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    "Sidelines"... Meaning the other Man or Woman... Are there any Pro's & Con's to being the Sideline??? How do you cop when you find out your the Sideline in a relationship??? Is being the Sideline becoming a pattern in your life or Being the Sideline is working out just FINE with me!!! Let's talk about it LIVE on Tuesday, 10/1/2013 @ 8:30p EST. Dial (347)850-8318, press 1 if you'd like to speak LIVE ON THE AIR with the panel or stay on the line and simply listen. All calls are ANONYMOUS and remember you can also join us in our Chatroom if your happier working from behind the scenes. Please join us for another informative episode and THANKS again for your LOVE & SUPPORT!!!!

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    From the Sidelines at the Bellingham Bay Marathon

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    From our Sidelines on Cottonwood Avenue, at High N0:0N, the BarnCat Radio Roadiecrew {Me?} reports live from our perspectiview as hundreds of runners blur on past our humble studio. Remote podcast with possibility of switchboard callers if you can get to the phones quick enough, 323-443-7201, SpRiNt! More info on this event at:https://www.bellinghambaymarathon.org

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    OKAY...so we all watch Empire...well, not ALL of us... but for those who do we will be on the sidelines talkin' EMPIRE ishh...self motivation, the ufkery, games we play with each other and more... with a lil bit of music to listen to emaxxtheemijj is your host. From 9-10pm tonight lets talk!!! 646-478-0944 is the live line or log onto BLOGTALKRADIO.COM and search HOODTALKRADIO...LAST WEEK WAS A BUNCH OF UNFINISHED PLOTS...LET'S SEE WHAT THE empire HAS TONIGHT...DID YOU NOTICE THE BRAND ON cookies' lovers back? lets see what is next... join us!!!

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    The PODcast #10: Ryan tries to ruin everything

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    Ryan Matthews nearly derails the landmark tenth episode of the Pride Of Detroit podcast by throwing strange terrible images at Chris, Jerry and Jeremy from the sidelines. It's a question-loaded PODcast regardless, including the following:

    - What infamous cartoon character does Martha Ford look like?

    - Should the Lions be looking at a quarterback in this draft?

    - Could the Lions retain Sheldon White as the new general manager?

    - Why is everyone so mean to the Microsoft Surface tablet?

    - What sense does this Schefter and Mortensen article make about offloading Calvin Johnson?

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    Former MLBer Ken Singleton Breaks Down World Series and Yankees Season

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    It is Tuesday October 27 – opening day for the 111th World Series.  The Mets and Royals take the field in game 1 in Kansas City.

    Today we have former Major Leaguer and now Yankee Broadcaster Ken Singleton.  Ken also has his own Celebrity golf event which I attend each year.  We will tell you about that – and more

    You’ve seen both teams this season.  I like the Mets starting pitching.  I worry about their youth in a series.  I like the Royals experience of being there plus their defense, team speed, and their middle relief.  So I think I give the edge to KC.  What are you seeing?

    Do the stats bear out that the Royals hit power pitching better?

    Talk about the psychology.  The Rangers lost 2 tough World Series.  How difficult is it to bounce back and get there again like the Royals are doing?

    Talk about the young pitchers.  I think Terry Collins has done a great job preserving the young arms for the post-season.  But what about their heads now that they are a few steps from the promised land here?

    How do you pitch Daniel Murphy?

    Is Joe Girardi staying?

    Do Yankee fans have a lot to look forward to in the off-season or are the Yanks going to stay on the sidelines of free agency and trades?

    The Ken Singleton Celebrity Golf Classic for Cool Kids.  I go every year.  And thanks for inviting me.  It is a great event and we raise money for kids with cancer.  Talk about what the Cool Kids campaign does.


