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    Water Shortage on It's Talk Time

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    Show: It's Talk Time

    Hosted by: Zeke Vidaurri

    Topic: Water Shortage

    Guest: Director Ron Smith 

    For more information on tonights guest, go to: www.westbasin.org

    email: directorronsmith@yahoo.com

    Air Date: April 23, 2014

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    RE/Max of Boulder Radio - The Housing Shortage with Duane Duggan

    in Real Estate

    Duane Duggan goes into detail about the current housing shortage, it's causes and what buyers and sellers need to consider.

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    Water Shortage!

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    Water in Toledo, Ohio, and surrounding areas remained officially undrinkable Sunday evening, more than 36 hours after a do-not-drink order went into place for 500,000 people.

    Water at a Toledo treatment plant tested positive for a toxin on Saturday, leading the governor to declare a state of emergency in three counties, state officials told the Los Angeles Times.

    UPDATE: Toledo's mayor lifts ban 

    At a Sunday morning news conference, Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins said more results from new tests on the water would be available around noon. "This is not over yet," he said. 



    But noon came and went with no test results. In the evening, the Toledo Blade and other local media reported that Collins had announced that the test results would not be available until 10 p.m. local time at the earliest. A few hours later, the test results were pushed back until "at least 1:15 a.m.," a Blade reporter tweeted.

    Ohio Gov. John Kasich declared a state of emergency for residents of Lucas, Wood and Fulton counties early Saturday after two water samples from a Toledo treatment plant tested positive for microcystin, a toxin possibly caused by an algae bloom in Lake Erie.

    Carol Hester, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, told The Times on Sunday morning that water samples from the Collins Water Treatment Plant  is still waiting for some of the results.


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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

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    In our cities and communities, the wealthy have begun buying up assets.  Detroit is selling buildings for sixty cents on the dollar and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel has been bought by China for two billion dollars. In New Orleans the people are still suffering and homes are un-repaired, un-rebuilt, and un-financed.  The state is fighting to allow the Keystone Pipeline to travel acoss the midsection of the nation to pump Canadian oil for transport to other nations.  Harlem is being bought up and swept up by outside interests. Detroit is suffering under hacking of the government by outside forces, and Hempstead Village, New York is suffering the same pangs of change with greedy land developers.  Tune in and share with us. blogtalkradio.com /don-durant  

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    When you encounter a cult member...

    in Christianity

    Evangelism in the streets leaves you with no shortage of interesting and unusual people to meet. A lot of people will say they're "religious, but aren't. A lot of people even say they're Christian but are actually in a deviant group under the guise of Christianity. I'm here today to help you identify these situations and give you a basic rundown on what to do about it.

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    Fire John Idzik Movement Gets Stronger; NY Jets Lose Again

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    The New York Jets lost another one and fell to 2 and 11 on the season. As a result of the lackluster play, the Fire John Idzik movement is getting stronger and stronger. The group behind the website FireJohnIdzik.com is giving out 10,000 penalty flags for fans to use for the Jets final home game against the Patriots. Each towel says Fire John Idzik.  We will talk about that, along with who else is going to get fired after the season.

    As far as the team on the field is concerned the next opponent is the Tennessee Titans. The game has big implications on the order in which the Jets will draft in the spring. We look at some draft scenarios as the Jets have no shortage of holes to fill next year.

    Percy Harvin is injured, has he done enough to warrant bringing him back next season with a big salary cap number? Sheldon Richardson had a monster game last week. We will talk about him as well as take your calls.  

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    Tribulation is coming to America!

    in Religion

    In this show me and my dad will talk about the coming affliction that is coming to America.  Many realize that the country is facing soon economic collapse, martial law, food shortage and numerous other problems; but do you realize the true biblical, spiritual, and prophetic significance of these times we live in?  My dad and I will explain these things and what you need to do to prepare for these perilous times.

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    Real Talk...

