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    Rev. Sherry Thompson The Traps Of Offense & How To Stay Free From Offense

    in Spirituality

    Don't Miss This Great Message Saturday 6 Feb 2016 At 10:30 AM  By Rev. Sherry Thompson!!!

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    in Spirituality

    First Friday of the Month at 8 PM Central you can join Rev Sherry Cooper, Rev Lori B,  Rev Ravenwolf Greenfield, And Chad Blackman's new show:Correllian Town Hall
    Tonight's Topic: Does Religion belong in Politics?  This is your chance to call in and sound off on this topic and many others that impact the Correllian and Wiccan/Pagan World.

    Every Friday at 9PM Central you can join Host Rev Donald Lewis for the Correllian Family Hour as we explore the exciting world on Correllian Wicca.  News and views, interviews, and information on the Correllian Lifestyle.

    Tonight join Rev Don and co host Rev. Lori:  Tonight's topic: TBA

    10 pm CT: ~Correllian Deep Waters~ Join Rev. Stephanie Neal World Walker's Path/House of Time #1 Time Magic                                                                       

    “The Correllian Tradition’s deeper teachings of the adept are found within the World Walkers’ Order.”                                                                                                                            
    M. Rev. Chancellor Don Lewis-Highcorrell 

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    Love Addiction with Sherry Gaba

    in Self Help

    Edie Weinstein and Sherry Gaba discuss love addiction and the journey people often take from addiction to recovery in interpersonal relationships as well as the one we have with ourselves.

    Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a Licensed Psychotherapist, featured on VH1's Celebrity Rehab as Dr. Drew Pinsky's go-to expert.  Sherry regularly appears on CNN, The Bio Channel, Showbiz Tonight, E!News, and Fox News, Sherry’s the author of The Law of Sobriety, which uses the Law of Attraction to help people recover from addiction. 

    Edie Weinstein is a journalist, speaker, interfaith minister and licensed social worker who invites people to live rich, full, juicy lives.  

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    The Captain's Very Special Guest: Sherry Hembree

    in Politics

    Join The Captain Tonight With His Very Special Guest:  Sherry Hembree

    Gary Hembree - Sherry's brother was ruthlessly murdered in a parking lot September 3rd, 2012.  After her brother went to the police for help he was denied a restraining order by the same judge who handled Sherry's divorce case.

    The man who murdered her brother,  his father was retired police officer. The police were supposed to be patrolling that neighborhood. But instead gave his son the gun that ultimately murdered her brother. 

    This a story will make you angry and question those entrusted by us to protect us

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    02-01-16 Monday Night with Sherry Shriner

    in News

    Monday Night with Sherry Shriner - Listen to what God's Messsenger on Earth has to reveal!

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    SID-Mid-Super*Bowl Week Special/Cahn-Canelo?/TRUST*IN*GOD***

    in Sports

     Legendary scribe and sportscaster,Dr.M.Lee''Doc'' Stanley Sr.,takes to the airwaves once again with his award winning,iconic radio show,the renowned,'Sports In Depth'.It's SuperBowl week and Doc and his iconic sports posse,tonight being mainly the boxing crew,Dusty,''Hoopster'',''Muscles'' AKA''The Cisco Kid'' and ''G.W.'' Mike,of course,first talk''Sweet science.''  The''Hoopster'',talks a little B-Ball,as the Warriors win big tonight topping he Wizards 134-121,with Stephen Curry hitting for 51,making them now 45-4 and counting.Doc too touches on a couple of negative Superbowl stories and some postive Cam Newton quotes,and texts to a movie inspired teammate,Michael Oher.Remember,'The Blind Side''?It made $300 million at the box office,garnered a Best Picture nomination and Academy Award for best actress won by Sandra Bullock,all back in 2009.We too all here at'Sports In Depth',send out our prayers and sympathy to Anthonio Smith of the Broncos who just lost his father here during,SuperBowl week.
     And the latest boxing news is:The pride of Mexico and three-time champion Canelo Alvarez (46-1-1, 32 KOs) of Guadalajara, Mexico, will reportedly next step into the ring against famed Brit Amir Khan (31-3, 19 KOs) on Saturday May 7th for the WBC light-middleweight title in Las Vegas.
    ''You have to stop trying and start doing.''
    ''Every moment is the right moment.''
    ''Where you have beauty my sweet.you yet have no class.''
    ''There may not be a Next Time.''
    ''At times you can do and say the dumbest shit.''
     Doc Stanley's Words Of Wit And Wisdom


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    Tarhaka Presents X, I.R.S. Agent ,and National lecturer, Sherry Peel Jackson.

    in Education

    Special Guest X, I.R.S. Agent Sherry Peel Jackson


    Don't miss this powerful show


    Sherry Peel Jackson is a retired certified public accountant,former IRS

    Agent http://sherrypeeljackson.org.


