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    Short Track News Radio 3/21/16

    in Sports

    LIVE at 8PM - As we get closer to "Opening Day" for our local tracks, we talk about what's new in Short Track Racing for 2016 in this area. We also talk NASCAR News tonight as we talk about the first 5 races of the season so far.

  • Short Track News Radio 4/25/16

    in Sports

    LIVE at 8PM - Brian Nolte from the Grundy County Speedway joins us tonight to talk about the upcoming season that starts this Friday night, April 29th. We'll also touch on some NASCAR news from Richmond and anything else we can think of. Join Dan, Gary and Steve tonight at 8PM

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    Short Track News Radio 4/18/16

    in Sports

    LIVE at 8PM - With the season opener at Grundy County Speedway getting closer, we continue talking with their 2015 champions. Tonight we will talk to Mid American champion Matt Clemens as he prepares for the 2016 season. Plus news and notes from Grundy practice day, the Spring Classic at Rockford and NASCAR Bristol action. Join Gary, Dan and Steve tonight for all your racing news.

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    Short & Junk: Plotting, Story Length, and Profiteering.

    in Entertainment

    Story Construction
    Story Length
    Contract Work


    Zabi asked: What makes you decide the length of a fiction? Do you prefer set goals or writing until an arc ends??

    Mayanangel asked: How do you plot out your story? In big arcs of “chapter 1, this, this, and that need to happen” or “chapter 1, scene 1, conversation between A and B leads to scene 2″ or something else entirely?


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    Short Track News Radio 2/1/16

    in Sports

    LIVE at 8PM - Brian Nolte from the Grundy County Speedway joins us to talk about an action packed upcoming 2016 season. Plus as Daytona gets closer, Dan, Gary and Steve will be talking more NASCAR news.

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    Short Track News Radio 4/11/16

    in Sports

    LIVE at 8PM - With the Spring Enduro and open practice in the books already, Rockford Speedway announcer Eric Huenefeld joins us to review the action of the weekend and preview the upcoming season including the Spring Classic taking place April 17th. Dan, Gary and Steve will also touch on NASCAR news of the weekend and Dan can talk about his first Rockford Speedway Enduro where he brought home a solid 3rd place finish.

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    Short Track News Radio 4/4/16

    in Sports

    LIVE at 8PM - With Grundy County Speedway opening in less then a month, it's time to start talking to their 2015 champions as we get ready for the season to start. Tonight, Street Stock champion Christy Penrod joins us. We'll also talk about the first racing event on the Rockford Speedway schedule, their Spring Enduro 200. Enduro driver Renee Farren joins us to talk about this weekends event. I'm sure Dan, Gary and Steve will also touch on some NASCAR news as well.

  • Short & Junk: Changing POV & Story Structure

    in Entertainment

    Chestnut Nola asks: 

    Hi Keira, you’ve talked at length about POV first/third/god, as well as transitioning POV within a scene as opposed to using a scene break.

    I’ve only written one story with multiple POV and changed POV in chapter format. I kept the POV the same throughout the chapter, then when I needed to changed the POV in the next chapter I kept that POV throughout. (I hope this makes sense)

    What are your thoughts about changing POV via chapter?

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    Short Track News Radio 1/25/16

    in Sports

    Join us LIVE at 8PM as we welcome upcoming Super Late Model driver Natalie Decker to the show. Natalie has not only turned heads in the Midwest but was part of the NASCAR Drive 4 Diversity program in 2015. We'll also talk some NASCAR including "Caution Clocks" and the new Chase format for the Xfinity and Truck Series. Join Steve, Gary and Dan tonight on Short Track News Radio.

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    Episode 27: Chasing down the narrative with short story writer Sean Ennis

    in Writing

    Let me just start off by saying that after transcribing writer Sean Ennis' interview (Yeah, I'm back on that again!), I've decided that he's the most conscious self-editor I've interviewed this year.

    As soon as the words leave his mouth, he’s already assessed whether it’s actually what he means, whether it’s “a dumb pun” or “too dramatic.” He often doesn’t retract what he says, just adds a disclaimer and keeps going. Somehow, the listener sees actually what he meant initially and what he means now.

    The result? An interview that is thoughtful, humble, and personable. Sean's short story collection, Chase Us, fuels our discussion as we meander through the a narrative that is both engaging and mysterious.

    In this episode, you'll find out:

    - How the people you surround yourself with can help or impede your writing journey

    - What one detail can do for an entire story

    - What's Sponge Bob Got To Do With It

    - The best writing advice Sean ever got

    - The rhetorical move that made Sean “wiggle in his seat” when he wrote it

    - The "Tom and Jerry Pitch" that landed his agent RENÉE ZUCKERBROT

    The “pleasures of a good short story?”

    BONUS: This is the first episode that the guest insults me! Listen to find out how. Then, learn something about writing. After, go write.

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    Rachael Archelaus Talks Story About Intuitive Art

    in Entertainment

    Rachel Archelaus is an internationally known spiritual teacher, artist and business mentor.  She works with the helpers and healers of the world who feel a calling to live their purpose and teaches them how to create a lucrative business based on their passions and talents.

    Rachel founded the Intuitive Art Academy and certifies people in her own method of Intuitive Art.   This modality allows people to channel their highest wisdom to solve problems outside of their heads in an easy, and creative way. 

    She is the co-host of Soulfullpreneur Radio, has written 4 books on intuition and Intuitive Art and creates weekly videos and articles to help people connect with their purpose and live authentic lives. 

    She grew up seeing angels and talking with her spirit guides so she has always known that there is more to this world than just death and taxes.  Her connection to the spirit world has shown her first hand that creating the life you want is more energetic than linear.  Rachel’s core teaching is to align with the higher self to manifest your desired life because that is the part of us that creates our reality.  Her approach may be far from mainstream, but her clients will tell you that it works