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    "Sidelines"... Meaning the other Man or Woman... Are there any Pro's & Con's to being the Sideline??? How do you cop when you find out your the Sideline in a relationship??? Is being the Sideline becoming a pattern in your life or Being the Sideline is working out just FINE with me!!! Let's talk about it LIVE on Tuesday, 10/1/2013 @ 8:30p EST. Dial (347)850-8318, press 1 if you'd like to speak LIVE ON THE AIR with the panel or stay on the line and simply listen. All calls are ANONYMOUS and remember you can also join us in our Chatroom if your happier working from behind the scenes. Please join us for another informative episode and THANKS again for your LOVE & SUPPORT!!!!

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    The Ninja Pastor with "The Collision of Faith & Politics!" "Don't Sue Me Bro!"

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    Can I just say, Republicans/Christians, some of them....  Let's be honest, most of us, are wusses.  

    We whine when the press treats us unfairly as compared to how they treat the left....  Here is breaking news..... The Press IS the Left!!!!

    I mean honestly, is the situation in America REEEEEEALLY as bad as all of us doom and gloomers say or are we just negative nellies?  

    Why don't we just wait and see if "America" nominates the right man or woman in the Republican Primary and then if THAT is the one we want then we will just become engaged again...  Otherwise....  Maybe we "Christians" just stay home and refuse on principle to vote for the "lesser of two evils Republican establishment pick?  

    If the right's guy doesn't get elected and it all falls to Hell in a handbasket, maybe that is the best thing for America, for us to go down in flames and then we really good people who sit on the sidelines "on principle" will suddenly become the brave patriots we always pretended to be and we will finally come to the rescue of this once great land?

    What does "go down in flames" look like and feel like?  Do you really want to know?  I will tell you...  today at 4pm EST - Share this with your friends!

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    John Rubino--Is Worldwide QE Next? #2767

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    As the world's stock markets continue their rapid descent, will governments just stay on the sidelines, or will they unleash another and greater round of Quantitative Easing? While the temptation is certainly great, what will it really accomplish? Martin Armstrong believes that this is just a correction, which will lead to even greater stock prices, as the world loses confidence in government to shape events. Either way, we will have the answer very shortly. 

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    John Carver Show - Colin Powell Speech High Point University

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    General Colin Powell is a man who has climbed from the bottom.  In his speech he said:

    “Find that which you love doing and that which you do well. When you put those two together, you have put into place the roadmap for a successful and satisfying life.”
    “We complain a lot today about politics and politicians and often for good reason. But we can’t sit around waiting for superman or superwoman to come in 2014 or 2016. We the people are the supermen and the superwomen. We are the deciders.”
    “As you go through life, listen to the other side. Have your eyes and your ears and your heart open to counterviews so we can get back what makes this country great in the political sense – the ability to compromise with each other and not just freeze ourselves on a spectrum of political desire from the right or from the left.”
    “Make sure you share the talent and the time and the treasure you have with others who are in greater need than you.”
    “If you want to save the world, start by saving just one kid. That’s what it’s all about.”
    “As you move on into life, do what you can to reach down, back and across to help a young person stay in school, to help a young person believe, to help a young person to a brighter future.”
    “Don’t stand on the sidelines complaining and moaning; speak out and vote. If you’re going to be a responsible citizen in this country, get qualified and make sure that you get registered and vote every single chance you get.”

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    TGP NFL Radio 2015: NFC North Preview

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    Lions and Packers and Bears, oh my! (and the Vikings too, but nobody cares about them).


    As someone who likes the majority of the teams in this division and likes to see them all succeed, this division really bums me out.  There's not enough spots to go around for three good teams in the NFC North, and someone has to sit on the sidelines.  Such is the game of football, but that doesn't make it any better.


    The preseason really needs to end....

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    Growing up - Ensom meant that as we got older there were serious decisions to be made towards getting ahead in a ever changing culture who’s time had come for new faces in different places- 1981-1992 When visiting visas flooded the Reagan administration opened the gates even wider than ever - Ensom saw a disproportionate exit rate to the States- That being said many who were on the sidelines waiting to rise to prominence in Football, TT,NNetball and Cricket grabbed a spot held almost too long by the more established crew who although could have lived elsewhere stuck around - Thank got for small mercies as a core group maintained and guarded the flame …..moving no further than Eltham Park in a true show of Spanish Town Roots and Ensom PRIDE


    When my time came in 1994 to migrate I had secured quarters near Sydnyham and I reluctantly exited the scene ..Long Live Ensom Past Present and Online

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    The Career Expert Live - My Reflections Of Turning 40 This Week!

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    Live from Ocean City, MD.  This week, JoeWoo turns the tables and interviews himself!  Odd isn't it?  Well, Joe is turning 40 on Thursday and its a great time to discuss his career so far.  What worked well, and what did not work well in his career.  Joe has had some great wins, and some big failures.  But it's all about taking big action in your career and not sitting on the sidelines.  Tune in for this very special episode and if your daring, call in to the show and sing happy birthday! 

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    Brisnet.com Predicteform.com Whitney Stakes Preview

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    With champions Shared Belief and California Chrome on the sidelines, the $1.25-million Whitney Stakes on Saturday at Saratoga Race Course features the top older males in training and will help establish the biggest threats to Triple Crown champion American Pharoah in the Breeders' Cup Classic on October 31 at Keeneland Race Course.

    For FREE Ultimate Past Performances of the Whitney Stakes courtesy Brisnet.com, CLICK HERE.

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    SWACtalk preseason preview: Alabama State Hornets

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    We continue our previews with the Alabama State Hornets, last season ASU started strong but faded late. The Hornets have talent now they have a new personality on the sidelines. How will the Hornets sting? We will discuss that hear

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    Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris

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    Oren M. Levin-Waldman, Ph.D., Professor, Graduate School for Public Affairs and Administration at The Metropolitan College of New York, has just written "Minimum Wage Supporters Need to Learn How to Socialize Conflict" which dissects the famous work by political scientist E.E. Schattsschneider work in "The Semisovereign People," which describes two sides to a conflict, those involved, the actors, and those sitting on the sidelines, the spectators. We'll learn the role each plays in the dynamic of life, politics, and, yes, the minimum wage. Enjoy an hour that reveals much in the palatable approach expressed by the professor who opens the hour this Wednesday, July 29, 2015 @ 10am

    Dan Murphy, Editor-in-Chief of the Rising Media Group attends the program at 11am. The issues tend to revolve about the City of Yonkers. Join in the mix.

    Rubén Díaz Jr., President, The Borough of the Bronx, attendd the program day at 11:30am. Scheduled to appear for over a week's time, we today learned the New York State Department of Labor revealed increased job numbers continuing a steady drop in the borough's unemployment rate. We'll learn what it has taken to turn the borough around. While prospects for continuing investment in The Bronx are strong, the likely Puerto Rico's Municipal Bond meltdown is analogous to that of Greece. The default deadline is this Saturday, August 1, 2015. At issue is whether the $70 billion debt could affect The Bronx, New York City, and many Caribbean Islands. Is Puerto Rico too big to fail? We'll find out what the ramifications may be.

    Send get well wishes to John Wiles, P. O. Box 3186, Pinehurst, NC 28374. He and wife Laurie Bogart Wiles anchor our weekly Thursday opening segment "Driving Me Crazy." 

    Call us at (347) 205-9201.