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    January 20th 2015"SIGNS OUR LOVED ONES SEND US"  MY WORLWIDE SHOW HELPING OTHERS THROUGH LOSS OF A LOVED ONE ESPECIALLY A CHILD LOSS ..I AM PROUD TO HAVE ON OUR SHOW SINGER/SONGWRITER BRIAN DELAUNDER WITH HIS SONG FOR THOSE GOING THOUGH GRIEF "A MOTHERS LOVE"@blogtalkradio.com/peggysimmanesi..Call in @ 1-347-838-9201 or skype us by clicking on @blogtalkradio.com/peggysimmanesi..my show is live 7-9pm est and all shows are archived..we have  on our show also  intuitive mediums and authors of books on life after death and tell of signs from our loved ones also showing you Heaven is real and they are always around us !!!!!!link to my besteller on amazon is http://www.amazon.com/Peggy-S-Imm-Anesi/e/B00B2RD59I

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    My Teenage Parenting advice from singer/song writer Andrea Davis!

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    My Great Friend Singer Song Writer Andrea Davis is joining us to discuss her new song and give me advice on how NOT to embarass my teenager and how to encourage him to follow his dream. I can't wait to see what all my sweet friend has been up to in Nashville.

    Check out Andrea on



    Facebook Andrea Davis

    Be sure and check out my word press blog


    Also check out my wordpress blog.


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    PAM Time - Kurt Blake, Singer/Song-writer.

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    PAM Time - Kurt Blake, Singer/Songwriter

    Enjoy an episode featuring some fun information on the Classic American Folk Music and the fresh music of Kurt Blake.  Mr Blake is best known for his sense of humor in his song-writing and is currently working on a compilation of songs that are no longer in lenghth than 2 minutes. Listen to him explain his concept as he talks LIVE on air.  PAM Time will feature some of his new material and will get a preview before his songs go completely public.  CHEERS! Don't miss out on the FUN! 

    Tune in for a night filled with great music and fun!  It's PAM-Time!

    For more information visit: www.pamproductions.webs.com

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    PAM Time - PAM Murphy, Singer/Song-writer.

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    PAM Time - PAM Murphy: Singing 


    Enjoy an episode featuring some fun information on Music and the Entertainment Industry. Enjoy the dynamic vocal melodies of PAM Murphy as she features original songs from her personal repertoire and other Independent Artists. Be inspired by her practical and excellent vocal tips for anyone who loves to sing. PAM is a professional soprano vocalist, and was classically trained by Calvin Gage at Crane School of Music. Listen to her inspirational quotes and stories as PAM relates her songs and messages in a refreshing way. Enjoy the dynamic power of her lyrics, rhythms and colorful chord progressions as they compliment her angelic singing voice. Tune in for a night filled with great music and fun! It's PAM-Time!

    For more information visit: www.pamproductions.webs.com

    PAM Murphy: pamelaann007@gmail.com

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    Kat Orlando, Sax Player, Singer, Song Writer

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    Often compared to Tina Marie, Kat, vocalist/saxplayer pulls together in? uences of Ian Andersen/Jethro Tull, Traf? c, Stevie Wonder, Bonnie Raitt, Gladys Knight, Junior Walker and David Sanborn to create sound that harkens back to that classic era yet de? nes her own unique pop sound. Her exten-sive musical background and upbringing in Detroit, Denver and LA has made her a seasoned player and performer. Kat’s EP “All of the Above” fuses R&B, Pop and a little of jazz in? uence. Her lyrics capture a range of moments one often experiences, whether it is lost or newly discovered love and at-traction. She writes with an intuitive melodic sense that keeps a song in your head for hours on end. She is joined on these recordings by Ron Otis (drummer with Kem. Ron also tours with Earl Klugh and Bob James) and Ray Burton (touring bass player for the Spinners) and her husband, Larry Pinho on guitar. Tom Taylor added his arranging and production talents to the project. Previously Kat released her CD “Contradic-tion” which featured legendary Motown guitarist, Dennis Coffey along with various Detroit local talents like Andre’

    Frappier (guitarist for

    Jaheem and Angie Stone) and members of horn band Art-of-Fact. Prior to moving back to Detroit, her song placed second in a Colorado Songwrit-ing Contest. She has opened for groups like Wall of Voodoo, shared the stage with Candy Givens and Members of Zephyr and Michael Clark of the Byrds. Rosanne Barr opened for her at a Women in Music Festival in Boul-der. Kat has backed up.


