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    Prayer in Desert Places - Hidden Treasures

    in Religion

     The way had to be prepared and it could be prepared by prayer he sensed something new was about to begin and so in the morning, at great while before day, he rose up and went out, and departed into a desert place, and there prayed. Our Lord thus prepared himself by prayer for his first departure on a missionary tour. This would be the morning of the first day of the week. A great while before day he left the scene of excitement. That was not a time for preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. The miracles attracted attention to him, but they were not the object for which he came. They were necessary as means of stirring and awakening men's minds, and of fixing their attention upon him and upon the great salvation which he came to reveal. So he left the miracles to do their subordinate work; and he himself went into a desert place, that he might pray with more quiet and less distraction. He retired that he might escape the applause of men, which they were ready to lavish upon him after seeing so many miracles; that he might thus teach us to shun the praise of men. Let us learn from Christ to give the early morning to prayer, and to rise with the dawn of day, that we may have time for meditation, and give the firstfruits of the morning to God. The early morning is favorable for study; but it is specially dear to God and his angels. 

    How do you prepare for your daily assignments? Consider our Lord's way, he prepared by giving himself to prayer...so should you......

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    in Christianity

    Just as long as God has a church, he will have those who will cry aloud and spare not, who will be his instruments to REPROVE (Rebuke) selfishness and sins, and will not shun to DECLARE THE WHOLE COUNSEL OF GOD, whether men will hear or forbear. I saw that individuals would rise up against the plain testimonies. It does not suit their natural feelings. THEY WOULD CHOOSE TO HAVE SMOOTH THINGS SPOKEN UNTO THEM, AND HAVE PEACE CRIED IN THEIR EARS. I VIEW THE CHURCH IN A MORE DANGEROUS CONDITION THAN THEY EVER HAVE BEEN. Experimental religion is known but by a few. THE SHAKING MUST SOON TAKE PLACE TO PURIFY THE CHURCH. SG, vol. 2, Pg. 284

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    The Plight of the Blameless and Upright

    in Christianity

    In Job Chapter one, a man named Job is described as "blameless and upright".  The plight of Job is further described as a man with a family and possessions.  There was a day that arrived when Satan came before God with those that were serving God.  I always say that Satan is a stalker because the scripture says that he had just been walking to and fro searching the earth.  The scripture describes that the Lord suggested to Satan that was a servant that was excellent in all his ways and was blameless and upright.  The scripture further describes that Job feared God and shunned evil.  Satan suggested that Job was only serving God because of the blessings that God could bestow upon Job and his family.  To prove Satan wrong, God released Satan and gave him permission to attack Job.  Sometimes when a believer has done all you can do to serve God and to take precautions to shun evil, Satan, who is your enemy, will ask for permission to stalk you and test your motives about why it is you serve God.  This can be the plight of the blameless and upright.  Questions will be asked and the tests and trials will ensue.  Satan desires to suggest accusations about your service and your faith as well as why you serve Jesus.  The plight of the blameless and upright is laced with unfair accusation, set-ups, betrayals and dissappointments.  Once our integrity and faithfulness is proven, God is faithful to restore us.

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    Rescued child survivors RADIO with your host ruby @ Eve Carson

    in Family

    Tonight's special guest is EVE Carson  from Indianapolis, Indiana, a true crime author and whistle blower, who's recent book is "Mummys A Mole," the story of the still-unresolved 1981 murder of her sister-in-law, Joan Webster. Our show will focus, however, on how Eve's own children became abuse victims right under her nose! "Behavioral changes in my children were the first sign of trouble," she says. Family counselors involved with the family fragmented communication and complicated the issues. After the discovery of her daughter's written allegations of sexual abuse by her father, numerous professionals and law enforcement were involved. The system failed the victims. A mother trying to protect her children, Eve became a victim herself, alienated from her children by the paternal family. She'll discuss the dysfunctional system and the difficulty to identify abusers. False reports of abuse in our society leave real victims vulnerable and deny them the proper support for healing. The tendency to shun and vilify someone coming forward compounds the abuse for the children and the alienated parent. Eve learned the behaviors, not words, of the alleged offender and the victims are the key to understanding the truth. She writes, "Being vocal is critical to help victims of abuse. There are so many silent victims." She continues, "I want that part of my experience to be out there. When the system failed, it left my children without the love and support they need. It also opened my eyes to the patterns of abuse in the family. Support groups need to be better educated." See her BLOG

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    Belvaspata World Radio: Graceful Transitions

    in Spirituality

    Belvaspata Wold Radio airs today at 4pm est. Please join your host Denise and Malue as we share the Miracles and Magic

    unfolding on this sacred journey with the Seer Almine.


