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    NBA Playoffs have begun and Kobe rides off into the sunset.

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    The NBA Playoffs have begun and through two games, and some more to come, the outcomes have not been surprising. Is Steph Curry's ankle a real concern? If the Warriors don't win a championship is this season a failure? Kobe's sendoff was a 60 point game and was "vintage" Kobe. 


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    The Hand Advantage - Reporting in from Midwest Madness!! First and second place!

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    Tonight we have a very special show as we have all the members of The Hand Advantage/DragonBallRadio that topped at Midwest Madness! Brad Brown along with his co hosts of Kevin, Trevor, and Christian talk about the craziness that was Midwest Madness! ALSO, TUNE IN FOR THE GIVEAWAY OF ALT ART CELL LEVEL 1! Big thanks to Trevor for this cool prize that YOU can win just by TUNING IN! So listen tonight, only on The Hand Advantage!


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    NBA Talk

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    Our thoughts on 72 (73?). Kobe's last game. The 8th in the playoffs. and how great his Russell Westbrook?

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    Moretti Underground / The Liberty Report

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    Please join Hosts Jo Anne Moretti and Scott Ferrarello, along with our correspondents and colleagues, each Monday at 8pm EST for the latest news, commentary, investigative journalism and featured guests.

    You can also engage in the conversation in our always interesting chat rooms.

    We bring you the news and patriot reports mainstream media wont.

    See you there.

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    National Championshop Preview

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    After Villanova sufficated Buddy Hield and Oklahoma Saturday night, they get the opportunity to do the same to North Carolina and Brice Johnson. The Wildcats held Hiled and the Sooners to 51 points on 31% shooting while on the other end Jay Wrights squad shot a staggering 71% from the field. The 44-point dismantling brings Nova to the title game Monday night against Roy Williams and his Tar Heels.

    Speaking of North Carolina, they had some issuses with Syracuse during a 3-4 minutes span but pulled away in the end thanks to a couple 3's from Marcus Paige and Theo Pinson to open it back up. Carolina will face their biggest challenge tonight against Villanova and their defense.

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    Tune into the HHSE weekly news reporting hip hop, economics, global politics and we will be playing some of the hottest music on the internet. www.hhse.biz

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    Talking In Circles: Talladega Review, Caution flags Trouble, Title Sponsor Searc

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    We break down the GEICO 500 from Talladega Superspeedway. Carnage, carnage, carnage. Lots of wrecks. Is there a problem with plate racing? What can be fixed from Talladega? Attaboys and disappointments. Points- Is it too early to look at points?

    Also we break down what happened at the end of the NASCAR XFINITY Series' Sparks Energy 300 at Talladega Superspeedway. Big wreck at the end- causing a big controversy as to whether or not NASCAR should have thrown the caution flag or not. We'll give our opinions. Elliott Sadler locked himself into the Chase with his victory, we'll discuss the points situation for that series as well. 

    The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series scheduled for the 2017 season will be released tomorrow according to reports. NBCSports.com is reporting that there will be a swap in dates between Talladega Superspeedway and Kansas Speedway in October, making the deciding race for the 2nd round at Kansas than Talladega- What does that mean? Is that good for the sport? 

    Plus NASCAR came out on Wednesday's edition of Tradin' Paint on Sirius XM Radio and said they have 8-10 sponsors in the mix to replace Sprint. An announcement for that is expected in September-October. 

    Plus we preview the NASCAR Sprint Cup and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Kansas Speedway. 

    And we take your phone calls at 917-889-8280. 

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    Part II: Out of Africa Theory Exposed| Eddie Willams and The 14th Amendment

    in History

    From the onset, there have been scientific counters refuting man’s origins as Africa. Yet, there seems to be a concerted effort by both the mainstream academia circles and the media to cloak information when it comes to reporting news of recent studies and their far reaching implications. The whole premise of the ‘OOAT’ –‘Out of Africa Theory’ which began in the 1990’s, is rooted in mainstream academia’s objective to remove the concept of race, something that lends to accepting the theory on its face. This has the additional advantage of mitigating inquiry particularly from the African American. Even the two original researchers responsible for the ‘OOAT” recanted their previous assumptions.~Neicey LaShelle

    What is really behind the ‘Out of Africa Theory’?

    Why is it so critical to continue this agenda narrative despite growing supportive evidence to the contrary?

    Guest Eddie Williams, constitutional Researcher explains how it is important for Indigenous American to know more about the United States Constitution to see where we fit  as a nation in all of this.

    Join host, The Indigenous One Buck Wylam, Rick Moon and special guests Tuesday for Part II of the segment as they dissect and expose the “Out of Africa” theory and become enlightened on the laws set into motion as how it affects us.


    Call 646-787-8474 and you are listening to African Americans Ain't Africans, press (1) and you're in the cue to speak with host Buck Wylam.


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    Game On Features Award-winning Journalist Jenee Darden

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    Jeneé Darden is an award-winning journalist and public speaker from Oakland, Calif.  She has reported for such outlets as NPR, Time magazine, Ebony and The LA Times. In 2005, she contributed reporting on the London 7/7 transit bombings for Time magazine’s Europe edition. She covers issues related to women, race, sexuality and wellness on her website CocoaFly.com. 

    Jeneé is passionate about African-American erotica and women's sexual empowerment. Her series “Under the Covers: The Popularity and Debate Over Black Erotic Literature” is featured on CocoaFly.com.

    The daughter of former O.J. Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden, Jeneé holds a BA in ethnic studies from UC San Diego and a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Southern California.

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    Out of the Box: Guest speaker Zen Garcia - Sons of God

    in The Bible

    On Lets Fish, Out of the Box radio, we discuss up to date worldly topics and headlines as it relates to the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Tune in to see if you’re having similar dreams, visions and/or experiences that God has been giving to our guest.  In addition, if you have news you would like to share or a brief testimony of what God is doing in your life, let us know and we will do our best to either get you on the show or read your testimony to our listening audience.

    As always Thanks for listening and spread the WORD!

    The opinions of our guest(s) are not always that of Lets Fish, Out of the Box radio and we accept NO responsibility as to their views



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    ZONE 13 / tbd

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    ZONE 13

    with hosts Jo Anne Moretti , Scott Ferrarello and colleagues

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    We bring you the news you can use.

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