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    Simple Life Entertainment

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    If you have that special someone in your life that you hope you can take it slow and spend all your time with. keep them close and do little things to show your unconditional care for them and their happiness. This one is for you. :3 

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    Simple Life Entertainment

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    For those who know me i love music but these show are not for me. i started them to help one person get through her homework and so far i have more people listening. thanks to you all for listening you are awesome. This one is for that special person in your life.

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    Simple Life Entertainment

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    Well today is a special occasion. As this is more of a private show we hope you enjoy if you are able to listen.

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    Simple Life Entertainment Feat. DJMotto

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    Well Hello! Welcome to our show. Its been a while but lets get this show started! we may be a bit buggy with the music but oh well. Enjoy!

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    Happiness Expert Kita Szpak-The Simple Life

    in Self Help

    Host Dr Jenn Royster welcomes her guest Kita Szpak to the show. A happiness expert, author and speaker to share why the focus on happiness is key for people today and why she wrote her latest book called, The Simple Life: Shiny Objects Not Required

    About: Kita Szpak is a happiness expert, author and speaker, whose book “You’re Special Wherever You Are” (2009) was a finalist in the 6th Annual U.S. Indie National Excellence Awards in the Children’s Inspirational/Motivational category in June 2012. Transitioning into the “big people” sphere, Kita co-wrote “Tipping Point to Happiness” in 2010, undertook a U.S. radio campaign, and earned the title of “happiness expert” along the way. The book earned her the title of one of the top 50 authors you should be reading in 2012-13 on The Authors Show. Visit: KitaSzpak.com

    Pre-recorded on Oct. 23, 2014 on Transformation Talk radio and 1230am WBLQ

    Learn more about Dr Jenn Royster and download free guided meditations at JennRoyster.com


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    Simple Plan for a Simple Life

    in Psychology

    What can you possibly learn in just 15 minutes that may change the quality of your life? Good question. I guess you will have to tune in to find out.

    Bob Zima, MA/LCPC, is a self described “Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back.” He has experienced many trips to the gates of Hell and has lived to tell the tale.

    In this short, 15 minute podcast, Bob shares with you his insights and lessons learned from several trips to Hell and back.

    On today’s show, Bob discusses the benefits of a simple plan and life. The shorter the distance between the way you think your life should be and the reality of where your life is can be the difference between behavioral health and dysfunction.

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    Divatosity: Simple Life Upgrades For Under $25

    in Lifestyle

    Join Alaina as she discusses some simple life upgrades which cost under $25.

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    The Simple Life: Shiny Objects Not Required with Author Kita Szpak

    in Self Help

     “The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required” was released in March by Motivational Press.  The book focuses on the process of moving from a busy, distracting life to a simple life of purposeful living where once-present shiny objects are no longer necessary or desirable. Not overwhelmingly academic and appealingly short (for those with little time to read, and who likely are the best candidates for this book), The SIMPLE Lifeis an excellent choice for those who know their overly-scheduled, distracted lives are at breaking point but don’t know how they got to this point or how to go about making a change for the better. 

    Kita Szpak cares a lot about people. With her straight, thoughtful talk, she not only makes people feel good about themselves but empowers them to lead lives with purpose.

    Kita Szpak is a Canadian author, happiness expert, speaker and publicist. With two honors degrees in Education and German (Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada), along with an initial speaker’s certification from Fred Pryor Seminars, and business management certification from Queen’s University School of Business, Kita has combined her entrepreneurial expertise, media relations savvy, outstanding people skills, and writing creativity to position others for personal and professional excellence.
    Kita provides valuable advice and guidance for those who are asking, "Is that all there is?" For the past few years, she has combined personal experience and spiritual growth, professional work in the areas of publicity and public relations, research, and study to understand and help people remove their life blinders and discover the "jewels in their garden".


    www.kitaszpak.com  Kita's Website

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    The Simple Life

    in Moms and Family

    Join Jean Ann Duckworth for the launch of her new talk show, A Life of Simple Joy.
    In this episode, Jean Ann introduces the Simple Joy philosophy and offers 6 steps to help you put this philosophy to work in your life.
    To download the program handout (a convenient way to follow the material & take notes), please visit The Simple Life

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    Kita Szpak – The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required

    in Business

    Mike Brenhaug interviews Kita Szpak on eTALKS to discuss her new book The Simple Life: Shiny Objects Not Required. Kita started writing 15 years ago, first telling her stories to her three now-adult sons. Kita published her first children’s book “You’re SpecialWherever You Are” at the end of 2009. (The book was honored as a finalist in the 6th Annual U.S. Indie National Excellence Awards in the Children’s Inspirational/Motivational category in June 2012).

    Transitioning into the “big people” sphere, Kita co-authored “Tipping Point to Happiness” – a little book with a big message in 2010. As a follow up to the book’s release, Kita undertook a U.S. radio campaign focusing on happiness, earning the title of “happiness expert” along the way. The book earned her the title of one of the top 50 authors you should be reading in 2012-13 on TheAuthorsShow.com. She also blogs for http://www.jenningswire.com with her column “Straight Talk on Happiness”

    Last August, Kita hosted the “Happiness for Parents Formula” Telesummit. Dr. Christine Carter, Dr. Joseph Ciarrochi, Dr. Fran Walfish and Dr. Friedemann Schaub were among the 21 experts Kita interviewed. Since then, she has developed a “Keep It SIMPLE Sweetie (KISS) program as well as held free online training calls to be of service to others. More information as well as registration for Kita’s programs and her weekly Gentle Messages can be found at http://www.kitaszpak.com

    Kita’s latest book “The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required” is now available on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com as well as on her website http://www.kitaszpak.com

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    The Art of Life in The Slow Lane

    in Dads and Family

    The "Old Guy in a Hawaiian Shirt"  is a middle-aged, over-educated, under-employed, father and husband who is simply looking for a little fun and autonomy. On his podcast, he pontificates about all things associated with the Art of a Lazy Life. This is a cathartic satire radio show that leverages psychology and self-help through the eyes and ideas of a guy who has been there and done that!

    Today’s episode looks at: the very philosophy of this old guy in a Hawaiian shirt and the notion of taking life slowly and as it comes.

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