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    A very diverse show, indeed!  Expect wonder, healing, tears, frustration, discernment and triumph. Shall we begin?

    The Invocation - Shape-shifting - MerMaids and MerMen? - Achieving your Heart's Desire - Our current level of consciousness/frequency? - We and Prime Creator ask: "No RV?!" -  Our government now under new management.When announced and by whom? - We create new reality now - Prime Creator set movement for RV; Lightworker collective in one accord brings fruition. 

    Your Higher Purpose AFTER RV? - Rod's Multiple Myeloma symptoms... GONE! - Free energy devices. Where??  - Released from prison! - Is she trying TOO hard? -  "Thanksgiving 2013 will be your best Thanksgiving ever." What happened?? - Zorra confirms Prosperity Packages follow RV - He suggests a different approach - She gets 98% positive response - Prime Creator's Agreement with Cabal had a fixed period of time THAT HAS NOW EXPIRED. They broke agreement by not quitting. Prime Creator now considering ending Free Will. And yes, we knew Duality was coming to a close, NEVER to exist again. - Today some are exchanging large sums, BUT... their accounts will be frozen! 

    Our challenge? BE the Gods/Goddesses we came here to BE!  FEEL the fulfillment of your Desire! - Follow our EXPRESS-YOUR-LOVE campaign using Zorra's LOVE-HEALING-PULSE and QUIET MEADOW VISUALIZATION posted on the Home page of www.HollowEarthNetwork.com 

    As Vivian reminded us, "You volunteered!" - Let's make USE of this last opportunity to BE the Gods and Godesses we came here to BE!


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    Playing with the Universe ~ A year in Review

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    This was Sharon's original show which started 6.5 years ago and so as we take a break for some local workshops we thought it was appropriate to end this cycle with the one that began it all. Please join host Sharon Taphorn at 6pm pst/9pm est As she shares tools, techniques and wisdom that assists each of us in taking our own power and finding the passion to play with the universe. 

    We are in Shifting Times, join us as learn how to work and live in this energy. Discussions are always welcome.

    Questions in the chat room or by calling (760) 454-1147.

    Program includes discussions, a meditation, and mini Readings.

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    The Shifting Sands of News Brands: The Brian Williams Problem

    in Marketing

    Tynicka and Liz discuss how Brian Williams' exaggerations put mainstream media under further scrutiny.


    The Shifting Sands of News Brands

    Brian Williams and the State of American Media

    See http://www.brandzillasbrief.com for more podcasts

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    Shifting Perceptions: A Fresh Look Through the Eyes of Tarot

    in Spirituality

    Join Celeste Morgan on the Celestial Show for “Shifting Perceptions: A Fresh Look through the Eyes of Tarot.”

    We get to welcome a New Moon in Virgo tomorrow and tonight we are going to shine the light on the Hanged Man in Tarot. This quintessential figure hangs upside down to receive a fresh perspective on the tasks ahead of us as we move into the Season of Fall. It is the ultimate surrender of releasing your ego to allow room for a Higher Understanding.

    The spiritual development of tarot never changes only our understanding of what it means. Let’s take “A Fresh Look Through the Eyes of Tarot” to plant seeds of rejuvenation!

    There will be on the air readings…so be sure to call in early! 

    Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "The Celestial Show with Celeste Morgan" fan (LIKE) page on Facebook.

    The Celestial Show with Celeste Morgan is the place and a space to take an interactive, fun approach to getting to know who you really are and learning how to embrace all of you through the use of introspective tools like Tarot, Medicine Cards and Black Angel Cards. 

    Celeste Morgan is an intuitive reader who also works extensively with numbers.  Join her as she weaves stories using cards, music, and movies  to provide you with a new outlook to experience the best in your life.  Reclaim Your “ME Power” by spending your Sunday Night with Celeste and get ready to jump start your spiritual awakening and fall in love with YOU again. 


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    Shifting Prayer with Sheila Gale of GlobalPrayerPartners.com

    in Lifestyle

    Come listen in on this inspiring experience of prayer and belief with Sheila Gale.

    Sheila Gale was stunned. Her daughter was waging a battle against a prolonged mystery
     illness-wasting away in the hospital attached to tubes and wires. Miserable to see
     her daughter endure such suffering, the longtime host of the hugely popular
     The Sheila Show, reached out to her listener base for a desperate favor in the form
     of prayers. Inundated with responses, she read them to Natasha--all 450 of them--and
     within 48 hours, her daughter was healed and on her way home!

     It was this remarkable experience that inspired GlobalPrayerPartners.com, a website
     to unite people who need prayers with those who are so willing to offer them.

     Sheila realized that there are many people in need--from all parts of the world
     and from all different religious and theological backgrounds--who require a helping
     prayer from time-to-time. Prayer is the great unifier as all of the spiritual pathways
     believe in the power of prayer. GlobalPrayerPartners.com will offer an extraordinary
     worldwide network for prayer requests to be answered by concerned spiritual seekers
     and healers from around the globe!

