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    First Ladies come out, come out wherever you are!

    in Self Help

    join me when I challenge First Ladies to come out of hiding!

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    Sports Midweek Madness with Host Tyler Spence & Brad Miller

    in Sports

    Sports Midweek madness with Host Tyler Spence & Brad Miller are coming to you live 10pm est 7pm pst right here on the Sports SmackDown Radio Network (like us on facebook and follow us on twitter @sportssmackdown) Join host Tyler Spence ( twitter @TylerSpenceRSEN) and Brad Miller ( twitter @SteelrFan4Life) as we give a recap on last weeks Super Bowl. Who gets credit more for the win the patroits or the Seahawks running the wrong play. Is SuperBowl MVP Tom Brady the greatest QB in the NFL now with his 4 Super Bowl ring in 6 attempts. Plus we recap College Football National Signing Day who were the winners and losers. is Snoop Dogs Son 4 star Recuit WR Cordell Broadus who signed with UCLA will make his own legacy or will the pressure of being in the footsteps of his father overshadow his potental talent. after losing 3-1 to the Calvery Flames can the San Jose Sharks bounce back vs Vancouver Canucks as playoff seeding is in full mode whats next for the Sharks of San Jose. Plus we talk Northern Californa Basketball player getting denied eligibility and now the playoff picture is up for grabs.Plus we got some Special Guest shhhh its a surprise. And as always we welcome your calls.  All this and more on Sports Midweek Madness. Tonight 10Pm EST, 7PM PST 

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    Wed. Nite "Wine" Down w/ Sh' Moore & Shakir

    in Relationships

    Tonite we have special guest Johnna "B" sharing the studio with us! Be sure to listen in to hear about her latest project... shhhh... it's secret until tonite. 

    We also discuss the topic "wounded love" what the hell is that and how many of us are operating in that mode? This should be good for some stories. 

    Grab the Moscato and your tablet and tell Sh’ Moore all about it! On Wednesday nights, you get the chance to see life through the eyes of the opposite sex. Get the thoughts and views of life and love from the “horse’s mouth”. Along with her co-host, Sh’ Moore offers insight about various topics that men and women face in everyday living. Along with the look into the male and female psyche, Sh’ Moore dedicates time to introduce you to aspiring talent and ambitious entrepreneurs. An hour of your evening well spent and purposefully used! Are you listening?

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    A Little Naughty and Nice........for Valentines

    in Business

    We have a Naughty and Nice show this evening (Shhhh don't tell!)  WE have Constance from PURE ROMANCE that will help us get reay for Valentines day (A little EARLY!!)   Www.pureromance.com/constancefields

    PLUS we will talk about a Business that truly is for everyone, It only costs $10.00 to join and there are no fees and no quotas at all! AND YOU GET A WEBSITE but the best part is, you will make 30% of ALL PURCHASES!  Thats is a huge payout!  WWW.ENDLESSXPRESSIONS.COM/STORE/#4U

    If you are interested in being a Featured Guest on my show, please email me at BLOGTALKGUEST@SALLYBLESSING.COM   with your name, the name of your business and your contact information.


    ANNOUNCEMENT: Starting this Saturday, January the 24th, our HEALTH NEWS NOW SHOW will become a 1 hour show at a NEW TIME - 8:00pm CST

    ALSO, Our Valentines Day SPECIAL SHOW will be on JANUARY 31st, so if you are a Business that has Valentines Day Items on SPECIAL ONLY!  Email me if you want to advertise there at SALLYS VALENTINES DAY GIFTS (On FB), I only have a few more spots open because I do not want to duplicate any types of companies, also the adv. price goes up, the closer to VDay, so email me now while it is rock bottom prices)

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    Kolossos Olive Oil; Founder, Giorgios Karayannis

    in Food

    Giorgios (your go) Karayannis, co-founber of Kolossos, producers and importers of 100% pure Olive oil, from the land of the best olives in the world - Greece. Join ArtSees Diner, Mary E., as she explores the passion that is sensed in every luxirous droplet of nature's elixir!  We will explore what makes the perfect olive oil. If you answer "It's Greek to me!" then you have come to the right place. Because as Giorgios will tell you, you are right! It is - GREEK!

