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    Interview w/ Shorty Showbiz

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    Shorty Showbiz will be LIVE with Shay Star TONIGHT!!!!!!

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    IFPA Pro International Recap with Showbiz Liz and Super Human Neumann

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    Never know who's gonna call in. Judges and prep coaches welcome to call in.

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    Brandon's Buzz hits the century mark in high style with a two-part blowout spectacular, as TV Guide Magazine's vaunted soaps guru MICHAEL LOGAN stops by for a rare in-depth conversation about the just-celebrated twenty-fifth anniversary of his employment at one of America's premier publications.  In tonight's first installment, Logan discusses how he made his way to TV Guide in the fall of 1989, how he got lucky in landing a couple of key early interviews that put his column on the showbiz map, and how he feels about the evolution of soaps throughout his quarter-century tenure covering the troubled genre!

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    A Christmas Story Annual Celebration

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    Actors Zack Ward and Julie Matthews, two of the original cast members of A Christmas Story, share their reactions about being involved in this great holiday classic. Zack played the scary red-haired bully. Julie was one of the carolers and helped with the film's casting. Zack has also appeared in numerous TV shows and many other films including Transformers, Almost Famous and Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Julie has achieved success as a character actress in movies like Major League and Bob Roberts. Her showbiz background also includes work as an agent, director, talent scout, producer, TV director, acting coach, publicist and writer. Adding to the fun, A.J. Hakari (The Mad Movie Man) joins the celebration. Although a tough film critic, A.J. admits that A Christmas Story is his all-time favorite motion picture. Movie Addict Headquarters happily airs this episode annually as a tribute to one of the best family films ever made.    

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    Two Christmases Starring George and Lizette Bettinger

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    This holiday treat features showbiz stars George and Lizette Bettinger reading the Christmas sections of a romantic memoir now in the early stage of film adaptation. George and Lizette play "It Had To Be Us" co-authors Harry & Elizabeth Lawrence, who remember two Christmases back in the 1990s. How does Christmas help bring these two together after being divorced and estranged for almost 20 years? Listen and find out!

    George is an actor, comedian, producer, writer and director. He's won acclaim for his uncanny impressions including such icons as Groucho Marx, George Burns and The Three Stooges. Lizette iis a versatile actress and soprano with Metropolitan Opera experience. These two talented entertainers have a passion for bringing back the Golden Age of Radio on their popular "Mom & Pop Shop Show" which airs on DreamStreamRadio. 

    It Had To Be Us won first place in the Hollywood Book Festival for its potential to be transferred to other mediums such as film and radio. Misha Zubarev has already completed the screenplay and plans to direct the movie version. The memoir also includes over 20 reviews of romantic films that are among Harry & Elizabeth's favorites.   

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    INB Radio - Yorton Cup Preview

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    Showbiz Liz and Rico take this one away with Kareem Petteway as the Yorton Cup nears. 

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    The Fix Is In: How Sports are Often Rigged

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    Have you ever wondered how so many teams seem to come out of nowhere and win it all?  Well in some cases it is because the fix is in.  It is immensely profitable to the few when this happens and often they are able to bribe players. coaches or referees to make sure it does.

    Recognized as America's leading expert on game fixing in sports, Brian Tuohy is the author of two books on the subject -- The Fix Is In: The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR and Larceny Games: Sports Gambling, Game Fixing, and the FBI.

    Tuohy continues to be an in-demand radio guest, appearing on over 150 radio programs across the United States and Canada, including the nationally syndicated programs Coast to Coast AM, the Steve Czaban Show, Fox Sports' Chris Myers Interviews, JT The Brick, The Brian Kenny Show on NBC Sports Radio, and the Alex Jones Show.

    Tuohy is also the author of Disaster Government: National Emergencies, Continuity of Government, and You. Based on over three years of research into the federal government's once Top Secret files, the book reveals the shocking truths about "national emergencies," presidential executive orders, martial law, underground bases, the "shadow government," and more.



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    Thinking Aloud with Ayo- Nigerian Entertainment Industry in the UK

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    The Nigerian Entertainment industry in the UK is gaining  alot of ground.......



    you are a Nigerian,

    you are married to a Nigerian,

    you live next door to a Nigerian,

    you work with a Nigerian,

    you are a Nigerian with pre-teen to young adult kids,

    sha, if you’re living!!!...you would definitely have  noticed that the Nigerian entertainment scene outside of Nigeria has ‘gone nuclear’!

    Be it in music, comedy, fashion, award shows, films, there’s no denying that Nigerians are making a mark and even leading the way in the Entertainment Industry.

    This week’s episode of the TAWA will be focusing on the industry’s steady rise, whether or not it has peaked, the attraction by other ethnicities, the support of the industry within the UK and back home. We’ll look at impact this industry has also had on the younger Nigerian generation, especially those born outside of Nigeria.

    To help us along with these conversations, I’ll be joined by @Akinlolu Jekins, an Event entrepreneur/Artiste Manager and showbiz impresario! As well as the one and only @wisetola, CEO of @women4Africa, radio personality/presenter/author/general superwoman :)

     There’ll also be an opportunity to win tickets to the upcoming UK MAVIN concert!

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    Gayl Murphy: The "Celebritizer"

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    Gayl Murphy"The Celebritizer!" and Author of City Boys Rene Abril-  Gayl Award-Winning Hollywood Correspondent, Media Trainer, Speaker, Author:.ABC Newsroom "Interview Tactics!" Will join us today.SHOWBIZ + MEDIA: TV • RADIO • PRINT • ONLINE • FACE-TIME • STAGE-TIME GAYL MURPHY IS A MEDIA VETERAN The Hollywood Reporter PERIPATETIC ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER LA Times GAYL IS SPOT ON! BBC/News NEWS, MEDIA COACH, STAGE PERFORMANCE COACH, SPEAKER, AUTHOR of INTERVIEW TACTICS! How To Survive The Media w/o Getting Clobbered! INTERVIEWED 15,000+ CELEBRITIES/NEWSMAKER .One of the 1st SHOWBIZ reporters LIVE from China TWICE! Longtime CONTRIBUTOR TO BBC NEWS + SKYNEWSMEDIA OUTLETS now/then: ABCNews, SKYNews, BBC-TV/RADIO. Sony Pictures, ABC, NBC, AutoNation-Toyota, Penguin Books, Geffen Records, Rene Abril  City boys,Wise guy and great Author the real deal.

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    Comedy Makes Strange Odd Couples

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    It's amazing how many people say things to Matt and Jay like "you guys are just alike." Sure, they have a lot of similarities, but honestly Matt and Jay are very different people. It is weird that Matt and Jay often have the same weird thoughts at the same time. Or come up with similar bits at the same time.

    The fact is though, Matt and Jay are quite the Odd Couple. So, this week they will be discussing some of their differences and how that shapes the show and their partnership as the Worldwide Leaders in Internet Radio and other stuff.

    They'll also talk about other comedy duos and how they haven't been influenced by any of them to any real extent. Maybe they'll also wander into other areas of showbiz and talk about other duos and teams who have done great thigns and flamed out.

    As always the IWS Players will be on hand to bring the funny. Our Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf will also be here to talk about her observations about Matt and Jay and how different she is from them! All this and YOUR CALLS!

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