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    World5 International Music Lead Singer Song Writer Pat Hunt Roy Dan Baron on GFN

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    Today on Global Freedom Network Roy Dan Baron live we are interviewing Pat Hunt with World5.  He is the lead singer and song writer for the band!

    Formed  2011, WORLD5  is the Pop-Rock band formed around lead singer and Grammy Award winner Pat Hunt.

    WORLD5´s founding members and old friends are guitarist Steffen Goeres, saxophonist Stephan Goessl and drummer Raimund Breitfeld who have played together since their teenage years. Although life and personal projects put them in different locations around the globe, they kept alive the desires of making music together over the years. 

    See more at: http://www.world5music.com/band/#sthash.Qta8lldz.dpuf Learn more at http://www.world5music.com/

    Learn more about Roy Dan Baron Global Freedom Network & Magnified View!




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    Cassandra Kelly Singer/Song-Writer of Greensboro, NC Joins US

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    Cassandra ‘Ann” Kelly is a gifted singer and songwriter who is driven to deliver a R&B/HIP Hop and Inspirational sound that will change the lives of all that hears it. She has a passion that burns within for music and melodies. Cassandra is truly blessed to have the gift of music within her and she prefers to use her gift to encourage those who may be down and out because of life’s trials and circumstances. She would love for the entire world to laugh, smile and have continuous joy within in spite of life’s circumstances.

    Tie Jones, The Voice of The People, Will talk to Cassandra Kelly tonight and ask her what is her motivation for remaining in the industry....

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    Interviewing with singer/song writer Andrea Davis

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    Andrea Davis will be telling how she has achieved her dream of becoming a singer/song writer. She is proof that dedication and hard work will allow you to accomplish anything.

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    Kelly Outdoors Chad & Tracy Hockett. Singer, Song writer and his Rodeo Queen

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    Tonight we will have two very special folks on the show, Chad Hockett and his wife Tracy, They are like family and have a very special story to share, Chad is a singer and song writer and Tracy runs barrels like the wind, She is the real deal with a horse under her. We will hear their story and all about her upcoming event to help cancer victims, Chad will share some info about his newest album ( I hope) Should be a great show, Hope you can join us, Kel


    Welcome to our sixth season, Who would a thunk it right?? Not me for sure!! What is this show about? Well its about the outdoors and the many people that enjoy it in whatever pursuits they have, Hunting for waterfowl or Bigfoot, Guest Celebs like Motor city mad man doing his thing on the second amendment and the current President its all here, So whether its chasing ducks and geese over the North American land scape Stalking Whitetails in Kansas, Running the rapids on the Arkansas river in the Royal Gorge in Colorado or slipping down the Snake river flyfishing. Its all part of who and what we are. Join us for some great fireside chats. You never know who will drop in during one of our open Mic nights, We have guests scheduled through out the year but we have plenty of room for folks that want to talkn about their passions of the outdoors, So be part of the show any time that you can get on the air, Welcome to Kelly Outdoors, Kel

    You can email the show at kellyoutdoors@sbcglobal.net my web page to view my custom calls is at http://kellyskalls.com

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    First Show! Lets talk Music,

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    Hello My name is Josh and i am in HowEvertheMusicPlays.

    This is my First show so lets see where it goes.

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    PAM Time - LIVE Pointers & Songs, Singer/Song-writer.

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    PAM Time - LIVE Pointers & Songs, Singer/Song-writer

    Enjoy the beautiful vocal sounds of PAM Murphy as she features some of her LIVE performance numbers ("SERENITY NOW", "MAKE YOU FEEL/STAND BY YOU/COLD DAY", & "ENCHANTED BY THE MOON") from her recent appearances on KEEPIN COUNTRY STRONG Television Show and the Access 23 TV Mini Telethon.  She has had numerous years of experience performing in front of audiences from young to old and has been a huge success by bringing her charm and talent to the stage with her. As she performs, learn some of her secrets to keeping her voice fresh; her attitude positive; and her head on straight during sometimes extremely long and nerve wracking situations.  Her CD: Sweet Dangers is currently available on iTunes. Be inspired by her helpful hints for anyone who loves to perform for concerts and shows. 

    PAM Murphy is a professional Soprano Soloist who was classically trained as a lyric soprano by Calvin Gage, at the prestigious, Crane School of Music, located in Potsdam, New York. She has performed in numerous choirs and countless shows for more than 30 years. Listen to her inspirational quotes and stories as PAM relates her songs and messages in an interesting way. Enjoy the beauty of her LIVE singing, filled with soulful and emotional music. Tune in for a night filled with wonderful music and great fun! It's--- PAM-Time!

    For more info on PAM visit: pamproductions.webs.com

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