  • From The Touchline in Seattle

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    Todd Stauber and Aaron Heinzen are back this week to take an extensive look at the world of soccer for the week. The boys will break down Euro 2016 qualifying and tell you who's in, who's out, and who still has a chance. Holland is a definite target of significant abuse after shocking performances have left them out of the competition after finishing 3rd at the 2014 World Cup. Speaking of shocking, the USA has hit a low level that hasn't been seen since the 1960's when they last lost 5 games in a row on home soil. Is Jurgen on his way out? We'll discuss it here. The Premier League is back after the international break and we get to see our first glimpse of Jurgen Klopp on the Liverpool sidelines this weekend. Also, can Chelsea get back on track and will Manchester United rebound from their thrashing at the hands of the Arsenal? The MLS playoff hunt is still a bit fuzzy, but one thing is for certain.....Toronto is in for the first time in franchise history and Sebastian Giovinco gives them a chance to go deep. We'll cover it all along with Heinzo's World XI and Staub's Bottom 3. Friday 9am PST, Noon EST!!

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    Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine 10/15/15 - Who's Next

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    Welcome to Season 2 of Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine - your essential guide to all things wild and wonderful in the world of cult entertainment!

    Drop in for a spell, and join hosts "Doc" Savage and Louis Paul as we discuss the beloved, the hated, the weird and the wonderful world of cult film, music, television and more.

    As ever, we'll be covering classic films, shows, musicians and literature of the past, with an eye towards what new visions may still arise from the soullessly derivative mire of our modern age.

    Tune in, turn on and take a step outside the mainstream as we dig deep into the rich vein of cult cinema, music and television, right here on Weird Scenes inside the Goldmine!



    First up, we're talking Who!

    With one of us quite well versed in and oriented towards the Classic 1963-1989 Seven/Eight Doctor run  and the other more of a Newvian (i.e. a died in the wool Nine-Twelver), sparks are sure to fly, and opinions will certainly beg to differ!  And then there's the whole Bill Baggs and Big Finish audio sidelines to consider...

    Hop in the Tardis and join the two Timelords as we sit in judgment and praise of one of the longest running and most beloved of science fiction (and pseudo-historical!) series ever aired.  We promise, it won't be in Old High Gallifreyan...

    Week 12
    Who's Next

    Your hosts "Doc" Savage and Louis Paul


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    ChabDog Radio looks in on the 10-13 Democratic Presidential Debate

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    Hillary takes center stage, but will she upstage her competitors.
    Bernie "I'm not a capitalist" Sanders weights in with his 2 cent fill up.
    Webb answers the web of intrique surrounding his candidacy.
    Martin O'Malley from Maryland mans up for the challenge.
    Lincoln tries to slide into contention, despite lots of chafing.
    Meanwhile, Joe is just biding his time on the sidelines.

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    Hillary Clinton faces heavy pressure during the first Democratic presidential debate Tuesday to outperform primary rivals cutting into her lead and perhaps keep her biggest potential challenger on the sidelines. 

     A Danish photographer who endured months of torture at the hands of Islamic State extremists says the terrorist killer known as “Jihadi John” forced him to stand for days and dance the Tango at a prison in Syria

     His twin daughters were told that the Air Force logo violated the dress code policy of the Aubrey Independent School District. The 11-year-old girls were told they could face disciplinary action if they wore the jackets on school property. 

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    The Laker Gurl has been a little quiet lately.  Maybe it's because BASKETBALL practice is in it's early season, and people are wondering WHAT their Lakers are going to do.  Will Kobe get some "play" time?  If he decides not to play this season, and I haven't heard that yet, but will he become a LAKERS FIXTURE in the front office?  He motivates the team when he's in health, driven like few I've ever seen - can he take that skill to the court as a manager?  He would look good on the sidelines, getting the team to hustle.  I'm not a LAKERS fan, but I do know the traditional of WIN that organization has, no question - What will be the future for L.A. B Ball, cept the Clippers - what you DO THINK STEPHANIE???  347-205-9366 #WWLG4L #JKN #EVERYTHINGLAKERS