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    The Play "Cracked - New Light on Dementia" & Memory/Alzheimer's Cafes In the US

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    Alzheimer's Speaks Radio has representatives from the play "Cracked."  Sherry Dupuis is a co-Lead researcher of the Partnerships in Dementia Care Alliance and a Professor in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Waterloo; Julia Gray a Toronto-based theatre director, playwright, and choreographer with a particular interest in creating new, collaboratively-developed theatre in applied settings and Mary Ellen MacLean who works across the country performing, directing, and teaching theatre.  View a video about the play here.

    Email Sherry Dupuis or Julia Gray for more information about Cracked

    The second half we will be talking with Jytte Lokvig from New Mexico and Carole Larkin in Texas. Both are key people in the Memory/Alzheimer's Cafe movement.  Come with questions and comments.  We'd love to talk with you. Contact Jytte Lokvig or Carole Larkin

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    Have You Heard Of Dementia or Care Farms? If Not, Tune In And Learn

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    Welcome to Alzheimer's Speaks Radio.  We are thrilled you are going to join us. Please know on all of our shows we love to hear from our listeners. So feel free to call in or use the chat box to talk to us.

    Today Maarten Fischer a Dutch Native who moved to Montana and will explain the concept of Dementia/Care Farms. Maarten has been involved in "Multifunctional Agriculture," including "Care Farms." In the Netherlands they are the largest sources of day programs with over 1500 farms empowering  30.000 clients on an annually.   Contact  Maarten via:  Website       Email     or call  406-752-3697

    Also joining the conversation will be Eilon Caspi Ph.D., Gerontologist & Dementia Behavior Specialist. Check his website  or his blog

    Our 2nd guest will be Constance Hanstedt author of "Don’t Leave Yet, How My Mother’s Alzheimer’s Opened My Heart," which was a named a finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards for memoir. Contact Constance   Website        Facebook      

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    Donna Stoering & Robin Lombardo - The Power of Musical Memory

    in Music

    What is the connection between music, healing, wellness and health in older adults? That's the question at the heart of our discussion on this weeks episode of Life is a Sacred Journey. 

    Our guests Donna Stoering and Robin Lombardo explain the power of music to restore memory and also share tips on how you can begin to create playlists to share with your elders at home today. 

    Stay tuned for fresh and insightful ideas on what it means to age with dignity and live your best life as an elder or caregiver today. Life is a Sacred Journey airs Thursdays at 5pm PDT.

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    Purple Angel Documentary - Help Spread The Global Symbol For All Dementias

    in Caregiving

    Today Alzheimer's Speaks Radio is having a special show to spread the word of the Purple Angel Project and the documentary being made about this grassroots global movement to improve dementia care around the world. We will be talking with:

    Laurence Kelly: Producer of this Documentary.

    Dom Gilday: The Assistant Director.

    Gary Joseph Le Blanc of Common Sense Caregiving, and Michael Ellenbogen of the Michael Ellenbogen Movement along with myself, Lori La Bey of Alzheimer's Speaks will be representing the US Division for the Purple Angel.  We are hoping to have the creators of the Global Purple Angel itself, Norrms McNamara and Jane Moore join us as well from the UK.

    Learn how you too can join the US Purple Angel Project.  It costs you nothing to get the material to help raise awareness. If you are able we would love for you to help support this documentary.

    For more information on dementia and Caregiving visit Alzheimer's Speaks Resource Website

    Join an Alzheimer’s disease clinical trial today. No insurance is needed to participate.




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    DR HOLLY Free Book OFFER today only: ENTWINED

    in Self Help


    A Romantic Journey Back Into Health

    Psychological issues, physiological issues, sex, romance and marital issues all in one book?  Yup!  Read the story of a family’s journey back into health and how they deal with everything from hypertension and dementia to diabetes and weight issues…while they move their daily lives.




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    Universal Journeys Radio: Cornucopia of Identity - Alzheimer's Sway on Identity

    in Spirituality

    This week we'll be featuring Cornucopia of Identity - Alzheimer's Sway on Identity in lieu of "The Longest Day," a day that fundraises charity for the disease along with awareness. Donate here: https://www.facebook.com/events/377474959122379/

    Spirituality intersects with nearly every other aspect of our lives, even when we do not realize it.

    Creativity and expression are our connections to the spiritual energy many seek to understand and our identity is forged through this process. Universal Journeys seeks to help illuminate these different intersections between creativity, spirituality and identity in order to empower and enlighten.

    Donny Winter is a Teaching Assistant at the University of Central Missouri and Co-Founder of Affirmations for Bullying Victims. A movement aimed to help bully victims and anyone needing positive focus in their lives. Donny does video blogging on YouTube. And is a gay rights activist and anti-bullying advocate -- He also makes comedic videos from time to time!

    Dr. Brenda was ordained in 2002 and received her Doctorate in Metaphysics in August 2005 and for the past 17 years she has studied under the auspicious guidance of a North American Medicine Man. In 2006 she studied mediumship with Janet Nowak at the Spiritualist Community of Lily Dale, NY and in 2007 returned to Lily Dale to study spirit writing.  Through her discoveries she has found research is never ending, as new ways and new aspects of connecting with God/Goddess/Source/Spirit/Higher Power etc. is never ending.




