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    Keeping It Raw: Did the fans turn their back on John Cena? That & more

    in Sports

    Join us every week as we recap every edition of Monday Night Raw. We keep it honest, keep it real, and most importantly....We KEEP IT RAW.

    That night was an interesting night on Raw. We saw the return of Daniel Bryan with his wife Brie, and we also witnessed the return of "The Big Red Monster" Kane. Kane attacked DB and left him laying on a stretcher.

    Last night the fans made the chose to throw Cena to the wolves. Did the fans turn their back on Cena and join the Wyatt family? Find out all of our thoughts and more.

    R.I.P to Daniel Bryan's Dad. May our prayers be with him and his family.

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    Ultimate Warrior tribute: Monday Night Raw 4/14/14 Recap

    in Wrestling

    Do you love WWE Wrestling? Do you watch Monday Night Raw on a weekly basis? Are you a Diehard fan? Do you know it's "fake" but still love it? And most of all......

    Do you know and respect that wrestlers are professional stuntmen/women, actors, performers and professional sports entertainers?

    Then this this show is for you!

    We: keep it real, keep it honest, AND

                                                      KEEP IT RAW!!!

    Ultimate Warrior Tribute show. And I will breakdown my Extreme Rulz PPV car

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    Kent Matsumoto - Co-owner of Golf Rulz, LLC,

    in Golf

    Mr. Matsumoto was in private law practice during the first 10 years of his career.     He was born in Arlington, Virginia, attended The American School in Japan for nine years, and is a graduate of the University of Virginia and the University of Michigan Law School.   He is an avid, high-handicap golfer and the co-owner of Golf Rulz, LLC, the manufacturer of Golf Rules! Know the Game?, a simple, fun and educational game of 72 flashcards capturing real golf scenarios, organized by level of difficulty: Par, Birdie and Eagle.    His flashcard game has won the endorsement of the U.S.G.A. and was available for sale in the merchandise tent at this year's U.S. Open.   Join us for interesting conversation and learn how they accomplished their overnight success in five years.

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    Modern Rulz for An Adjusted Family

    in Family

    Dr. Marion Maloof, Atlas Chiropractor and member of Scot Ferrell's medical advisory team, will talk with Scot about how Atlas Chiropractor can improve the lives and health of families of all types.
    Dr. Maloof, an Atlanta-based Atlas Chiropractor, will explain the differences between Atlas Chiropractic and traditional Chiropractic. He will also address specific medical conditions that might be improved utilizing Atlas Chiropractic treatments.
    Dr. Maloof will share his personal story of how he became involved in the practice of Atlas Chiropractic and how his own family has benefitted from these treatments.
    For more information on Dr. Maloof, please see www.doctormaloof.com.

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    May 16, 2013

    in Business

    Teresa DeFord  a family, estate planning and business attorney in The Woodlands, Texas just outside of Houston.  Teresa opened the De Ford Law Firm in 2012.Teresa’s legal practice focused primarily on personal injury defense trial law with an emphasis on trucking and oilfield injury litigation defense.    TJ Tillman worked for JP Morgan Chase for 5 years.He worked for Allstate in their financial services division.  He have been an owner of empire wealth management for about 3 years that's when he founded the company. He holds the accredited Wealth Management Advisor designation from the College for financial planning and wrote a bestselling book"Champions"   Scot Ferrell  “America’s Behavior Expert,” has spent 20+ years transforming behaviors and creating magical lives for his clients, readers and listeners, Nationally recognized Best-Selling Speaker, Media Expert&Author, Radio show host of “The Rock Star Life” &“Modern Family Rulz” , Winner of Golden Quill Award for Writing Accomplishment   

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    oWa Podcast Part 2 - Memories

    in Podcasting

    Listen to Cash and Dave (and others) at 8PM EST for all the fake wrestling talk you can stand. And we promise we will hang up on Prez once he goes overboard with his ego driven drivel.

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    BleachBANGS/ Crash Midnight and Unwritten Rulz

    in Music

    Two killer bands!! Let's give some more tickets away whle we are at it!!!

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    Why Can't We All Just Get Along...For The Sake of America?

    in Family

    "America's Behavior Expert", Scot Ferrell, brings up a point regarding the upcoming election that no one seems to be addressing....
    Why America needs it immediately and what will happen to our country if we don't achieve it...quickly!
    Tune in for this thought stimulating show!
    For more information on Scot Ferrell, visit www.ScotFerrell.com or LiveTheRockStarLife.com.

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    Longing for Leadership: America 2012

    in Family

    Scot Ferrell, "America's Behavior Expert" has an exciting guest on this show. Lt. Col. Allan Tucker, retired Air Force commander, will be joining Scot to discuss what's happened to America.
    Where have all of our strong leaders gone? From the pulpit to the White House, Congress and popular culture, there seem to be no more leaders who boldly speak their mind, as in the past.
    Scot and Lt. Col. Tucker discuss this phenomenon and how individual American citizens can change this problem.
    For more information on Scot Ferrell, go to:

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    Why I Hate Praise Music

    in Family

    Scot Ferrell, "America's Behavior Expert" and vocal Christian explains his extreme dislike for today's Christian "praise" music.
    Even though his position isn't popular, he explains the brain science behind his dislike of the music and the actual damage it can do to your faith and brain programming.
    As an ordained minister, Scot expresses the real truth behind his dislike of this music. Agree or disagree, you shouldn't miss this show!

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    Chicago...NOT My Kind of Town!

    in Family

    Scot Ferrell, "America's Behavior Expert" and long time educator, talks frankly about the current teachers' strike in Chicago and its impact on us as a country.
    Scot, celebrated Best-Selling author and radio show host, will speak frankly and plainly about a world he knows intimately on a first hand basis-the world of academia.
    You will NOT want to miss this "cold water dose of truth" from Scot on today's show!