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    Authors on the Air Host Pam Stack welcomes author Timothy Hallinan to the studio.  Edgar, Shamus, Macavity and Lefty nominee Timothy Hallinan has written 16 published novels, all thrillers and mysteries.  He currently writes two series, one set in LA and the other in Bangkok.In the 1990s he wrote 6 mysteries featuring the erudite private eye Simeon Grist, beginning with "The Four Last Things," which made  Ten Best lists, including The Drood Review. The other books in the series were well reviewed, and several were optioned for motion pictures. The series is now  a cult favorite. Since 1982 he has divided his time between Los Angeles and Southeast Asia, the setting for his Poke Rafferty novels. Visit Tim's website at http://timothyhallinan.com. On Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Timothy-Hallinan/e/B000APW06C.

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    "The Dan Hardy Show"

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    LOS ANGELES -Dan Hardy brings his South-Jersey style humor and opinions to "The Dan Hardy Show" Thursdays for a thought-provoking hour.

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    Good Health IS Good Nutrition

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    Have you ever heard of Urban Gardening? Hydroponics? Nutrition Plant based diet? Today we will talk to STEPHEN HARDY,  CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER/HEALTH COACH to find the answers to them all.

    Stephen's  journey into the world of nutrition and wellness began when he was hit with a personal tragedy a couple of years ago. He soon realized that life is short and that we must take care of the precious gift (life) that we have been blessed with. Stephen became a certified personal trainer, so that he could not only help other's but also help himself in their desire to get fit. 

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    Let's Talk Too! Author Lisa Hatfield

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    I'm your host

    Author Sharnel


    Author Lisa Hatfield

    LR, Growing up in rural Kansas, LR Hatfield could often be found reading VC Andrews’ books, or pulling a Nancy Drew or Hardy boys mystery from her bookshelf. Watching her grandma read Harlequin Romances and her parents read Louis L’amour books she even picked a few of those stories up and read them.
    After having her first child she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. Shortly after finishing her degree, she had two more children.
    In addition to being an author, LR Hatfield is employed with a non-profit organization that is focused on the care of the elderly, but she holds onto the dream of a full-time career writing novels.

    Links to contact
    Twitter: @lrhatfield
     LR Hatfield/Facebook, you can send a friend request to LR Hatfield
    Blog: https://passionateorganizations.blogspot.com


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    Make It Plain - by Simeon Myers

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    Topic: The God-Damned Evil Man Had Done It Again & The Black Holocaust join us for the 456th episode of BevNat

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    Join The Winter Party @The Grindhouse, Thanks to Afronerd Radio, Sat. 6pm EST!

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    Seasons Greetings, people!  Check out the latest episode of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse show-airing this Saturday at 6pm EST.  For the first Comic Shoppe segment, your hosts-Dburt, Capt. Kirk and the "Uncanny" Daryll B. will empty out the following topics from Santa's stockings: the new Terminator: Genisys trailer hits the cyberwebs; just how will Marvel market the upcoming African themed Black Panther film? What are we to expect regarding the merchandising end of this project? (Think: emblazoned "Black Panther" shirts being worn multiracially...hmm); is the WB encroaching on Marvel's gravitas with the upcoming Suicide Squad movie? Oprah, Will Smith, Jared Leto and Tom Hardy in the same film?; discussing the #savestorm campaign-with Greg Pak's Storm series being threatened with cancellation, how can female and minority centered books be saved going forward? And speaking of another graphic novel that must be supported, the crew waxes about the release of Book #2 of the multi part series, March by  Civil Rights icon, Congressman John Lewis. 

    And then the Afronerd Radio machine continues at 7pm!  Join Dburt and Capt. Kirk as they unfurl the following issues:  picking up from the last show-we attempt to broaden the discussion on Hollywood's continued antagonism toward Black actors portraying historical/biblical figures (or even fantasy characters like Stormtroopers); Roots drummer, Questlove critiques the silence of hip hop artists on the Ferguson and Eric Garner controversies and lastly, Dburt picks up on what can only be called Victimization Media (fallout on Charles Barkley comments, Ferguson, Garner, etc).  YOU WILL BE AMAZED. Call live at 646-915-9620. 

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    "The Dan Hardy Show"

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    LOS ANGELES -Dan Hardy brings his South-Jersey style humor and opinions to "The Dan Hardy Show" Thursdays for a thought-provoking hour.

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    John F. Uranday Bio

    John F. Uranday's love of entertainment & all things related began while attending High School in Bakersfield. John enrolled in a film appreciation class pushing him into his career today. In 1994 John released his first hip hop album. While performing at a concert, he met Junebug Slim which led to a journey of working on several projects together and landed them both on Greenside Records, the first all Latino Record Company. Together, they created the film "Lockdown N' The Casa" putting Greenside Records into the then booming world of Independent Record Companies releasing Independent Feature Films. After this success, John Uranday, produced, directed, wrote & funded "Ringside" which was picked up by an Internet Company for an Internet Release and catapulted his web media dreams to reach a greater audience and he created www.thecorelive.com, (the core was the first Live Video 24hr Radio Station). In 2002, John Uranday started a 30-minute show entitled "Talking Trash" which was sold as a DVD around the Central Valley giving birth to the film, "Stereotype". (wrote, produced & directed by John) which was released in 2007 through Plus Entertainment. To further his abilities, John Uranday attended the LA Film School and produced over 6 projects, (Goombas, Hollywood Blvd., Kill or Love, Office Poop Politics, Venice, Candyman, & It's Over Now)


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    Finishing Strong

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    Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, says that 20-40% of all retail sales happen in the final 45 days of the year, and that more points are scored in the final 2 minutes of any half of NFL football than in the entire half combined. The point? Winners finish STRONG.

    Join JT today as he discusses what it takes to finish your year STONG so you can greet 2015 with momentum and confidence. 

    Fly High, Fly Fast, Fly Far!

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    The Original BevNat Classic October 2013 /Make It Plain by Simeon Myers

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    The Confused Teaching Of Paul The Apostle join us for our episode (Originally Aired 10/13/2013)

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    "The Dan Hardy Show"

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    LOS ANGELES -Dan Hardy brings his South-Jersey style humor and opinions to "The Dan Hardy Show" Thursdays for a thought-provoking hour.

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