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    Haunted Ships

    in Paranormal

    This episode we will be discussing haunted ships.  A ghost ship, also known as a phantom ship, is a ship with no living crew aboard; it may be a ghostly vessel in folklore or fiction, such as the Flying Dutchman, or a real derelict found adrift with its crew missing or dead, like the Mary Celeste The term is sometimes used for ships that have been decomissioned but not yet scrapped. As was the case for the recently rescued USCG Cutter Comanche.

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    Mercy Ships- Sailing in with a Sea of Hope

    in Lifestyle

    Please join Frankie Picasso on Thursday, November 2oth at 1:00 pm est, and her guest Tim Maloney for another amazing show on The Good Radio Network- Radio that Does a World of Good.
    Tim Maloney is the National Director of Mercy Ships Canada, a humanitarian who has worked tirelessly and successfully in the non profit world for over 30 years. With his guiding hand at the helm of Mercy Ships Canada, he is helping to raise the vital funding that allows Mercy Ships to provide healthcare to the poorest of the poor, free of charge.

    The African Mercy, arrived on October 25th 2014 in the Republic of Madagascar, where it will be docked for the next eight months on a mission of hope and healing in Toamasina. During this time Mercy Ships plans to provide approximately 1,700 FREE surgeries for adult and child patients onboard, to treat approximately 8,000 at a land-based dental clinic renovated for that purpose, and provide holistic healthcare education to Malagasy health care professionals and community leaders.

    What is life like as CREW? Who can volunteer? Find out as crew call in from Madagascar ( if possible) and Tim fills us in on all the GOOD Mercy Ships does in the World.

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    Crimes On Cruise Ships

    in News

    http://www.christianmoney.com Kendall Carver, founder of the International Cruise Victim's Organization http://www.internationalcrimevictims.org   Mr. Carver shares the story of his own daughter's disappearance on a cruise ship ten years ago. His daughter was never seen again and he formed the cruise victims organization to help others that have also been victims of crimes on cruise ships. Most people are not aware of the high percentage of crimes that occur while on cruises and what little recourse is available to them. Mr. Carver even shares the account of a child being groped on a Disney cruise by a cruise ship employee. Also discussed was pending legislation to provide more rights to passengers and public disclosure of crime statistics.

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    Loose Lips Sinks Ships!

    in Entertainment

    Tune in to the Ice Cream Convos Morning Show at 10am to get your delicious scoops of Entertainment, Celebrity News, and Hot Topics.

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    Star Trek Attack Wing ships, crew and cards from the starter set and beyond

    in Entertainment

    This will be the first show with David Montgomery as co-host, let's welcome him aboard. On this episode we will talk about the ships that came in the starter set along with the captains, crew and upgrades. We will give you ways to use each and every card and help you make th emost out of your fleet. This will be a full two hour show on STAW...RESISTANCE IS FUTILE

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    in Spirituality


    What is everybody seeing on the new Sun pictures??  -  Do you know who Ellenin is? -  Why is the Sun so bright??  -  WHO are they, in these small, new baby bodies?? Be respectful!!  -  The Cetacean Nation's "escape vehicle"  is ready to collect ALLof them in one day!  -  Your current monetary system is about to be gone!  -  Tony has gone viral, world-wide!  -   "...but, it won't prevent the RV!"  -  Anne gets scolded  -   Her mother is 98, recovering from surgery and med rashes: enter, SOUL!  -  Seeing ships? #1, New Jerusalem; #2, Ashtar's Ship!  -  Zorra: "Our former channel's messages BEFORE June 1 can be trusted.  Post New Scriptures!"  -  Saryya's (Zorra's mate) beautiful message of peace and fulfillment  -  Zorra: "No 'pulse' needed... it is done!" (Can you say that?)  -    When in doubt, who can we ask??? 