    There are many who shun self-responsibility by being followers. There are a few who, finding courage to breach existing boundaries, become the way-showers, In this way, vitality filters from the few to the many. Interact sparingly with those who seek your energy and give only to those who are ready to receive, Divinity Quest #38

    To learn more about Almine please visit www.spiritualjourneys.com or Belvaspata visit www.belvaspata.org

    Thank you for listening. If you have any comments or something you would like to share about Belvaspata please contact us at email: belvaspataworldradio@gmail.com

    Praise, Love, Gratitude and Trust


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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1244

    in Self Help

    SPECIAL TOPIC Night - "Child Abuse, Trauma and 12-Step Recovery" - STEP 1 (and we'll include a bit about TRADITION 1) - SCAN host Bill Murray will be joined by special guest co-host Rivka Edery, MSW, LCSW, author of the book "Trauma and Transformation: A 12-Step Guide." Bill founded the recently launched Adult Survivors of Child Abuse Anonymous (ASCAA). Together they will lead tonight's discussion on STEP 1: "We admitted we were powerless over the abuse and trauma of our youth -- that our lives had become unmanageable." The survivor's decision to begin a process of healing begins with the admission of what happened to them. This involves working through the defenses employed to shun from consciousness the excruciatingly painful memories of the traumatic events. Having passed through this phase of remembering (in any way possible), the acceptance of the truth of the traumatic experience moves the survivor towards resolution. Thus begins the creation of an internal, healing space for the survivor to feel what remained frozen in time, banished and unwelcome in consciousness. ~~ A child abuse survivor herself, Rivka Edery has been active in the 12 Step community for nearly 20 years. Bill Murray credits his 30 plus years of recovery to the spiritual power of the 12 Step program, too. ~~ Join us every two weeks to further examine a 12 Step approach to recovery from abuse. Next show we'll address STEP 2 & TRADITION 2. ~~ Please see our web page at: www.NAASCA.org/Trauma-12Step or write to Rivka at: rebecca.edery@gmail.com

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    How Important Is Sleep to You?

    in Health

    This is something that I take for granted way too often. In fact, I should be asleep now instead of typing this.

    Getting rest is essential in our lives, but it's more of a priority to some of us than it is to others. I shun sleep regularly, but now that I'm getting older, it's starting to catch up with me.

    I'll get sleepy while driving on long trips. I'll fall asleep while watching a football game. And sometimes, it shows simply becauase I'm lethargic that day.

    Tonight, we'll discuss why rest is important and how we can reclaim the rest a lot of us got when we were in school.

    That and more on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show! "No experts. Just opinions."

    Show No. 545

    Scheduled for 75-90 mins.


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    in News

    Kenya - "Even before he has settled in long enough to change the drapes at State House... Magufuli has done more tangible work than Uhuru," in office since 2013

    Tanzania - Magufuli appears serious in his war on waste and graft.

    Malawi - Malawians shun uninspiring Mutharika, turn to Tanzania’s Magufuli’

    Mali - Magufuli is UnAfrican 

    Australia “Where Turnbull has headed off parading around the world pontificating at pointless exercises like the Paris climate change conference, upon winning last month’s election Magufuli cancelled all further overseas travel.

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    Moving Up Levels In God

    in Spirituality

    Have your life been changed since you answered God's calling on your life? Have family, friends, loved ones and church members shun you because of your walk? Have you been called, chosen or both? Does the WORLD try to DEFINE your Walk, Faith, Assignment, WHO you ARE or SHOULD BE as a Servant of God?

    Join Apostle Cassandra Easton today for Brunch with Apostle Easton whereas, these questions will be addressed and answered and so much more!!


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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    Trust Yourself Again & Go After Your Dreams with Duda Jadrijevic, 3 steps that are crucial to digging out the Self-Belief you've lost. Learn how to stop your limiting and negative thoughts that occupy your mind and focus on what you are here for, what makes you happy and therefore successful in work, love, friendships and family.

    The Empowered Self Series with Co-host Dr. Friedemann Schaub - How to Stay Calm and Centered in a World of Terror.  The recent acts of terror in Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon and France have left many of us in shock and disbelief. Considering, that these are only a few of the most recent terrorist attacks, we wonder if they world is no longer safe. Some react with anger and the call to force and retaliation. Others with grief and a sense of hopelessness. But the majority of people feel more anxious and afraid. Vacation plans get cancelled, since traveling abroad seems too risky. People of different faith and culture are eyed with great suspicion. And some even call to shun the hundreds of thousands of desperate refugees that are fleeing from the terrorists themselves.

    Of course it is understandable that fears and worries are running rampant these days. But isn’t this precisely the agenda of the terrorists – to make us feel small, powerless and unsafe? And isn’t the best way for us to defy those, who seem to have no regard for life, peace and freedom, to stay calm, centered and not let anxiety and panic dictate our lives.


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    TATTOOS, INSERTS, PIERCINGS/Dr Pat Holliday/ Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

    in Religion


    " Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.," [Leviticus 19:28]

    "They shall not make baldness upon their head, neither shall they shave off the corner of their beard, nor make any cuttings in their flesh,"[Leviticus 21:5]

    The vast majority of tattoo places on earth are operated by practicing Satanists. To verify this fact, just go to any major news stand and look through the pictures showing; you will be shocked to see the blatant Satanism represented there. We are told to shun all evil, and not to mix those things that are of Jesus and those things that are of Satan. Thus, a quick look through a tattoo magazine will prove to you that tattooing and body piercing are evil, straight out of the pit of Hell.

    Before tattoo needles and knives are used, they are typically cursed in a coven ritual, attaching demons to them, and conducting exactly the right kind of ritual in which demons are instructed to "follow the recipient". A person who is tattooed will then have demons specifically called forth in the ritual "follow them home". This fact is the reason a family in which a child has gotten a tattoo and/or body piercing suddenly experiences a dramatic increase in rebellion, lust, and the other Satanic values listed above.