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    Truck Parking Shortage: Drivers at Risk

    in Current Events

    With the shortage of safe and secure parking for our nation's truck drivers back in the news, join us as we discuss the dangers drivers face every day because of the lack of safe truck parking availability.

    Who is responsible for putting drivers at added risk? Where are the most difficult areas to find truck parking? How are regulations adding to the already dangerous parking situations? Who doesn't want to see more available truck parking?

    Our guests include Hope Rivenburg of Jason's Law, Desiree Wood of Real Women in Trucking and our special guests, Ashley Boeglin and David Clark, wife and father-in-law of Michael Boeglin.

    We will also review some startling results of the 2013 National Truck Parking Survey led by Hope and the detailed data analysis performed by Ms. Wood.

    Join us for this very important broadcast.

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    Water Shortage on It's Talk Time

    in Lifestyle

    Show: It's Talk Time

    Hosted by: Zeke Vidaurri

    Topic: Water Shortage

    Guest: Director Ron Smith 

    For more information on tonights guest, go to: www.westbasin.org

    email: directorronsmith@yahoo.com

    Air Date: April 23, 2014

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    Growing Food for a Time of Shortage

    in Self Help

    On the brink of potential disaster that could interfere with the food distribution system, growing your own food is now essential. It is time in the northern hemisphere for selecting the non-GMO heirloom seeds, and for preparing to feed the soil for an organic garden. Plan to save food and seeds for the future. You can grow sprouts, lettuce and other crops indoors in winter, even build a greenhouse.

    If we are to survive economic collapse, earth changes, social changes, public poisons and the implementation of tyranny and Agenda 21, cooperative preparedness in a community support system is crucial.

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    Is there really a shortage of "Good" black men?

    in Self Help

    Join us tonight as we discuss what many of you have heard before or said yourself, there arent any good black men left? Is this true and if so by who standards?

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    RE/Max of Boulder Radio - The Housing Shortage with Duane Duggan

    in Real Estate

    Duane Duggan goes into detail about the current housing shortage, it's causes and what buyers and sellers need to consider.

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    Water Shortage!

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    Water in Toledo, Ohio, and surrounding areas remained officially undrinkable Sunday evening, more than 36 hours after a do-not-drink order went into place for 500,000 people.

    Water at a Toledo treatment plant tested positive for a toxin on Saturday, leading the governor to declare a state of emergency in three counties, state officials told the Los Angeles Times.

    UPDATE: Toledo's mayor lifts ban 

    At a Sunday morning news conference, Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins said more results from new tests on the water would be available around noon. "This is not over yet," he said. 



    But noon came and went with no test results. In the evening, the Toledo Blade and other local media reported that Collins had announced that the test results would not be available until 10 p.m. local time at the earliest. A few hours later, the test results were pushed back until "at least 1:15 a.m.," a Blade reporter tweeted.

    Ohio Gov. John Kasich declared a state of emergency for residents of Lucas, Wood and Fulton counties early Saturday after two water samples from a Toledo treatment plant tested positive for microcystin, a toxin possibly caused by an algae bloom in Lake Erie.

    Carol Hester, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, told The Times on Sunday morning that water samples from the Collins Water Treatment Plant  is still waiting for some of the results.


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    MCM Radio: The Scouting Combine Recap and Tennessee Titans News

    in Sports

    The 2015 NFL Scouting Combine is in the books, and there's no shortage of things for Titans fans to ponder. On tonight's episode we'll discuss the QB smokescreen thrown up by Webster & co., how the premier defensive linemen fared, who impressed and who we can go ahead and take off the board.

    Be sure to joing us for the live show starting at 8:00 pm, then get the podcast afterwards for exclusive bonus content!

    Keep checking out musiccitymiracles.com for comprehensive draft updates.

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    World Events, Prophecy Plus Held in Contempt of Lord's Court Pt2 - Battle Lines

    in Christianity

    UpFront: The Watchman n Warrior look at World Events and Prophecy in this time of the biblical scan of these last days. 

    On our Second hour and Third hour is an extended teaching on Held in Contempt of the Lord's Court of Justice Pt2. We will begin with 2 Peter 2 and look at those false prophets and teachers who bring in damnable heresies, making merchandise of those who hear them. There is no shortage of covetousness in America, nor of those in religion who feel the need to polish this.

    The trouble we face is a lack of belief in a God that will judge all men. We blame God, turning against God because of reasons that in our little mind make it okay. The truth is, America will be judged. The people in this land will be judged, and the judgment will begin at the house of God.

    Go to our Websites. http://www.warn-usa.com  http://www.warn-radio.com  http://www.wingswatchman.org

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    "How Long Should a Man Wait for SEX"

    in Radio


    Whether it’s Steve Harvey, Iyanla Vanzant, or many other self-proclaimed relationship “experts”… when it comes to SEX, there’s no shortage of bad advice that puts some form of time frame on how long a woman should make a man wait for intimacy. Please join me on “The BEST of The Dedan Tolbert Show” TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a rebroadcast of our special on “The 90 Day Rule: How Long is too Long to Wait for SEX?” If you think that just because a man sticks around for 90 days, that means you’ve got a keeper, you definitely need to tune in by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “Real Radio that Matters”.

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    Kids without True Families= Foster Care

    in Motivation

    n Colorado Springs, 700 children currently reside in a shortage of 200 foster homes. Foster parents are not employed to care for the children in their home; they volunteer.

    Reimbursement payments cover a portion of housing, food and clothing costs, but many foster parents use their own funds to give the children the same clothes or opportunities as their biologic children.

    Foster parents are overwhelmed. They must regularly keep in contact with the court and the system that oversees the welfare of each child. They not only feed and shelter children, but they ensure regular contact with their biological families, take children to therapies, court appointments, and doctor appointments. They desire to provide stability, nurture and a sense of community for each child. If there is more than one child in foster care in the family, the burden is multiplied. Foster parents often run out of personal resources or time to provide more than just the basics.

    Foster parents find it difficult to persist. Some foster care agencies in Colorado Springs lose 30-50% of family foster homes each year. It is difficult work, with little incentive or reward. People who foster are increasingly isolated and frustrated. Those who hang in there are amazingly committed – but there are far too few of them.

    If foster parents were to get a little help and support from their community, they would be able to continue to fulfill this important need. If extra hands could help share in all the tasks and duties, more time would be available for the foster parents to create the stable, nurturing, enriched environments in their homes that promote healing.

    That is where Fostering Hope comes in. We provide those supports to foster families, so they can persist in doing the difficult task of fostering children who have challenging needs.

    Our Mission

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    Wall Street Journal Reports on Truck Parking Issue and Recent CDL Student Issues

    in News

    We cover 2 topics in our discussion in the episode of the Women Truckers Network phone conference.

    The Wall Street Journal Article on Truck Parking called "Too Many Trucks, Too Little Parking" PLUS Recent CDL Student Issues that Involve Schools Who May Be Taking Advantage of the Workforce Investment Act Voucher Grant without delivering training and other CDL Student questions and concerns.


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