    The best olives in the world come from Greece. Kolossos produces and imports the finest, Extra Virgin olive oils. Kolossos is estate grown and carefully hand selected olives are harvested and pressed at the precise moment resulting in a 100% pure, unfiltered oil that is extraordinary in taste and fragrance, as fresh as summer on the islands of Greece. Their premium varieties come from groves centuries old, standing the test of time. Mary E. and Giorgios will explore some of the best ways to enjoy your Kolossos olive oil and share a few tips along the way. 

    Here's a little secret...shhh... Mary E's  favorite way to enjoy Kolossos olive oil is to generously swirl it over Moe's amazing hummus from The Pickle and Turnip in the heart of Michigan City Uptown neighborhood,  followed with a smooth sip of Ksara...shhhh if too many people find out, she will never have a seat! 

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    Leigh Court: Shhhh. Erotic Romance

    in Books

    Erotic romance seems like a tabu topic, but author Leigh Court and host Mark H. Newhouse, discuss this highly charged topic and examine aspects of this very popular form of fiction that is very different than ography and even what we think of as erotica.

    Court, one of the 9000 members of the Romance Writers of America, tells all about her works and the empowerment of women. While the subject matter of the books is adult in nature, the discussion is candid, tasteful and informative to those who may consider this genre as a way to enter publishing.


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    Answer to a Calling: The Heal My Voice Story by Andrea Hylen

    in Spirituality

    www.healmyvoice.org Andrea Hylen, Founder of Heal My Voice shares the moment she heard the words "Heal My Voice". And she shares the years leading up to that moment that inspired her to start Heal My Voice, an organization dedicated to supporting women into the next steps of leadership at the dinner table, in their communities and businesses and in the world.

    What is the difference between following our intuition and answering a calling. We all receive intuitive information every day. Our body gives us clues about the amount of exercise, rest, touch, and food it needs for nourishment. Our soul gives us clues about what it wants for growth. Moment by moment we say yes or no. We use the information or we don't.

    Then there is the deeper calling. The one that calls for you to surrender to life, to follow the inspiration step by step, to let go and release your comfort zone, to crack open something new in you so that a fuller expression can emerge. It will require a deeper level of commitment to grow and a radical amount of self-love.

    Andrea is a writing coach, executive director of Heal My Voice, a minister, an orgasmic meditation teacher, a mother of 3 grown daughters and one granddaughter. Living life on the road this year. On this show, she shares her story. JOIN US LIVE or listen to the archive

    Shhhh...listen...it is calling you from within. Pick up the pen, the notebook, or the computer and start writing.

    Your voice matters.

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    Literary Symposium - The Return of Sable Hunter

    in Books

    Dreamers Radio welcomes back Sable Hunter, author of the Hell Yeah! series and much, much more.

    Taken from Sable's Amazon page:

    "Sable's hometown will always be New Orleans. She loves the culture of Louisiana and it permeates everything she does. Now, she lives in the big state of Texas and like most southern women, she loves to cook southern food - especially Cajun and Tex-Mex. She also loves to research the supernatural, but shhhh don't tell anyone.

    Sable writes saucy romances. She lives in New Orleans. She believes that her goal as a writer is to make her readers laugh with joy, cry in sympathy and fan themselves when they read the hot parts - ha!
    The worlds she creates in her books are ones where right prevails, love conquers all and holding out for a hero is not an impossible dream."

    Barnes and Noble


    Previous Dreamers Radio interview #1 and interview #2

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    It's Time Again...For An OPEN MIC NITE!

    in Health

    MTHFR still got you down? Confused about Leaky Gut Syndrome, Methylation, Transsulfuration, Fatigue, EVERYTHING?

    Have Questions? Comments?

    Need answers??

    This is your night!!!

    On Monday 9/15/2014 at 8PM, Dr. Jess Armine is dedicating the entire show to your questions!!!   (Shhhh....there might be other luminaries on the show...I am sworn to secrecy)

    Here how it will work....you can call in, join the chat room or....if you can't be there and have a burning question...e-mail the question to me at jess@drjessarmine.com!! This is your show!!!

    I hope to see (hear?) you this Monday!!!!

    Dr. Jess

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