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    Sincerity: 3 Steps to Re-capture it in Your Life

    in Motivation

    “Social networking” has replaced conventional methods of forming friendship. The computer and internet is more important than pen and paper. Polishing responses by e-mail removes the sincerity and replaces it with caution. Discussions of true feelings and the demand for respect is viewed as old-fashioned and “boring”. Videos of disrespectful children go “viral” and “twerking” is discussed as a “fashionable dance”. People who show sincerity are serious and truthful. Sincerity is necessary to unite communities and embrace humanity. Oprah Winfrey proved how hungry Americans are for the quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy. The world cried when Oprah cried, they talked about her vicissitudes and adopted her choices as her choices. Many say the “cult-like” influence of Oprah Winfrey came about because what she talked about appeared to come from the heart.

    Too often, what usually passes for sincerity is only an artful pretense designed to win the confidence of others. Oh how easy it is to fake sincerity and how hard it is to be sincere. Steps to becoming more sincere: 1. Act the same way alone as you do when in the presence of others. This is the real you and this is the person that people will trust; 2. Do things out of the goodness of your heart.; don't seek a reward or do things to acquire things from people; 3. Don't do it or say it, unless you believe it from your heart. Avoid situations that require you to offer compliments or to express your opinions.Opening up to others about your feelings, motives and aspirations can cause some people to react in insincere ways and attempt to drag you down. 

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    in Romance

    By definition, sincerity means to be genuine and not deceitful.It can be the best compliment or a good approach for constructive criticism.Sincerity is also a way of getting straight to the point.

    Too many relationships are treated like a game and messy because the rules are unclear. It is more important to get through the obstacles by being direct. This is an original approach because it is usually overlooked.Time is wasted and feelings usually get hurt. In the long run, each relationship has the same result. They end; unpleasantly. Sincerity is a tool that you can use to get exactly what you want from the right partner.

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    in Religion

    Every one who has hidden behind a mask will be revealed. But those who know the all sufficient father, and are controlled by his grace, can live with a clear conscience and godly sincerity unity that day.Nothing is more humbling than the expectation of standing berfore the lord jesus in judgement.Be thankful today for the bessing that God has put into your life; Family,Friends,Shelter, Clothing, joy in the little things, and even the struggles that bring you closer to him. if you want to give someone a good word today , say Thanks

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    Sugarcoated Preachers & Bubblegum Sincerity

    in Christianity

    On this broadcast we're going to examine the "damage control" tactics used by false prophets when they get exposed. We will address from the scriptures how believers in Christ are to discern when an exposed church leader is simply doing a disingenuous public relations ploy by projecting a phony image of humility to save their ministry, and when they are sincerely repentant. Are they truly remorseful or just sorry they got caught? We will also discuss the lack of discernment among leaders who won't address these issues, and expose the reasons why many of them protect and promote known false messengers. We'll use some recent examples of preachers many know or have heard of.

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    Rev. Leroy Hailey Sincerity Of Heart

    in Spirituality

    Listen to the powerful Word of the Lord through Rev. Wayne and Rev. Carolyn Anders...  anointed servants of God in this end-time army.  You will be blessed, encouraged, and challenged by the uncompromising messages you will hear!
    Their many years of ministry and their love for God and people is very evidenced in the messages.  The Anders minister in Churches, nursing homes, prisons, and have a powerful prayer ministry as well.  You can check out their website at www.calglgm.wix.com/lglgm. 

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    Celebrity Ugliness Negates True Sincerity

    in Comedy

    Don't you love celebrity feuds? Or feuds between two pseudo-celebrities? Or feuds between countries, leaders, friends or anyone at all? Well Matt and Jay do too! And being world famous internet radio starts sometimes Matt and Jay find themselves in the middle of these feuds. They NEVER start them, of course. They would never do something like that! Well, not usually. Sometimes there's just no choice though.

    So this week Matt and Jay will be talking about their favorite famous feuds. Celebrities, politicians, athletes, blogers, friends and even family! Matt and Jay will break them all down for you and tell you who was right and who was wrong.

    Then they'll talk about some of their own feuds they've been involved in both with celebrities and "regular" people. There have been blog feuds, social media tiffs, Facebook face-offs and general ugliness from time to time. There might even be a BTR feud brewing right now! Or maybe it will be starting as the show goes along. We'll see.

    Our Canadian Bureau Cheif Jamie Mapleleaf will be here along with some of our correspondents to entertain and inform you. Maybe they've held a few grudges they'd like to talk about or even throw out a peace offering? Or not.

    Anyway, it's gonna be another star-studded show sure to entertain people of all ages! Don't forget those phone lines are always open so if you have a running feud with someone (OR US!!!) call us up and let it all out!

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    Reviving the World With Spiritual Thinking

    in Spirituality

    Most people of the world judge things by what they see. And, the reality of what they see is unseen. It is their Creator Who created the human being. Revive means to bring back to life, but it, the human soul, can only be revived or brought back to life by the giver of life, the Creator Who is Allah. You must seek Allah's help with sincerity, patience and perseverance if you are to come back to your natural way of life which is spiritual thinking and not worldly thinking. You can't accept the ways of the world and it's idealogy of life to survive your spiritual life. That is how you lost your spiritual life and is loosing your humanity. You must be in this world and not of this world to revive your spiritual thinking.

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    Mid-Day Supplication Intercessory Prayer & Word

    in Lifestyle

    Join us on the broadcast for intercessory prayer and a word from the Lord. Tune in and be blessed.

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    3. Business Stress: Is It Killing You and Your Business?

    in Entrepreneur

    If you dread going to work on Monday morning  - YOU”RE STESSED!

    You probably knew that – but what you may not know is how bad it really is for you.

    Discover the heavy toll stress could be having on you and your business when Hanna Hasl-Kelchner interviews award winning, social psychologist, Dr. Deb Carlin, author of Build the Strength Within: Create the Blueprint for Your Best Life Yet.

    Dr. Carlin focuses on people’s attitudes and perceptions and helps them gain clarity to maximize their potential and performance.

    Her consulting practice, Partners In Excellence, is best known for having repeated success turning negative situations into positive and productive ones. Many identify her work as enhancing corporate culture, improving community unity, and enhancing communication within groups of all types and sizes. 

    Dr. Carlin is also a sought-after public speaker who has shared her expertise in hundreds of audio programs, radio shows, and videos, including her own BlogTalkRadio show: The K Factor.

    She is affectionately known by her fans and clients for her warmth, sincerity and world-class treatment.

    Tune in to hear how you can transform stress that drives you crazy into fuel that can turbo charge your success.

    This program is proudly sponsored by the Legal Leverage® Academy.

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    786 Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba and Sufism

    in Islam

    786 Sufism is the path of Love, purity of heart and sincerity in actions ! DerijefBorom Touba.... Love and Ligh

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    The Yoyo Effect - Let Them Go!

    in Motivation

    Sometimes, when questioning the sincerity of someone, we need to let someone go. If they were meant to be with us, they will come back. If they were meant for elsewhere, the string will snap. LISTEN IN!



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