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    Tom Foremski of Silicon Valley Watcher

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    Tom Foremski, is the founder and editor of the popular and top-ranked news site, Silicon Valley Watcher, reporting on the business and culture of innovation. In May 2004, Tom became the first journalist to leave a major newspaper, the Financial Times, to make a living as a full-time journalist blogger.   Tom has been reporting on Silicon Valley and the US tech industry since 1984. His current focus is on the convergence of media and technology--the fuel for a new era for Silicon Valley. This is affecting businesses world wide.

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    Radio [itvt]: Bravo's - "Start Ups: Silicon Valley"

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    Bravo Launches Interactive Experience for its New Reality Series, "Start-Ups Silicon Valley" Bravo's SVP of Marketing, Ellen Stone, Discusses the Network's "Silicon Valley Status" Project with [itvt]'s Tracy SwedlowIn this recorded interview, [itvt]'s Tracy Swedlow talks to Ellen Stone, SVP of marketing at Bravo Media, about Silicon Valley Status (SVS), an interactive experience that Bravo is launching today to enhance its new Randi Zuckerberg-executive-produced reality series, "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley" (premieres Monday, November 5th).

    Silicon Valley Status, which was developed in partnership with interactive marketing agency Campfire, centers on a digital hub located at SiliconValleyStatus.com, where fans of the show can, among other things, discover their own "SVS score," obtain pointers for increasing their score, and see how they stack up against other viewers and various "Bravolebrities." Each viewer's SVS score is based on three social factors, according to Bravo--popularity, influence and "the 'It' factor"--and draws on an analysis of the viewer's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram presence.

    The SVS site also features videos, which offer "insider" tips on improving one's SVS score from the "Start-Ups: Silicon Valley" cast. The videos include tutorials on how, for example, to promote a positive social-media image, how to get more re-tweets, and how to capture an effective profile picture. Viewers who sign up for the SVS experience will automatically be entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a ticket to the show's premiere party, which will take place November 4th in San Francisco.

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    How's Silicon Valley Doing?

    in Business

    WalletPop talks to the Silicon Valley Blogger (SVB) of The Digerati Life and The Smarter Wallet about how the economy and layoffs are impacting Silicon Valley.

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    TECH AM - Suppressing Wages in Silicon Valley

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    WSJ's Mathew Passy on allegations tech titans tried to restrict wages in Silicon Valley; Square Inc. considers a sale; an extra charge to use Uber; the race to dominate mobile gaming and why some folks carry two cellphones.

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    Prior to the airing of the fourth installment of Soledaid O'Brien's BLACK IN AMERICA series which will focus on the lack of diversity and representation of black entrepreuners in Silicon Valley, a heated debate has occurred on the web.
    Michael Arrington, a Silicon Valley investor and capital venturalist, stated that he has difficulty finding new high tech business startup wholly owned, initiated or operated by African Americans. 
    The South Bay(San Jose CA surrounding area) is the home of many well known high tech companies. The corporate headquarters of companies such as GOOGLE, CISCO, APPLE, HP, FACEBOOK, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, ORACLE and the location of major universities such as Stanford, UC Berkley, creates an environment whereby the ideas of the best & the brightest, coupled with financial backing of venture capital investment companies, fosters a climate of entrepreunership.
    The admissions requirements to these highly academically competitive universities are some of the toughest in the country. The percentage of  AA undergraduates is 10%; graduate students 3%. This could account for the difficulties Mr. Arrington alluded to in his interview. If more black students excelled in math and science subjects, could this acheivement gap be closed?

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    Special Guest -Silicon Valley Roller Girls

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    This week on the MBM we'll take an inside look at the sport of Roller Derby thanks to special guests from Los Angeles, CA's "Silicon Valley Roller Girls" .
    Plus we'll have the "Muji Movie Minute" featuring 1979's "The Evictors" and 2010's "Trollhunter", and a big announcement regarding the future of "The Midnight Black Mass". Won't you join us boys and ghouls.

