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    Charred Remains Sins Girls Ep. 5

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    Charred Remains welcomes back your favorite Sins Girls International Pin-Ups for our 5th episode with the lovely ladies of Pin-Ups. Joining Char is Jerry Hardluck and with some new faces/voices: Mortified Zombabe, Alice The Perfect Sin, Inzombiea,Leslie Vanlovelace, Little LiLly, Christine Carter and Shannon Million and Violet Von Stein will be returning. A lot has happened since our last show and the ladies and Jerry have so much to share. So tune in this Saturday, 11-30-13 at 4pm Pacific/6pm Central/7pm Eastern and get caught up on all things SINS GIRLS.











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    Charred Remains Sins Girls Int. Pin-Ups2

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    April 26th join Char Hardin for a Night of SIN with Jerry Hardluck  and some of the Sins Girls International Pin-Ups. https://www.facebook.com/SinsFamilyAndSinsGirls?fref=ts
    Kesi Pesi (Kessy P. Ironic) , Daniela Koch and Hellbetty Hellfire are confirmed to be guests on the show. Tune in for more from the world of pin-ups. The chatroom and phone lines will be open, so call or write in with a question for the ladies or Jerry and who ever else pops up. 
    Girls pictured: Kesi, Hellbetty, Sins Family,Deep Black Rose ( I just used her pic not confirmed to be on show)

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    Charred Remains Sins Girls Int. Pin-Ups 4

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    Wow, how time flies when you are on the Charred Side of Horror Talk Radio and June is on its way out, but before it ends, The SINS GIRLS are back for Show #4. Saturday night  June 29th at 4pm Pacific/6pm Central/7pm Eastern the ladies are calling in to introduce some new Sins Girls and and update us on all the SINS. 
    Jerry Hardluck will be back with new line up of ladies including new Sins Girl and my guest Co-Host Joie Parent, Violet vonStein and many more. SO make a note and save the time to spend it with the SINS GIRLS on Charred Remains the night of Sin is Saturday Night! Phone lines and Chat Room will be open. Call in or Join in and talk to the ladies. 
    Look for the Community Page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SinsFamilyAndSinsGirls?fref=ts
    Look, Like and Share Charred Remains on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/CharredRemainsPodcast?ref=hl
    **Ladies pictured may or may not be calling in. 

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    Charred Remains Sins Girls Int. Pin-Ups 3

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    Charred Remains will be on special night & time for the 3rd installment of the monthly Sins Girls International Pin-Ups on Charred Remains. Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 3pm PST/5pm CST/6pm EST. Tune in the Charred Chat-Room will be rocking. If you do not have a chat account, sign up for one through www.blogtalkradio.com. The phone lines will be open (347) 324-5036 if you want to call in and say hello to your favorite Sins Girls Int. Pin-Ups or ask her a question, the option and opportunity is yours.
    New announcements of new ladies to the Sins Girls Family, so tune in and find out who the lucky ladies are and more Sins Girls News! Check them out on facebook  https://www.facebook.com/SinsFamilyAndSinsGirls?fref=ts
    *Note the pictures used may not guarantee the pin-up will be on the show. Pictured: Leslie Vanlovelace, Olesia Dolinskaya, Melissa Lynn, Shannon Million and Kessy P. Ironic (Kesi Pesi).

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    America's Deadly Sins - E6 - It' Time To Get Real

    in Politics

    i'm not going to just say anything about this episode, Except Be There, 2 P.M., CST. It's

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    America's Deadly Sins -Episode 5 - Road Report Hour

    in Politics

    Join us at 2 p.m. today for the road report!

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    America's Deadly Sins, Episode 5, The Pre-D.C Show (Illinois); Part I

    in Politics

    We are going to do a series of shows; now until D.C.'S Protest Day on June 5th, that may just feature....well, just about ANYBODY.....AND JUST ABOUT ANYTHING, AS WELL.  As I cross into Illinois (believe me, the road thus far has NOT been kind, due to horrible planning, the Holiday weekend +Monday; and not much money); We will celebrate the beginning leg of our tour with a bang.  What bang?  One never knows, now does one?

    Join us at 2 CST, as the guests and surprises could get pretty wild...we'll just call today's show a call-in SURPRISE show.  Every day following this one promises to be more and more intense, so please, CONTINUE TO LISTEN ALL THIS NEXT WEEK!!  We're about to make the history books kids, one way or the other...so lets turn those lemons into a lemonade these people will not be able to ignore or dismiss....WHO'S WITH ME???

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    Monday Funday Happy Memorial Day!

    in Radio

    Hope you are having a fabulous Monday! It's Memorial Day Monday and it is a hot and toasty sunny day here in South Florida this afternoon! I was out and about a short while ago at the store and the parking lot was definitely as busy as can be! The store probably was too but I was on the phone and on a mission to pick up the couple of items I needed so I didn't seem to notice. I did have to put down the phone to handle the many cars and pedestrians moving about the lot. I was talking to my boy and he pointed out.. well it IS Memorial Day.. ahh yes the buzz and hustle about the holidays! Makes perfect sense. Now I am back home for a while before heading out with friends for the evening. It's time for a show so here we go! Call me at (646) 378-1541 to get on the air with me! Planning an hour long feast of your musical favorites!

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    America's Deadly Sins - Episode 4 - Booker T and the CP'S

    in Politics

    Hey America, what it be like?  Today's Episode will feature the inditgnant styings of Booker T (Theodore Booker) and the CP's (CPS).  Join us today at 2 p.m., for a tale of terror and misery, of injustice and more.

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    Turtle Podcast Part Deux

    in Self Help

    Join me tonight as I ramble anout nonsense because I Aint Shit and I Dont Wear A White Hat.  

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    Pop Culture Crazies - B.B. King is dead!

    in Pop Culture

    Hr1 Cartersville, GA police officers forced to resign for volunteering in inmate prayer ministry while off-duty. 1st Amendment is dying a slow death! How is that religious freedom?

    Los Angeles Mayor thinks $15/hour minimum wage is a victory, local businessman responds explaining otherwise.

    Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won't hear anywhere else.

    Legendary singer criticizes young stars for competing to wear the skimpiest dress in public at the latest Met gala.

    Why are images of breastfeeding so taboo? It's a normal process of life. Elle magazine changes the newsstand cover.

    What to do when you find out thru Instagram that your fiance isn't who you thought she was. RUN!

    Hr2  LibLogic: The best way to teach kids about racism is through segregation, called "affinity groups." Isn't this what we were trying to get away from?

    Muslim student thinks he shouldn't have to repay his school loans because it's against his religion. Was it against his religion to sign for it?

    Hr3  Banning mobile phone use increases academic performance at school. Anyone else not shocked?

    Teacher acquitted of repeatedly raping 12 year old student, is now suing to get her job back.

    Student diversity officer on college campus Tweets hateful violent speech toward white males. Why hasn't she been fired yet?

    B.B. King's passing is scrutinized by family with suggestions that the personal assistant may have poisoned him. Uh oh!

    Pennysaver shuts down without warning. 100s out of work.

    Teen girls who left the country to join ISIS and marry militants are now pregnant and not as enthusiastic about staying over there. In fact, they desperately want to come home. Big surprise... NOT! Jihad is not a game. This is serious business.