    Telephone Playback:  1 209-255-1099 + 439724#  Ref: 46#

    Please check in on our website:  www.HollowEarthNetwork.com

    Scroll down the Home page to BREAKING NEWS.  Events are posted as they happen. Most people check in when they awaken - mid-day - and before bed.  This is the fastest way to be on top of current events.






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    in Spirituality

    Many times we often find ourselves wondering is he/she my soulmate? Why isn't our marriage working out? I really love him/her but there is no chemistry between us we are not compatiable. Is there a reason why we are in each others life could it just for me to

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    The Silver Ships with Author Scott Jucha

    in Business

    Today my guest is Scott Jucha, author of The Silver Ships. Scott spent several years overseas, earned two college degrees, held many jobs, and found a wonderful marriage partner. Scott's first attempt at a novel, entitled The Lure, was a crime drama centered around the surfacing of a 100-carat yellow diamond lost during the French Revolution. The story was set in modern Rio de Janeiro. So, in preparation for the book, he spent two weeks in 1980 researching the Brazilian people, language, and religious customs of Condomblé.

    Over the next thirty-four years, he outlined dozens of novels, but a busy career as a senior manager in the industries of technical education and software development limited his efforts to complete a single one. Now, the time has come, and he's thoroughly enjoyed planning, researching, and writing his first novel. What surprised him was the rapidity with which ideas poured forth once he began writing you could say the dam broke. While he was editing book one, books two and three quickly developed extensive outlines. And, while he was out for a walk and before book one was sent for final review, he had some thoughts for Hellébore, the fourth book in the series. Now, everywhere he goes he carries small tablets of paper and a pen. You just can't risk losing that seemingly good idea when it occurs.

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    Star Trek Attack Wing ships, USS DEFIANT and SCIMITAR,

    in Entertainment

    Dan and David's new segment "The Collection" will feature the USS DEFIANT and SCIMITAR. They will talk about ach and every card and possible uses for them...RESISTANCE IS FUTILE

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    MONEY ENDING FRIENDSHIPS - On Gut Level Level Live - The Radio Show

    in Entertainment

    In light of some recent events the Gut Level Talk crew, Co Hosts and a couple of members of the Gut Level Nation are going to be right back on the air this Sunday night talkin bout people getting into it over money issues friends against friends, romantic couple and so on. Should you lend friends money? How to conduct yourself when you owe your friends money. The do and don't of tryna collect your bread. What's approprieate? What's harassment? And on and on.      

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    Christina Fast -A STERILE Approach to Health Care in West Africa

    in Culture

    Please join host Frankie Picasso this Thursday, August 13th at 1:00 pm EDT on The Good Radio Network when she is joined by her guest, Christina Fast,  an incredible young Canadian woman who founded SPECTrust, ‘Sterile Processing Education Charitable Trust’). The trust  which that was established to support education related to effective sterile processing and infection control practices in hospitals and clinics in developing countries such as Guinea, Sierra Leone, Congo and Madagascar.

    Christina first went to West Africa in 2011 when she volunteered to be an OR Sterilizer for Mercy Ships Canada. While on board, she was able to teach to some crew as a well as local staff  the International course on Sterilization that she was currently delivering in Calgary.

    Curious about the local hospital, Christina asked these nurses if they would take her to visit the local hospital to view their sterilization setup. She almost wished she hadn’t. ‘

    Not only were their sterilization techniques unsanitary, “They had a few drum sterilizers that had been broken for an unknown length of time.” says Christina, but the infection rates post surgery were like 90% compared to the hospital where Christina worked was 0.03% surgically related infection rate.

    Touring that hospital, Christina realized at that moment that she hadn't been called to Africa to serve onboard, but to be a voice for this unseen and so crucially important area of the hospitals.”

    Since that visit, Christina has developed more training, and continues to volunteer sterilization techniques in collaboration with the African Mercy.

    Through a government grant, Christina has been able to purchase Pressure Cookers that she brings to hospitals and medical centres throughout West Africa in an attempt to increase the sterility of their instruments.

    Stay tuned to hear her story.

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