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Patricia Fuqua of Dating Diamonds

    in Relationships

    Menlo Park, CA – Both men and women possess a fundamental need to be in a relationship that feels supportive and loving. Studies have shown that people in stable relationships thrive in terms of their physical, mental, emotional and financial health.

    Patricia Fuqua is a dating and relationship coach and the founder of Dating Diamonds, a coaching practice dedicated to helping IT & Engineering singles find loving relationships through dining, coaching and matchmaking. As a coach, Patricia brings the experience earned over 40 years with her beloved husband, paying forward the truths and principles of great relationships to help her clients find peace, health and harmony.

    “It’s not just about matching characteristics, but rather how do you want to feel when you’re with a person and what kind of experience do you want to have,” says Patricia. “That’s what I offer in core to my clients: the ability to be self-aware so they know their feelings and they know what they want to experience. People want gorgeous juicy relationships. I show them how.”

    In Silicon Valley where Dating Diamonds is based, many of Patricia’s clients are actually quite accomplished professionally. They want relationship stability, but they’ve spent so much time developing their career it’s difficult to shift their priorities, especially if they don’t have someone to guide them or some way of knowing how to do it.

    “My clients often ask me, ‘Where are all the good men?’ ‘Where are all the good women?’ Well, how many do you need? Just one? We can manage that,” says Patricia. “Love is all around us. We just need to focus to bring it into our own life.”

    For more information on Dating Diamonds, visit www.datingdiamonds.com

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    Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher

    in Social Networking

    Editor's note: This podcast was originally produced for Eastwick Communications and called "Break Through the Noise."

    Today I had the pleasure of discussing how influence happens today and much more with Tom Foremski, the former Financial Times journalist, who now heads up Silicon Valley Watcher.

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    Michelle Van Otten: Brand Strategist

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    Michelle Van Otten returns to chat about setting goals for 2015.

    Michelle is a fiery, fearless Brand Strategist that helps entrepreneurs and companies become captivating, influential brands. She’s known for creating raw, real and relevant emotional branding, key positioning and winning strategy that infuse people and businesses with the power to make their sales and marketing efforts pay off.

    She’s known for helping entrepreneurs and business owners create cohesive personal and business brand strategies that take control of their image, create rewarding relationships with audiences and influencers, and position them as the go-to authority in their field. She’s a master at the art of reinvention, in persuasion and influence and in turning ideas into purposeful thriving businesses that are making a difference in the world.

    Her passion for entrepreneurialism and creating captivating brands caught fire during her 10-year career as a Wall Street Trader working in top boutique investment banking and trading firms working with Silicon Valley’s top tech IPOs during the 90’s.

    As a sought after brand strategist by entrepreneurs, CEOs and leading edge companies, she’s known for her ability to create strategies that forge a deep emotional connection that builds trust within their target market. She uses her diverse knowledge to cut to the core of what moves people most and focuses on creating winning positioning that forges meaningful connection and takes companies to their next level.

    Website: www.michellevanotten.com

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/MichelleVanOttenFans

    Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/michellevano/

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    On the Edge Lunch Grill: Silicon Valley Expo & Summit

    in Business

    Join Business Coach Margaret Jackson as she grill's up her upcoming event on the Silicon Valley On the Edge Small Business Expo & Summit!   
    Tune In and find out what and who is going to be talking about and who the exibitors will be.
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    Tony Medrano, Boopsie Inc.

    in Entrepreneur

    The Ecosystem of Startups and Entrepreneurship

    Silicon Valley's Entrepreneurial CEO of mobile apps @TMedrano2 joins Build Grow and Enjoy with a message for all Entrepreneurs!

    Tony will give insight and best practices for a startup, the state of the VC community, and share how his company @boopsie is changing the way we all will visit our local library! Game Changer!!!

    BUILD GROW AND ENJOY...................




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