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    This Sunday, December 7th, at 7:00 PM, E.S.T., it's Real Talk. You, the listener, drive the topic and agenda. Just call in and change the subject to what you want to talk about; whatever it is... and there is no shortage of things to talk about:

    Ebola.... Mid Term Elections... Republicans taking control of Congress... Police Violence on Minorities... The Michael Brown Case, Minority Participation in the Political Process... Mass Incarceration, Black-on-Black Crime and Violence, Gun Control, Drugs and Gangs, Corruption and Protesting in Mexico, Foreign Policy, Climate Change, Terrorism and as always, Male/Female Relationships. Also, Education, Parenting, Domestic and Child Abuse and all manner of Injustices across the nation and around the world. And there is so much more...

    And we always encourage you to call in and recognize those who deserve recognition. Also, call in and let us know who needs help or assistance. Let us know how can we make a difference in someone's life.

    What's on your mind?

    Just click this link or dial 818-739-8909 to join our on air discussion. Remember, this is your opportunity, as a regular, down to Earth, everyday person to let your voice be heard. Just dial 1 and your voice will be heard. Agreement is never required on our show, but courtesy and respect are; so there is never any reasons to be silent.

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    S3-E4 Millennials and the Future of Manufacturing

    in News

    North America’s manufacturing sector is on an upward trajectory. However, a shortage of young talent, compounded by Baby Boomers’ negative perceptions about Millennials, could impact its continued expansion, according to ThomasNet’s latest Industry Market Barometer® (IMB) research.

    Guests Karen Norheim of American Crane and Kevin Wolfe of Powill Manufacturing join Linda Rigano of ThomasNet to discus the critical role Millennials play in the future of manufacturing in America and the challenges associated with making manufacturing “cool” again. Tune in to this special Thursday edition of Manufacturing Talk Radio, this Thursday, December 4th at 1PM EST at MFGtalkradio.com

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    The Right Side of the Pond - The Power 10

    in Wrestling

    Joey Shinobi and Mazza are back this week as they discuss Survivor Series and the fallout the next night on Raw by ranking the top ten superstars of the long pay-per-view weekend in the Power 10.  After an eventful night in St Louis there was no shortage of guys in contention but there won't be room for them all.  Would Sting make it after finally setting foot into a WWE ring?  Would Triple H and Stephanie feature despite things not going their way?  How about the new and "improved" Fandango?

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    Third Rail Radio A Rebelution Radio Joint

    in Culture

    Self Reliance:  There’s now no shortage of  ‘green options’ for us to choose from and we’ve been given the impression that as long as we behave in certain ways and buy the right products, we’re doing the best we can. This simply isn't true. And is in fact the slippery slope that leads right back into the system we are intent on escaping. The goal is to buy less. Use what you have. And apply pragmatism and common sense.

    We reject it because of its inherent inequity, lack of thoughtful design, and it's inevitable self annihilation. The farm and it's residents have set out to redefine what resistance to the system looks like. No longer will we fight the battle for quality of life, for the survival of our species, in the streets of the urban dystopia. Whose streets? Goes the chant. Not mine. They can have them. Those streets are the capillaries and arteries of the machine. The machine that is steadily churning this world, our environment, our humanity, steadily down the conveyor belt towards the end.

     No longer will we have our heads busted In by the lackeys and jack boot thugs of the barons. Pepper sprayed point-blank eye lids pried open by leather gautlets; hog tied and dragged down the street face bouncing on the concrete; ridiculed by the goose necking mindless minions watching their televisions and pointing their fingers. No longer will we be incarcerated for exercising our right to peaceful civil disobedience. Conveniently forgotten for an extra week or two in a putrid, dank cell, for a simple  misdemeanor. No longer will police thug batons meet their mark. Have the streets. They're yours. We will be in the field, in the workshop, in the development center, building something new. Something better. For I have finally learned, destruction and creation are mutually exclusive; they cannot be undertaken simultaneously. This is the totality of Revolution.    

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