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    Shifting negative to positive energy..

    in Spirituality

    My primary intent; is to inspire you to release  the thoughts, fears and beliefs that keep you from being truly happy, healthy and a love based person.  The goal is to inspire you from being ego based to high consciousness centered.  The focus will be on guidance and advice on how to manifest in the areas of: spiritually conscious business development, life purpose, healthy living, relationships, and spirituality. I use my gifts and training as an empath, hypnotherapist, and channel. I use therapeutic meditations.  Assisting me to give you the guidance you need our spirit teachers and guides.

    As an empath and channel I give soul based readings. I read your soul to help you with the: why, when, where and how’s of life purpose. I help you discover any personal beliefs and fears that are limiting you. I delve into your past lives and what effect they have on manifesting what you want.

    Living at the vibration of love energy is the key to healing and manifesting what you want.  Love is: compassion, respect, and kindness, and forgiveness, generosity of spirit, humor, humility, empathy, and appreciation. These principals of love can assist in all forms of healing and creating the life you want.

    I will also present articles from various sources that, give advice, inspire and  entertain.  Laughter is a key in all healing.

    I am a medical and soul intuitive. Studied and practiced for over 20 years as an Intuitive, Shaman, Reiki practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. Have degrees in the study of metaphysics.

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    Shape Shifting: Getting back on track

    in Goals

    How are ya doing on those "New Year's Resolutions?" Have you made progress on your goals? If not, it's time to get back on track! If so, what have you accomplished so far, and what next? SHAPE SHIFTING = The conscious, deliberate release of old thought patterns, to create healthy changes in your life. This usually results in weight balancing--loss or gain--depending on your body’s needs. www.shapeshiftingonline.com

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    Shifting Positivity with Shola Richards

    in Lifestyle

    This week we jump into a new way of thinking. Why become a victim of things that 'happen to you' every single day when we can challenge the world and take it on with positivity in mind. 

    Shola Richards is a dynamic public speaker, an in-demand leadership trainer/consultant, an award-winning Director of Training for UCLA Health, and a positivity blogger with a passionate worldwide following. His blog, The Positivity Solution, was created in May 2013, and his articles have been read by readers in over 160 countries and counting. His unshakable optimism and unquenchable passion for creating a more positive world at work and home for millions of people have caught the attention of mainstream media. He has made multiple appearances on Huffington Post Live as an expert on workplace happiness and engagement, and his thoughts on how to create a more positive workplace have been published in The Chicago Tribune, Black Enterprise, The Good Men Project, and Business Insider Australia.

    The author obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from one of the top Liberal Arts colleges in America (Union College in Schenectady, NY), he is a certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner, he has appeared on national television numerous times, hosted his own television show for the CBS affiliate in New York, and proudly notes that the late literary icon Chinua Achebe was his godfather.

    Additionally, Shola is a father, husband, identical twin, and a self-professed “kindness extremist” who will not rest until bullying and incivility is extinct from the American workplace. 

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    March BrandNew Spiritual Shifting Course362015

    in Religion

    The Chief International Ambassador Dr Vernard Johnson Teaches the whole Wide World how to give God A Billion Praise

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    Shifting Stress and Our Body Chemistry with Dr. Doni Wilson

    in Lifestyle

    DR. DONI WILSON, N.D. is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, natural health expert, nutritionist and midwife. She specializes in gluten sensitivity, intestinal permeability, adrenal stress, neurotransmitter imbalances, hypothyroidism, women’s health, autoimmunity, insulin resistance and genetic variations called 'SNPs', which can have a profound impact upon your health. For nearly 20 years, she has helped women, men and children overcome their most perplexing health challenges and achieve their wellness goals by crafting individualized strategies that address the whole body and the underlying causes of health issues. She is the creator of The Hamptons Cleanse and author of The Stress Remedy: Master Your Body’s Synergy & Optimize Your Health as well as the bestselling e-book Stress Remedies: How to Reduce Stress and Boost Your Health in Just 15 Minutes a Day.

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    Angels, Guides, and other Realms Oracle of the Mermaids

    in Spirituality

    On this weeks's show Sharon will share from the Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish. How to work with  and connect with the Mermaids and More.  Join Sharon each Thursday as she shares messages of love, transformation and healing with spirit shares with the Angels, Masters and other Beings of Light. 6pm pacific/9pm eastern

    Each week features different angels and guides and how to work with them to enhance your life and teach you how to make life flow more easily or how to get into that flow. How they can assist us and working with their energy to make life better, Discussions, meditations and spiritual guidance. Mini readings are offered in the last segment of the show.

    We want to empower you to be brave and strong and to take charge of your life and realize your magnificent potential as you live life with purpose, on purpose and with the infinite potential of the Universe and all that is backing you all the way. 


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