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    Man Shortage Show

    in Relationships

    This show we will be discussing the issue of the man shortage plagueing American Society. We also will address the issue of what women think men value in relationships, education, money, status etc. In this discussion Sister V will be weighing in regarding this conversation. Don't miss this one and ladies may really need to get in on this topic.

    Join myself Soul-N-Black, Allen Anderson and Sister Vonne

    This show may spark some high emotional chit chat.


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    in Finance



    "the daily complaint"

    Every weekday we answer client complaints on The Daily Complaint to provide direction and resources for both the person complaining as well as other consumers experiencing similar issues whether it be mortgage fraud, loan servicing escrow issues, loan modification runarounds or denials, short sale refusals, deed in lieu negotiations and credit card debt collector abuses and fraud violations.

    I routinely look for posts to answer in hopes that it will not only bring optimism to those homeowners and borrowers in distress but also some basic information to assist in fighting the banks that are "too big to fail" like Bank of America and Citi but yet don't appreciate the bailout that we provided in their time of need.  The debt collectors like Ocwen and Nationstar are simply just piranhas but they can be beat at their own game too just like the big banks can be defeated. 

    We are committed to answering consumer complaints and addressing everyday credit and debt issues on The Daily Complaint and I thank you for your continued support!

    We hope you enjoy the Show...


    Dana Shafman

    Managing Member

    END Consulting

    Phone (888) 234-7006 Ext 101

    Fax (888) 234-7096


    Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's END!


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  • Driver Shortage? NO PROBLEM! Let's talk Solutions!

    in Podcasting

    Today's episode:

    How to eliminate wastefull spending, and reallocate those funds to your business' future development.
    What's the best way to hire new drivers.
    Is administering tests always the best option?

    Plus News, Weather, and just the right amount of debauchery and mayhem!


    Severe Clear, Driver.  Com'mon back now!

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    Truck Parking Shortage Receives National Attention

    in Current Events

    Truck drivers have been saying for years that, "We need more truck parking" but it seems that it took an article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) to get the much needed attention of the general public.

    Join us with our special guest Dave Della Maggiore, a 20 year veteran driver as he shares his interview by WSJ journalist Betsy Morris from the report entitled: Too Many Trucks,Too Little Parking. Dave will also share his thoughts about the trip with WSJ photographers and his encounter with a tired trucker at a truck stop in Clines Corners, New Mexico.

    Dave and fiancée, Robin, run their active Facebook group, Give Truckers Room, educating drivers of passenger vehicles how to drive safely around semi trucks.

    Also joining us will be Nicholas Carretta, President and CEO of UltraShipTMS which specializes in transportation and technology solutions. UltraShipTMS quickly responded to the WSJ article and addressed the serious parking shortage in their own article, “Use YMS to Combat Truck Parking Crisis" which stated:

    "Keeping drivers off of public streets, freeway ramps and vulnerable, remote parking places like abandoned lots is a laudable goal.  It is also one that logistics as an industry is going to be forced to address."

    Mr. Carretta will discuss the UltraYMS tool, allowing the logistics sector to take an active and responsible part in the truck parking shortage solution.

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    Truck Parking Shortage: Drivers at Risk

    in Current Events

    With the shortage of safe and secure parking for our nation's truck drivers back in the news, join us as we discuss the dangers drivers face every day because of the lack of safe truck parking availability.

    Who is responsible for putting drivers at added risk? Where are the most difficult areas to find truck parking? How are regulations adding to the already dangerous parking situations? Who doesn't want to see more available truck parking?

    Our guests include Hope Rivenburg of Jason's Law, Desiree Wood of Real Women in Trucking and our special guests, Ashley Boeglin and David Clark, wife and father-in-law of Michael Boeglin.

    We will also review some startling results of the 2013 National Truck Parking Survey led by Hope and the detailed data analysis performed by Ms. Wood.

    Join us for this very important broadcast.

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    The latest from Latin America with Roger Mailhot and Fausta Rodriguez Wertz

    in Politics

    Guests:  Fausta Rodriguez Wertz, the editor of Fausta's Blog........plus Roger Mailhot, a Canadian businessman living in Latin America...........we will look at the state of politics and the economy in Peru.....what are they saying about the US election?.....a terrible health crisis in Brazil.....Zika virus shows up in other countries.....a shortage of medical supplies in Venezuela........Raul Castro in Paris..........Argentina gets a loan to improve reserves.....and other stories from Latin America.....

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    Keepin It Real - Episode 14

    in Entertainment

    Question of Week - Tune in at the beginning of the show to see what the question of the week is.


    News Topics

    1.Eritrea government forces men to marry at least two wives or face imprisonment due to men shortage.


    2.Florida woman posted a live Facebook video after being shot 3 times in a Burger King drive - thru.


    3.Man shit was so bad that British Airways had to turn around and come back to the airport.


    Main Topics:


    Super Bowl 50 - Black quarterbacks in the NFL and the impact that race have against them and why is Cam Newton being so criticizes.  


    Dirty w/ a Twist:

    Sex and Food and how this combination can make the sex so much better.


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    Pittsburgh Steelers Podcast: Call-In Edition

    in Football

    While the offseason has begun, there hasn't been a shortage of news coming from Steelers' headquarters. From who the team is visiting with in the senior bowl, to the team's offseaon plans with regard to re-signing its free agents, there has been no off day for coach Mike Tomlin and the Steelers' brass. We tackle all of those topics, and more, on this edition of The Steel Conversation. 




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    The News In Review - Barrett and Guests

    in Current Events

    There is no shortage of stories this week. Trump gets Palins endorsement, but who cares (other than SNL)? Hostages out of Iran. Iowa caususes a week away, boom or bust? Are the GOP trying to scuttle Trump and Cruz? The stock market, china and oil are they the only cause of this weeks dramatic sell off?

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    in Politics

    Every one of Black African Women in America have been touched by the murder of our people in this country. We come from a long line of warriors men as well as women, in our history of African Civilization we find records of this from Pharaoh Hatshepsut  her name means "Foremost of Noble Ladies", and on her accession as pharaoh she took the throne name "Ma´atkare" ("truth is the soul of Ra).Born in the 15th century BC, Hatshepsut, daughter of Tuthmose I and Aahmes, both of royal lineage, was the favorite of their three children. When her two brothers died, she was in the unique position to gain the throne upon the death of her father.  I would like to see an entire movement of BLACK AFRICAN WOMEN like these great women. Each Revoluton that involved BLACK AFRICAN WOMEN,  came to an abrupt very bad end for White Opperssors. The Amazons of Abomey called Dahomey caused the end of the slave trade in Oyo and the Gold Coast of Africa.  "The use of Female troops was due, at least in part, to an acute shortage of man power.  With its total population of less than 200, 000, Abomey often bested enemies with five or ten times as many people. Abomey prospered for a century and a half. When the state Union was formed, it was subject to the king of Oyo, but Oyo's power over Abomey weakened progressively.  In 1726, and again in 1728, 1729, and 1730, the cavalry of Oyo swept into Dahomey, defeated the troops of the Fon, and spread devastation.  After each invasion, however, the Fon, recuperated rapidly and they never lost control of their costal vassal states."  
    "For every individual his or her own cultural identity is a function of that of his or her people.  Consequently, one must define the cultural identity of a people.  This means, to a great extent, one must analyze the components of collective personality." CHEIKH ANTA DIOP