tune in tonight for “The Power Zone with DU” @10pm

    In honor of Women’s Month, Robin St. Clair, The Cycle-Breaker joins us for "The Power Zone with DU";  Robin St. Clair, is an Empowerment Life Coach, Teacher, Author, Healer and Motivational Speaker. 

    Darlene A. Anderson of Darlene's Utopia, conducts a candid interview with Robin, about her company, TheRiteStep and her book “My Body’s Callin’.  

    About Robin St. Clair

    For the past decade, Robin has been an empowerment coach, stretching her clients with strategies and action plans that support them in birthing their “pregnant possibilities.” With a 24 year background in Labor Relations, she strategizes a powerful combination of effective communication, intuitive guidance and focused intent to support her clients in becoming self-aware, self-loving and Self-Full.

    Robin offers workshops, seminars and two support groups: Sisters Inspiring Sisters To Achieve (SISTA) and The Empowered Parent.  She inspires people to step fully and passionately into their greatness with pride, power and purpose.

    Robin shares her transformation story in her debut book, My Body’s Callin’ and guides women on a journey of self-discovery in her soon to be released, self-help book, ReBirth Yourself.™

    Visit Robin St. Clair @

    Facebook    Twitter    Instagram

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    ALLBLACKEVERYTHING..... We need a resolution!!

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    On tonight's episode of ALLBLACKEVERYTHING we will tackle the violent on slaught happening in the Tampa Bay area and across our communities.

    In Tampa 27 Afrikans have lost their lives to gun violence in 2015 ,most unsolved. Why is that? What are we gonna do black folks? Tonight we need Tampa to stand up!! We need Afrikans world wide to stand up!!!

    Join Sista Tria Bro. Kuji and the entire culture freedom radio family. Our special Guest include Bro. Ali Abdul Muhammad chairman of the New Black Pantha Party Tampa. and yo the people!!

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    SavannahBlack's Conscious Attack Presents: What's Your Black Mental Mind State?

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    What's Going On World, What's Going On???? Whats Your Mental Mind State? Who Are You And Have You Been Affected By The System Of White Supremacy To The Point Where You Feel Like Your Losing Your Mind? A Lot Of Us Are Struggling With Walking That Line Of Being A Conscious Being And Going Back To That Sleep State Of The Deaf, Dumb, Blind And Out Of Our Mind. Some Of Us Have Moved To A Conscious State Of Mind But Our Living Conditions Have'nt Changed. We Want To Live That Conscious Lifestyle To A Certain Degree.....There Is A Saying That Goes "Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow." Are You Really Free From The Accumilated Garbage That Has Been Collected In Your Life, Before You Began The Trek To Free Your Mind? Let's Talk About It Family....Also On this episode Mr. Black will mix a little bit of Music, Poetry, Comedy and Real Talk to speak on how The System Of White Supremacy is taking over black culture, and also on events that happened during the week that effected the black experience of those living in Amerikkka and around the World.... Please call in, We would like to have your feed back on what We can do to help build a better Youth for not just Today,But Tomorrow As Well!!! .The Call in Number is 1-347-850-8030....Oh Yeah The Theme Is....It's Been A Long Time Since I Left You, From Doing Something That Was Self Destructive You Dig!!!!

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    "Grace and Fitness"!

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    Join us this Sunday, March 22, 2015 @ 6:30 p.m. as we bring you another episode of "Glorious Gospel Vibes"!  Your hosts Evg. Globee Pope and Min. Derrick Tuggle will introduce to you independent gospel artists and authors from around the globe.  Our special guest this week will be Health and Wellness Expert Maxim Nazaire, sharing his testimony about how he was able to overcome injury, disease, depression, and self doubt.  So all of your health gurus, tune in its going to be life-changing!  Also joining them will be Min. Lois "Candee" Vernon with 'Inspiration Corner' and Sista Vangelist Peppercorn with her humor and laughter.  So don't forget to tune in right here on Blog Talk Radio!


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    The Gettin It In Show: Black Lives Matter & Our Rights!

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    The United States of America states, “It’s the home of the brave and the freedom of choice nation.” However they have created rights and laws to protect everyone but the African American People. The homosexual community has laws that protect them from people saying anything about their lifestyle and society forces people to respect it to teach their children compassion for it, why? You have a right to choose if born a man to become a women, but if you decided you want to be about your race of people you are considered racist and its frowned upon, why? If a person feels like a threat to a brutha or sista and we decide to take matters into our own hands we are considered the enemy, why? Our bruthas are being racially profiled by the police to the point that shooting them can be justified why? Should we fight for our rights to raise our kids and teach them that homosexuality is wrong? Should we fight for rights to protect ourselves by any means? What happens when we don’t say anything at all? How do we win this thing? Tune in family!

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    "Grace and More Grace"!

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    Join us this Sunday, March 15, 2015 @ 6:30 p.m. with your hosts Evg. Globee Pope and Min. Derrick Tuggle as they bring another anointed episode of "Glorious Gospel Vibes"!  They will be taking you to a new level of Grace with their special guest, "Grace Justified"!  Singing their new hit single "More"!  Also joining us will be Min. Lois "Candee" Vernon and you know, none other than Sista Vangelist Peppercorn!  For those independent gospel artists that need to get their music heard, please feel free to contact our PR Dept. by email at: gloriousgospelvibes@yahoo.com.  So tune in for an inspirational treat and laughter galore here on Blog Talk Radio!

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    The Mike Boyle Show with Special Guest Sista Love

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      Guys tonight we have Sista Love that's right mmm hmmm Sista Love...  Sista Love is tearing it up in NYC!  Click the title link at 9PM Eastern or call in 310-807-5150....  come and get your Love....  See you there!!!

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    SavannahBlack's Conscious Attack Presents: FUCK THE PO-LICE!!! (RELOADED)

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    Peace Family....I'm Still Screaming "FUCK THE POLICE" I'm Doing A Part Two To This Show Because On The Last Episode Of SavannahBlack's Conscious Attack Presents, I was'nt Able To Get Down The Way I had It Planned. I Allowed The Callers To Sway Away From The Topic And Throw The Show Off. Now With That Being Said, I Will Go In On This Again Because This Is Something That I Must Talk About. Your Feedback As Always Is Very Important But Please Be Mindful To Stay On Topic And Not Deviate From The Subject Matter.....It's Going To Go Down Family.... Also On this episode Mr. Black (THAT'S ME) will mix a little bit of Music, Poetry, Comedy and Real Talk to speak on how The System Of White Supremacy is taking over black culture, and also on events that happened during the week that effected the black experience of those living in Amerikkka and around the World.... Please call in, We would like to have your feed back on what We can do to help build a better Youth for not just Today But Tomorrow As Well!!! .The Call in Number is 1-347-850-8030....Tell Your Momma, Daddy, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Sons, Daughters, Nieces, Nephews, Freinds And Even Your Grandma That Savannahblack Conscious Attack Is On And It's Going Down....Oh Yeah, The Theme Is....FUCK THE POLICE Part Deux!!!

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