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    Greg Schroeder and all things MVF--Morelia Viridis Forum on 12/28 at 9pm EST

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    The Chondro Legend Series continues with Greg Schroeder on December 28th at 9pm EST. For those that don't know Greg owns, moderates and maintains The MVF (Morelia Viridis Forum), the internet's premeire chondro forum. This forum has been going strong for almost 12 years, is the local gathering space for chondro heads in the U.S., and has the most trusted chondro classifieds in the world. Please join us as Greg talks chondro husbandry and all things MVF. We may even co-ordinate an online chat session with MVF users during the broadcast. 

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    Day 10 of 12 Praying for those who are Dealing with Hard Times

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    In this episode we will focus on praying for those who are facing hard times and declare a better year ahead. Psalms 27:1 states, The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strenght of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? Yes, just as it says. If Jesus Christ is your light and He is in you; therefore, you no longer in darkness. If you are not in darkness, you are in the light. Notice that, it also says He is my salvation. Salvation means deliverance. in order word, He is the one who delivers us. As a result, no need to be feared of the past, it is already gone, of the present, He is in control of it, nor the future because He says do not worry about it; it will take care of it own self. Beloved, I pray that you trust and hope in God even while you are dealing with hard times. He will bring you out with joy, His exceegly great joy according to his reaches in glory by Christ Jesus.

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    deeper doctrine part one 12-28-2014

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    Deeper Doctrine with Kevin Kraut Part one December 28th 2014. 






  • Nsearch Radio 12-28-14

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    Join www.project.nsearch.com and contact Glenn Canady there if you are interested in earning extra money social networking and making $1000 to $3000 for every solar energy system you give away to people in California or Massachussets (10 more states to follow in 2015).  The solar systems cost nothing to the homeowner and they even get the first year of power for free (up to $2000).  Contact Glenn Canady at www.project.nsearch.com and tell him you heard about this on Blogtalk Radio!  

    Listen to Nsearch Radio from 8pm to Midnight EST every night!
    Monday Thru Thursday
    (8pm - 9pm) God’s Word - Jeff Osburn, Greg Laurie
    (90pm - Midnight) Many various Christian programs - you’ll learn something new every day!

    (8pm - 9pm) Terry Clark & Friends
    (9pm to Midnight) 9:00 - 9:30 God’s Word - Jeff Osburn,  9:30-Midnight - Various shows

    Saturday and Sunday
    (8pm to 11pm)  8:00 to 8:30 God’s Word - Jeff Osburn,  8:30 - 11:00 assorted shows

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    Your Weekly Dose of Political Incorrectness 12-28-2014 - A Life of Thoughts

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    It's time for your weekly dose of Political Incorrectness, this week we are going to discuss the aftermath of the shooting of two NYPD officers, Cops make their feelings clear without saying a word, victoms daughter really stepped into it this time, burgler gets Christmas karma, the Femanazi's strike again, North Korea calls Obama a "Monkey", "American Sniper" dad has a few words for the makers of the film about his son, bar owner stands against the grain, Chick-fil-a shows its mettle again, Obama must be smoking some really good weed, wierd laws you didn't know, and more. Plus don't forget our Bone Head of the week.


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    Basketball Colorado Presented by ASPIRE Beverages - 12/28/14

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    On this episode of Basketball Colorado Radio presented by ASPIRE Beverages we check out how our Colorado team did in various national tournament, we run down teh the results for last weeks Top 10 in 4A and 5A, and release our final rankings for 2014. We will also run down the leaders in scoring, steals, rebounding and assits. We will  try to get some small school updates as well.

    Show time is 7:00 and we will take a few calls on the LessonsOnly.com hotline as well.


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    The Black Squirrels Sports and Fantasy Show: Episode 12/28/2014

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    Join us on the Black Squirrels Network to talk sports with two average guys who have a combined 60 years of experience as fans, fantasy sports players, Little League and high school sports participants, coaching, video games and trash talking! The Black Squirrels Sports & Fantasy Show will cover pro sports, college sports, fantasy sports and many other things that come across the airwaves and is on the minds of sports lovers and fans. We're not insiders or former pro or college players but you can expect fireworks between Donney and Mike when it comes to the various topics in the sports universe. Listen and call in with questions about your fantasy teams for strategy, lineup advice and waiver wire pick up considerations.

    On this week's show, we discuss potential coaching changes, bowl games and the many happenings in the sports world Call in 657-383-0361 at 9PM EST/6PM PST Sunday Evening. We look forward to hearing from you or feel free to just listen. 

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    12-28-2014 Vortex Network News with Aurora Light

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    VNN... for all the news you'll never get on CNN

    Join Aurora Light and Doctor Whodini every Sunday Evening "LIVE" starting at 5:00PM PT (8:00PM ET). 2-hours a week of talk radio like nowhere else on the Earth!

    We Talk About: Government Cover-ups - UFOs & ET Contact - Suppressed Technologies - Health Modalities

    The 1st Hour - Aurora Light and Doctor Whodini talk about current events.

    The 2nd Hour - Doctor Whodini talks about the latest news in exotic technologies.

    Visit our great websites:
    Vortex Network News

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    "Talkin Hoops" with Jim Basnight

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    Jim Basnight is a journalist that publishes a Husky hoops subscriber only blog at www.huskydigest.com. With a decidedly NW focus, Jim covers everything from the newest potential star on the play grounds and gyms in this rainy region to the greats of yester year. This week Jim and callers wrap the non-conference season for UW, GU, WSU, Seattle and EWU.


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    Arron's call in list required callers to identify the ten most covered up news events of 2014. Before we can review 2014 we must reverse back to 911, 2012. The Obama un-authorized invasion of Libya and the cowardice in the face of the enemy in Benghazi. The failure to protect American citizens including Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others as the communist press defined them. Those three died to save just like Jesus said: Greater love hath no man that he lay down his life for a friend. The friend was you and me. The communist party blamed their failure to protect the nation on a video story produced by an alleged Coptic Christian. Then with all the misinformation power of the communist Department of Justice cover ups they put that poor bastard in jail and he is still there on a changed venue of charges none of which had anything to do with the lie. His jailing and isolation from the press is typical of the tactics of Mohammed Morsi and Obama's moslem brotherhood in Egypt. The country that the demo commos gave to the Moslem brotherhood. Only the intervention of the Egyptian  army saved Egypt from becoming a suicidal bloodbath. Some questions come to mind about Benghazi.



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