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    How young women can prepare their bodies to prevent cancer.

    in Health

    Join Nat and Nicole as they interview Dr. Sherrill Sellman, an amazing psychotherapist and Naturopathic Doctor (ND). We are going to discuss how young women can prepare their bodies to prevent cancer. 

    Here's a quick overview of what we're talking about: 

    The 3 things you must do right now to cancer-proof your body
    Understanding the key foods to support a cancer-free body
    How your cell phones and wireless technology contribute to hormonal imbalance and cancer, and what you must to do to protect yourself.

    Dr. Sherrill Sellman has been passionate about educating and empowering women to regain  hormonal balance, and also to achieve optimal well being. As a psychotherapist and Naturopathic Doctor for the past 30 years, she has brought a mind- body-spirit approach to all of her work. Dr. Sherrill has authored 4 books on various aspects of health, 2 of which have best sellers – Hormone Heresy: What Women Must Know About Their Hormones and What Women Must Know to Protect Their Daughters From Breast Cancer. Dr. Sherrill has been a writer and health journailist, contributing to numerous health magazines - nationally and internationally for the past two decades.

    As an educator, she lectures worldwide on aspects of women’s health, rejuvenation, weight loss and nutrigenomics. And for the past 12 years, she has had a weekly internet radio show , called “What Women Must Know”. You can find her at: www.whatwomenmustknow.com

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    FTH #113 "♬Here come the Girls♫"

    in Video Games

    PVP 25 arrives with Misty Knight as the reward hero, News for the Developers Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) and Lockjaw will be arriving this week Oh, and Elsa Bloodstone is coming .....SpOp 30 - Instruments of Darkness continues

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    Current Events


    PVP Season Drops - too soon?

    Misty Knight

    Kha-ma-lah Khan / Lockjaw confirmed

    Got Spitfire? Baron Mordo? Daredevil Alts?

    Chapter 10? Madripoor, says Tony Sherrill

    Elsa Bloodstone too!


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    Love Without A Limit

    in Relationships

    Shamekka and Sherrill join us to talk openly about their relationship as a lesbian couple. We will discuss love, same-sex marriage, and their decision conceive and co-parent their now 6-month-old daughter. They will teach us to love through controversy and to love without limits.  

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    How can you experience your greatest joy? The answer may surprise you.

    in Spirituality

    This week we will be discussing the greatest gift we all have been given and most of us take it for granted and never realize it is our truest nature and can give us our greatest joy.  It may surprise you how simple yet profound it is.  This one thing can completely change everything in your life. Join us in our new shorter format (30-40 minutes).

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    What are the most empowering spiritual questions?

    in Spirituality

    What if asking these questions, "Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? and getting the answers still leaves you wanting more? Join us as we go deeper and share the more provocative questions that will serve your highest evolutionary path.

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    What You Should Know Before Hospitalization

    in Health

    eCareDiary will speak to Melissa Kahn, Founder of Kahn Healthcare Consulting and author of The Personal Healthcare Passport about things to prep for and list of important documents to get ready before hospitalization.

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    CM Radio - Sept. 23, 2015 - Jesse Cook, Emilie & Ogden

    in Music

    Canadian guitarist, composer, and producer Jesse Cook joins us to chat about his chart-topping latest release, One World, and his subsequent performances in support of it. Join us as Mike gets candid with the JUNO winner.

    Also on the show is Emilie & Ogden, the collaboration of songwriter and vocalist Emilie Kahn and her harp. Her traditional folk sound, accompanied by drums, bass, and electronic elements, draws comparisons to the likes of Feist and St-Vincent.

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    Special Equinox - Riding The Wave Of Ascension

    in Spirituality

    This month, there seems to be a culmination of energies, dates and activities. Many of us are being affected by this. Feeling stressed, overwhelmed? We'll discuss how to best work with these energies and what it all means for many of us. During our counseling sessions and through extra input from spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn, we'll provide support and insight that is sure to be fun and informative.

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    (Special Rebroadcast - Ep. 17) On Sacred Ground: Langston Kahn & Clearing

    in Spirituality

    Join host Khi Armand and special guest spiritworker Langston Kahn of ShamanBomb.com and Occupy-Your-Heart.com as we discuss his practice of Emotional Clearing for resolving the root causes of trauma in ourselves and the world around us.

    "Broadcasting the voices of the land and the deceased, host Khi Armand weaves together history, ethnography, and spiritual experience to explore the unique promises and challenges of our time."

    Connect with the stories, people, and landscapes that make us human in this unique, interdisciplinary show featuring guests from a wide variety of fields and backgrounds sharing their expertise on topics of biography, history, and places that matter.

    Culture worker and spiritworker Khi Armand channels marginalized voices from deep within the recesses of our world toward the resolution and reconciliation that we need now.

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    9/8/2015 First Responder as legal ambulance crew member, ICD10 changes, Medicare

    in Caregiving

    This program was dedicated to discussing Wisconsin First Responder legislation currently moving through the State Capitol in Madison.  Bills in the Senate and Assembly would allow a First Responder to be considered a legal ambulance crew member.

    We'll also touch on ICD-10 coding that starts October 1, 2015, and expands what's called "condition codes".  The new takeaway point with moving to ICD-10 is ambulance personnel documentation is more important than ever before to receive appropriate Medicare reimbursement.

    In addition, we'll also discuss with attorney Wendy Arends from Godfrey and Kahn, Madison, Medicare fraud.  Sometimes what you don't know can hurt you - and in this case no one wants to see ambulance servies audited or cited for wrong doing by CMS (Centers for Mecdiare and Medicaid Services) for mistakes or fraudulent billing.

    We also announced our new webcast name change from "Wisconsin EMS Live" to something else to "EMS Live in Wisconsin", and the reason why.

    Co-hosts included Chris Andersen, Joe Covelli, Patrick Ryan and Dan Williams.

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    In Short Order -- William J. Walsh, PhD

    in Health

    William J. Walsh, PhD, FACN, president of the non-profit Walsh Research Institute, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of nutritional medicine and a key scientist paving the way for nutrient-based psychiatry and nutritional medicine.  Over the past 30 years, Dr. Walsh has developed biochemical treatments for patients diagnosed with behavioral disorders, attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder, autism, clinical depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease that are used by doctors throughout the world.  His book, Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain (Skyhorse Publishing, 2012), describes the evidence-based nutrient therapy system.

    Dr. Walsh’s noted accomplishments include:  (a) groundbreaking studies reporting reduced violent behavior following nutrient therapy, (b) the 1999 discovery of undermethylation and copper/zinc imbalances in autism, (c) the 2000 finding of metallothionein protein depletion in autism, (d) the 2007 published study linking copper overload and post-partum depression, (e) the identification of five biochemical subtypes of clinical depression, (f) the 2011 development of the Walsh Theory of Schizophrenia, and (g) the direction of the Beethoven Research Project that revealed that the composer suffered from severe lead poisoning.

    Dr. Walsh has conducted chemical analysis of more than 25 serial killers and mass murderers, including Charles Manson, Richard Speck, James Oliver Huberty, Patrick Sherrill and Arthur Shawcross.  He has assisted medical examiners, coroners, Scotland Yard, and the FBI in these forensics studies. He has designed nutritional programs for Olympic athletes, NBA players, major league baseball players, a heavyweight boxing champion, PGA and LPGA golfers, and others.

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