    Sherry was thrust into the national spotlight for taking a stand against the Government infrastructure of the I.R.S.She also instructs IRS audit information and preparation workshops including private companies, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations

    Sherry is also a Christian author and speaker. She is the author of several books,

     "How To Escape The Rat Race: Four Keys To Acquire The Life Of Your Dreams"
    "How To Stick It To The IRS: Confessions From A Former Insider"  Basic Financial Survival. Sherry Peel Jackson lectures on several topics, Including Escaping the Rat Race, Creating and Growing a Successful Home-Based Business, Mastering the Secrets of the Wealthy, Saving and Investing Wisely, Protecting your assets, and much more.

    GET OUT OF DEBT NOW! http://www.newdebtelimination.com

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    Wellness In Faith with Sherry Wherry

    in Spirituality

    Sherry C. Wherry is the founder, and Chief Executive Inspirator of Wherry Consultations. Sherry was born in Tacoma, WA and spent a portion of her childhood there. She later moved to Cleveland, OH and was involved in various academic and faith-focused groups for youth. In 2005, Sherry graduated from Kenyon College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a Concentration in African and African American Studies. Sherry possesses over ten years of experience in Social Services and currently serves as a licensed Minister in her local church. She is passionate about helping those in need, and seeks to be an agent of healing to those who are hurting.


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    Neil Haley Interviews the Multi-Talented David Barckhoff

    in Education

    David was one of the Emergency responders who was at United 93 crash site just after it occured and did recovery work. Same for NYC ground zero. He also knew 50 of the NYC firefighters who died & some who survived the collapse. and attended some of their funerals. David is also a teacher in preparedness. He is an expert in Family Disaster Preparedness for Surviving Natural and Man-Made Hazards Terrorism and terrorist incidents.
    As a director and writer, David llikes to discuss the theory and psychology behind horror movies, why we love them, and how to use that fear to write a horror story then turn it into a horror themed screenplay. For examples, sexuality & the vampire, actors who played vampires, notable writers of vampires, werewolves, and zombies, books, movies & tv shows.
    David also teaches how to write a movie logline, one paragraph summary, a “one page leave behind 3 paragraph movie storyline summary”, and if needed an appropriate movie title, as well as how overt and subtle use of symbolism was used effectively in a movie to tell a story. The class will focus on elite/secret societies, the male-female relationship, psychology behind “sexual ritual programming”, satanic and Tantric rituals, good vs. evil, lust, desire, love, kundalini, emotional attachment & detachment, then discuss its use in Stanley Kubrick’s movie “Eyes Wide Shut” as the case study. (History of Sex: The Eastern World – Philosophies about sex and spiritually in the Eastern cultures are explored) 

    Check out https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/2016-wildland-fire-national-leadership-campaign-david


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    The Unusual Suspects Ride Again Into Madame Perry's Salon

    in Entertainment

    The Unusual Suspects are an energized, fascinating group of people discussing current events and pop culture in Madame Perry's Salon. Author Sherry Meeks will co-host this rollicking ride with guests

    Performer & Podcast Producer Tino Orsini

    Musician & Songwriter Kim Meeks

    Author & Publisher JIm Musgrave

    Editor & Author Becky Kyle

    Life Coach & Podcast Producer/Host Kinia Colbert

    Auctioneer, Performer & Marketing Genius Allen Brasington

    Madame Perry's Salon theme music, Miss E's Vacation, written and performed by Denton Perry

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    SID-/Sunday Sports Shorts/Happy Birthday-Mr.Robinson /*TRUST*IN*GOD*/

    in Sports

     Legendary scribe and sportscaster,Dr.M.Lee''Doc'' Stanley Sr.,takes to the airwaves once again with his award winning and iconic legendary radio show,'Sports In Depth'. Doc and his sports posse give you the Sunday sports 411.While'' Lady A'',interjects her,'Boxing Way'', segment.''Hoopster''and ''Jumpshot'',talk B-ball.While''Dusty'' again simply talks about everything with like ''Muscles'',boxing being at the forefront.Although he,''Muscles'', gives us too,the latest MMA inside scoops.We give Rhona Rousey an early prior day birthday wishes along with my nephew.Nelson.
     We remember too Jackie Robinson on this his birthday,both his impact and accomplishments to and outside of the game of baseball.Djokovic wins Austrailan Open title,number six.John Scott garners the NHL All*Star game MVP,as Russel Wilson does like wise at the NFL-Pro Bowl.Six New York players made the squard,4 Giants and 2 Jets.GOD bless,thanks for joining us again,where,we always ''Rope the Rumors,Lasso the Issues and Brand the Truth.''
    ''A Life is not important except for the impact it has on another life.''
    ''Above all else,I hate to lose.''
    Jackie Robinson/#42

    ''Some times it's not the love you give,but the love and loving you get.''
    ''It's not you loving them,but them loving you.''
    ''Some times greatness is displayed and shown in defeat in the attempt and mannerisms attempting to obtain victory.''
    ''When you get the right mix,everything clicks and mixes,perfectly.''
    Doc's Words Of Wit And Wisdom