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    How To Conquer Hate With Love: The Sikh Community

    in Women

    A Leadership Conference on Peace will be held Saturday, February 16, 2013 2:30pm to 5:00pm at The Church of the Living God at 14 East 45th Street in Chicago. It will feature leaders from various faiths - Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam - to share their perspectives on how to promote peace, harmony and understanding among the human family, and specifically in our own communities. A leader of the Sikh community discusses how his members learn how to conquer hate with love.

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    Batman and Sikh Shootings Discrepancies (Gun Control)

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    This episode of Awake and Aware Radio will go into the many interesting descrepancies and "coincidences" surrounding the James Holmes Batman shooting, what his father was about to expose regarding the global economic scam, as well as touch on the Sikh shooting. This will also go into how this posible mind control and/or false flag shootings will be used as an agenda to take away gun rights, for the longer-term agenda in not only the United States, but the global fascist agenda.

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    At Eye Level Discussing the Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting

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    Hosted by: Matt G and Doc Savage
    In a horrifying twist of fate, we find ourselves, yet again, discussing a mass shooting, here in the US.  This time, it happened during Sunday Services at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin.
    This week, we bring together our panel to discuss this tragedy and see if we can't find some way to try and keep these kinds of things from happening.  Returning are Dan Pettegrew from Family Arts Center, Pastor Elizabeth Dowdy from Lion of Judah Worship Center, Shawn Z Williams from Love All Humans and Keith Armonaitis from the April 23rd show.  We've reached out to others and, of course, invite you to join the conversation, either on the phone or in the chat room.
    If you'd like to be on the panel, email us.

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    Coming Apocalypse

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    Heidi Begley will join Pastor Paul Begley as Muslim Friday Prayers at the Washington National Cathedal is "Blasphemy or Abomanation" unto Ameirca's Cathedal. Also ISIS Al-Baghdadi is not dead but sends out a 17 min audio and calls on all Muslims "Erupt volcanoes of Jihad everywhere". Also could there be a response by Muslims in Israel after the torching of a Mosque in the West Bank. Also the Vatican will host a Conference of all Religions including Rick Warren, Russel Moore, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Buddist, Hindu's, Sikh's, Guru's, Toaist, and others. Also President Obama visit in China and met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Putin. Also a 91 year old women raises from the dead in Poland. Also the Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri will release their descison any moment and "Ferguson Could Explode". These and much more current news events and bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Gunman,six hostages dead after Wisconsin Sikh Temple siege

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    At least seven people have been killed and twenty injured as a gunman took over a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Among the dead is the gunman, who the police believe was the sole assailant.
    Four of those shot died inside the temple, while the three others (two victims and a gunman) were killed outside the building.
    Police say they do not believe there is a second gunman at the temple, despite previous reports speculating about possible additional assailants. Greenfield Police Chief Bradley Wentlandt explained that reports of multiple gunmen may be based on several police radio calls about a gunman.

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    The Center of Light Radio Show: "Empower Your Essence" with guest Gurutej

    in Spirituality

    The Center of Light Radio Show with host Keith Anthony Blanchard

    Show Topic: "Empower Your Essence"

    For over 40 years, Gurutej Khalsa has been teaching how to connect to higher consciousness through yoga, chanting, meditation and healing. In 1972, Gurutej co-founded 3HO Canada, built and oversaw communities, yoga centers and businesses all over the country. 
    She has 4 instructional yoga videos. Two of them, on chakra yoga and awakening intuition for women are listed among the Top Ten Yoga Videos of All Time. Her BOOKS, ‘A Slice of the Beloved,’ ‘The Moon She Rocks You,’ and ‘The 13th Month,’ as well as her courses on the Moon Centers and personal success are all transformative and supportive. Gurutej lives the meaning of her Sikh name, which means ‘the one who brings you from darkness into light at the speed of light.’
    More on Gurutej: http://gurutej.com

    More on Keith: www.keithanthonyblanchard.com

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    Malas for Prayer and Meditation

    in Spirituality

    Kudrat Kaur will talk to us about the history of the use of malas and her experience with creating them

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    Sada Sat Simran Singh of Chardikala Jatha discusses the power of Raag Kirtan

    in Music

    Sunday, September 7, 9:00 am MST (Time Zone Converter)

    Special Guest Sada Sat Simran Singh of the Chardikala Jatha.  We will discuss Raag Kirtan from his experience and perspective as a highly accomplished musician who plays traditional, classical Sikh kirtan internationally...and often.  He and the Chardi Kala Jatha are specifically honored to play at the Golden Temple in Amritsar.  

    Raag is the classical form of music of India. North Indian Classical Music is based off of a system of scales or modes which have certain rules to their movement, the mood they inspire, the time of day that they are sung, and vocal techniques used.

    We will talk about the experience and transformative power of listening to and playing Raag Kirtan.  In Kundalini Yoga, we chant mantras in monotone, simple melodies, and sometimes quite complex melodies, but seldom in raag.  From Sada Sat Simran Singh’s perspective and training, what is it about raag that takes the experience deeper?  What is it about raag kirtan that ‘grabs’ him and compels him to devote so much of his life to it?  

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    Prosperity and Financial Management with GuruKirin Kaur

    in Spirituality

    Join us for an in depth discussion of Yogi Bhajan's teachings on prosperity with GuruKirin Kaur, CPA; and her advice for budgeting and financial management

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    Understanding the Sikh Religion (An In-depth Dialogue)

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    Please join us Thursday October 1, 2009 at 2:00 PM for an informative discussion with Gursean Singh and Sunmit Singh. Gursean and Sunmit are both members of the Sikh Student Association at the University of Maryland. These two progressive students will be joining us in studio for an in-depth conversation about the Sikh religion and culture. Much like Muslims, Sikhs have been persecuted throughout the Western world. Due to ignorance, prejudice and racism Sikhs have been unjustly and unwarrantedly profiled in a similar fashion that people of African decent have historically been, and continue to be unwarrantedly profiled. Gursean and Sunmit will provide a deep and more contextual insight to the Sikh religion, their history, and their continued struggle for justice. They also will be talking about the Sikh Genocide of 1978-1995. This year marks 25 years since the occupation of Punjab and the Sikh Genocide.

    If you cannot tune in LIVE to this episode it will be archived immediately upon completion. Please click here: www.blogtalkradio.com/UNITV-Radio to hear the show LIVE or an Archive.

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    The Disclosure Connection to the Sikh Temple Shooting

    in Spirituality

    Amardeep Kaleka's father shot
    4 shooters
    Mother says army changed a "lovely, gentle child"
    Fake UFO videos and the damage they do
    Goodyear UFO NOT in area
    2 Roswell crashes
    Water as fuel

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