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    Is There a Silver Lining Inside Cloud Computing?

    in Technology

    Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of years you have either heard of or are now using cloud computing.  Users are looking to save money due to it.  IT pros and investors are looking to make money through it.  What you have to ask yourself is how can you use the cloud to line your pockets with silver?  On this episode of Working the Web to Win, we will discuss the emergence of cloud computing as a viable way to both save and make money.  We will also talk about some of the movers and shakers in the field as well as some well-heeled interlopers who are trying to rain on their parade.

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    A Silver Lining Despite Breast Cancer with Dr. Sandy Goldberg

    in Health

    Dr. Sandy Goldberg is the on air nutritionist for NBC Chicago's 'Food for Thought.'  She is a breast cancer survivor and formed 'A Silver Lining Foundation' to help women afford and access breast cancer care and treatments.  She may be contacted at www.asilverliningfoundation.org.

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    SCI Encouragement Group--Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

    in Podcasting

    In the latest edition of the Encouragement Group, Host David Gerber demonstrates the process of moving from an "Every Silver Lining has a Cloud" in addiction  to a , to a "Every Cloud has a Silver Lining" kind of person in recovery. Co host Michael Boccia, discusses how learning how to hit a curveball in baseball is truly a metaphor for learning how to  handle challenges in recovery. Listen in as miracles will be shared.

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    A Silver Lining...

    in Health

    doTERRA  Diamond, Tanya Howell introduces you to 

    What a little consistency and application will bring you

    Listen and Be Amazed

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    A Silver Lining in Cancer with Dr Sandy Goldberg

    in Family

    According to the National Cancer Institute, "getting a high-quality screening mammogram and having a clinical breast exam on a regular basis are the most effective ways to detect breast cancer early." Yet, for thousands of women without health insurance, those preventive measures are unreachable. Dr. Sandy Goldberg began a mission to change that, providing a "silver lining" for fellow Chicagoans. 

    Passionate about following her own advice as the on-air Health and Nutrition Contributor on Chicago's NBC-5, Dr. Sandy Goldberg was stunned when she heard the words, "You have breast cancer and you need to have surgery immediately." After the initial shock-wave subsided, Dr. Goldberg channeled her emotions in the path she's confidently walked for years -- she shared her story on camera. Her journey captured viewers' attention, put a spotlight on breast cancer, and resulted in an Emmy Award. The series entitled One Woman's Story became an inspiration to thousands and served as a catalyst beyond her cancer diagnosis. 

    In 2002, A Silver Lining Foundation was born. Dr. Goldberg's passion to make a difference in others' lives has been magnified through the foundation's mission of providing resources, quality of life services, and cost-free screening mammograms to underinsured individuals. It appears that life was scripting her capacity as founder and chairperson for years, with such honors as a humanitarian award, recognition for "heroes in healthcare," and most recently, "Chicagoan of the Year 2013." Her expanded vision for the foundation, as well as the driving force of compassion will be our spirited focus with Dr. Goldberg in this episode.

    Click HERE to visit A Silver Lining Foundation.


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    A Life Full of Challenges Needs a Silver Lining of Optimism

    in Current Events

    David Mezzapelle, author of Contagious Optimism:  Uplifting Stories and Motivational Advice for Positive Forward Thinking will be sharing his own contagious optimism stories on today's show.  David shares his uplifting stories and those of others around the globe who have found the silver lining in most life challenges. 

    How fabulous is your day?  Are you high in the sky or down in the dumps?  Is life a ping pong ball that is ever wacking the wall?  Can you find happiness and balance?  Are you affected by the world around you?  Can you live a glorious life in the face of challenges, pain or suffering?  Maybe, can you live a life of balance and see the silver lining in the world to make this a great adventure.

    For more information on David visit:  www.ContagiousOptimism.com

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    Sweet Remedy Asks Why is Silver Good for You

    in Spirituality

    Cori talks with CJ Coston of Eutrophean Health Institute about the Health Benefits of Silver!

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    #WHRADIO: John Silver (@SilverNumber1) LIVE + MUCH More

    in Wrestling

    The Wrestling Heads Radio team returns to the air on the Elite Podcast Network following Monday Night RAW with a special guest! One half of the Beaver Boys, John Silver is LIVE on WHRADIO to talk about plenty including becoming the PWG Tag Champs & losing them in the same night, their return to Alpha-1 this weekend & so much more!

    @wrestlingheads @elitepodcastnet



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    Slice is BACK! Silver Slice (Trent Dellisola) is goin LIVE!!

    in Entertainment

    Decided to do a show for the first time in a while!! Changes!! Just hollah at me in the chat or call in!!


    347-237-5375 is the call in!!

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    Enchanted Life in the News - The Silver Lining

    in Podcasting

    There is BIG news happening  -
    There is a
    LAPD and Chris Doner, "Blade Runner" Women on the front lines...Life is not so much about what is going out there but about the response to that reality inside... There is an UP side and a silver lining to how each world event affects us if we but look for it
    Enchanted Life Salon is BACK!..
    Join Alaia Leighland and Susan Harmon as they discuss the current trends both in ttheir personal lives AND in the world and how these events are impacting their Enchanted Life...
    Call in and share your take on these events and how you shift perspective to Enchantment...

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    Colloidal Nanosilver 101

    in Medicine

    Did you know 95% of all products claiming to be colloidal silver are just not so? Did you know that the correct use of true colloidal silver can allow you to avoid any type of illness and pathogen from any strain of Influenza to Ebola and everything in between? Did you know that the higher the ppm the less effective the silver product? Did you know that if silver is not taken daily that one is not using the right silver properly? Did you know there is no correlation to taking silver after the onset of sickness and getting better?

    Colloidal silver is so simple and is meant to be so. True colloidal silver, taken daily, is a virtual guarantee against almost any pathogen...

    Russians don't take flu shots, they take colloidal silver...I have not heard of an Influenza outbreak in Russia, have you?

    Did you know that all astronauts on the International Space Station drink silver treated water? That is why they can stay in a closed environment for months and never get sick.

    If you think you can make colloidal silver at home, you are poorly informed. You can make IONIC silver at home. If you have one of those little machines and think you are making colloidal silver, you will feel silly and want your money back.

    Genuine nanosilver is available for less than 30.00 per quart. Find out which products are real and which are fake.

    Amazon.com has hundreds of products labeled as colloidal silver...we have lab results proving they are fakes!