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    Shift from Shinola

    in Culture

    SHIFT FROM SHINOLA- What do we know and what the SHIFT do we THINK we know…  Well we are SHIFTING things up a bit here and Annette Rochelle Aben is joined by Guest Host, Visionary and Creative, Nicole Literacki Voorhees for this segment of SHIFT. This is the weekly program normally hosted by Founder and Creator of the digital magazine, The Magic Happens, Editor and contributing writer, Kathleen Anne McCarthy and Editor and contributing writer at The Magic Happens;  award-winning published author, Annette Rochelle Aben.  The Magic Happens is a digital world home to a community of writers who are thriving out loud! Enjoy these two thinking ladies who are open to shifting perspectives on many things. The doors are wide open to lots of conversational opportunities. Listen weekly, FOLLOW the program at www.blogtalkradio.com/themagichappens and comment on the show at www.facebook.com/themagichappens . TWEET us and PIN your thoughts with us on PINTEREST!  Writers are welcome to JOIN The Magic Happens family!  Contact Kat @ kat@themagichappens.com FOLLOW the great reads and writers in our digital magazine www.themagichappens.com This program, SHIFT is LIVE 12Noon EST every Sunday!

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    Community Connections, a new doula Cat LaPlante; children's poverty data

    in Health

    poems, words to inspire and the enthusiasm of new doula Cat LaPlante.  We frame a quick dialogue with resources from the Annie E. Casey Foundation on children's poverty and the deep hope of peace from Jean Shinola Bolen.

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    Information, Backing Up What You Say! on Homestead Honey Hour

    in Education

    Information, Backing Up What You Say!
    Best of Prepper Broadcasting!
    7:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Ct 5:00pm/Mt 4:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to:

    This week on the Homestead Honey Hour, join Noreen and Katzcradul as they address an issue that is important and necessary. How to properly do independent research and how to decipher good from bad. How to use the intuition that we all have or that “gut feeling” to determine if the path you are on is a good one.

    It will help you separate the s*** from the shinola, as the old saying goes! Online people can hide behind a screen name and an avatar. Some of them dole out information and present themselves as “experts” when in reality they are not as they seem.

    Tags: American Preppers Radio, Prepper Broadcasting

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    Cool Gifts For Guys

    in Hobbies

    We have a great show lined up for today’s episode of The Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana!

    Our special guest co-host is one of the funniest and most talented women in comedy, Patti Vasquez.  You’ll have seen Patti on the program "My Life Is A Joke" on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, and TBS's "The Very Funny Show".  Patti is currently performing her hit one-woman show “Lipstick Mom”.

    It’s that festive time of year again, and today we’ll be looking at some great gifts for guys….

    Former NASCAR race car driver, Joe Fox, will be joining us to talk about his Dirtball fashion.  Dirtball's clothing and accessories use only eco-friendly, recycled materials including recycled water bottles! 
    We’ll also have Julie Norton and John Grosche from Craftsman to talk about the latest tools we’re all dying to have in our tool kits, as well as the uber-stylish Harley Davidson tool storage, which is the perfect place to keep them all. 

    And finally, we’ll be talking to Daniel Caudill, Creative Director of Shinola, a Detroit-based company dedicated to producing American-made products.  Detroit is super-cool right now and Shinola partners with highly skilled, talented artisans to create their beautifully crafted collection of watches, bicycles and leather goods. 

    We hope you’ll join us and get a little Down and Dirty….! 

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    Are You Smarter Than a Stripper?

    in Comedy

    From the last frontier of free speech, unregulated, unedited and uncensored, Off The Air is a free format Internet radio show and Podcast.
    Defined only by our constantly changing content, performers and guests, Off The Air is a raw broadcasting from the very edge of western civilization in Hollywood California hosted by Matias and one of his many guest co-hosts.
    Segments include:
    Shit That Pisses Me Off.
    First Person Singular: The Doctor is out and the patients have taken over the asylum. Tales of ordinary madness from the residents of the Serling Memorial Hospital.
    The Life of Bianchi: Anecdotes of a dirty old man.
    Constitutionally Correct: How to get ahead in politics without loosing your head.
    A Date With Chloe: Love and sex according to a girl.
    Brady’s Corner: Paranormal and unexplained.
    Shit or Shinola: Irreverent reviews of the re-viewable.
    Free Dirt: Stuff someone is giving away.
    Cobra Oil: Modern cure-all remedies that cure nothing.
    Things Other People Said.
    Involuntary social commentary sips through the cracks and ties it all together between moments of chaos and bizarre guests.
    We’re exercising our freedom of speech, listen at your own risk.

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    Impromptu Show with Open Lines

    in Entertainment

    Anything goes, updates, rants, raves, plugs

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    Jumping The Shark

    in Comedy

    Does Chloe have a boy in her life? ..or is it a girl? More free dirt. Ugo Bianchi has more for his segment "According to Bianchi" and explores life in Hollywood in the 60's and 70's. After being deceived by a transvestite into a passionate kiss and escaping her Bel-Air mention where will our hero take us? Will Kevin give us some shit or some Shinola? Will Matias desperately continue to try and sound clever or will he finally reveal something about himself? Join in and listen to this motley crew and their ranting and raving ...or don't and we promise not to hold it against you.

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    Walking Distance

    in Culture

    Is Chloe really peeing her pants every time she goes sledding? Is it shit or Shinola? How far is too far to walk on a wooden leg? Do squirrels really need their tail? These and other questions may or may not be answered during this show. Joining us is Ugo Bianchi for his segment "According to Bianchi" to talk about life in Hollywood in the 60's and 70's and his recent appearance on the television series "True Blood". Kevin Dorian will continue his review segment "Is it shit or Shinola?" and will talk about the movie "Source Code" and his new erotic gadgets (TiVo). National Goof Off Day is upon us and we shall not disappoint our listeners. According to this site we've got 1340 characters remaining in our description at this point. Why are we telling you this? Because we are running out of ideas. 1236 now. 19th century Russian literature is a subject that will not be discussed during this show; we will however touch upon the simplicity of Voltaire's philosophical tails in an effort to sound smart.

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    The CHUD Morning Screw #2

    in Film

    Nick and guests discuss all sorts of shinola, including G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.