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    Gamer's Haven - Educational Gaming Library Resource

    in Family

    If you enjoy Chess, Checkers, Scrabble, or any other  board and table top games, then you may want to tune in!  How about technology: Instagram, Facebook, and not to mention all the email and text messages you can't seem to find enough time in the day to respond too? And what about the kids, do you wonder that they may not be doing enough "brain challenging" activities to help develop effective critical thinking skills?  I can certainly remember all the fun we had playing all those classic board-games!

      Did you know that kids who learn and actively play board games such as Chess, Checkers, Scrabble, Monopoly - have a higher IQ and score higher on aptitude test!  Did you also know that by not keeping the brain sharp and focused, can increase the onset of Dementia in adults of any age group? WOW..as the old saying goes: " If you don't use it,  You will lose it!"

    Event Coordinator, Ethan Parker, will join the broadcast to share about this no cost, inexpensive program that is made available to anyone - at any age.  This is a great opportunity to plan for family gatherings and an inexpensive way to encourage fun all while encouraging higher learning.  This is a great educational and social venue for kids and adults of any age group, who enjoy learning new skill-sets while having fun family time in the process!  

    Until next time.....Take Care..

    Call, email, or chat...we would love to hear from you!





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    Creating Dementia Friendly Communities - The Purple Cities Initiative

    in Caregiving

    Come and join us for a fabulous conversation on creating Dementia Communities.  Kathy Broggy will be our guest and has been the lead on developing the Purple Cities Alliance in Texas.  Check out all they are doing!  www.purplecities.org                  Contact kathy by Email                Phone: 865 219-6968  
    Alzheimer's Speaks Radio is proud to raise all voices regarding dementia.  If you have an opinion we would love to hear it.  Call in and join the conversation or use your chat box to communicate with us.  If you think you should be a guest contact Lori La Bey.
    Check out Alzheimer's Speaks for Dementia and Caregiving
    Join an Alzheimer’s disease clinical trial today. 

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    Let's talk about better design ideas for Alzheimer's

    in Design

    Interior design can be a powerful tool to helping everyone live better, whether it's designing for Alzheimer's, babies, or the rest of us quirky humans.

    Theresa's dad has Alzheimer's.

    A few months ago, her family decided that to help preserve the health and vibrancy of her mom, it was time to move dad into a memory care facility. Her parents had lived together for 47+ years, so it wasn't a decision made lightly.

    Theresa kept coming back to one simple question: How can designers help caregivers extend the time at home for a family member with Alzheimer's?

    So on this episode of MyFixitUpLife talk, Theresa is sharing a quick tour of the common area at her dad's memory care facility, and talking with a few experts to explore how designers can reach into their bag of essentials to make a difference for families.

    Someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's every 67 seconds and it's the 6th leading cause of deaths in the U.S., so we're betting that this is a conversation that affects most all of us.

    Marilucy Lopes is talking about how caregivers can modify the home environment, from painting black on doors that shouldn't be opened to using familiar elements from hobbies and family photos to help trigger memories.

    Lisa Burkholder from the Alzheimer's association's Delaware valley chapter is sharing why pattern can cause fear and confusion, about how including nature into the environment can be soothing, and how to connect with other families through the walk.

    Mitzi Beach explores how color can both create order and confusion for someone who is memory impaired. Mitzi and Theresa are talking about how there is a parallel between caring for an Alzheimer's patient and a baby. There are tons of resources on how to baby-proof a home, but we are at a loss for resources when it comes to designing for Alzheimer's.

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    Cutting Edge Research in Geriatrics - UNT Health Science Center

    in Women

    In today’s segment, I’ll be joined by Drs. Janice Knebl and Meharvan Singh from the University of North Texas Health Science Center.  We’ll be talking about how research has identified the potential for hormones like estrogen and progesterone as being important in maintaining a healthy brain. However, this topic is not without its controversy, so my guests will also be addressing factors that may predict whether hormones may or may not be good for the brain. In addition, we will also talk about what ongoing research is being done to ensure that doctors provide menopausal and post-menopausal women with as many viable options as possible to help maintain health and wellness as they age.


    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to manage “The Business of Life”. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, get connected, and be heard. 


    Plaid FB: http://www.Facebook.com/PlaidforWomen 

    Plaid TW: http://www.twitter.com/plaidforwomen


    Rebecca Gregg, Marketing Manager

    The Physician Group of UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth



    www.unthealth.org | www.unthsc.edu


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    Dave Thomas: Raises rob City Council of all credibility

    When will the insanity and lies stop? The story (“Council supports workers’ pay hike,” Page A1, Dec. 3) regarding the salary and bonus increases for Modesto city employees borders on the incredible.

    Not too long ago, the mayor, council and various police and fire spokesmen told us absolutely, positively, no-question-about-it, the city was broke; out of money. Going to fire more cops and firefighters. Close fire stations. The only possible solution was to raise taxes by $26 million. So they foisted Measure X on us.

    Tuesday night, with no discussion whatever, the mayor and council gave away $1 million to the very employees they said they would have to fire. How do they explain this? Many words come to mind, but they might sound unkind. Obviously, the Stanislaus Taxpayers Association was right; there was never a need for Measure X.

    I believe Modestans must acknowledge that a serious germ infects our city and its leaders. This germ causes a certain dementia. It makes them forget the past and what they said yesterday. And it causes an insatiable thirst for our money. How can we ever again believe anything they say?