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    Sherinata Pollock on EcoAlert with Nadine Patrice

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    Sherinata Pollock, the author of Create Your Magic and 2012: Prophecies, Prayers and Preparation, is today's guest on EcoAlert.
    EcoAlert is a talk show focused on environmental news and views of Haiti, the Caribbean and South Florida. The show is produced by Ken English, the MediaMojoGuy.

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    Sherinata on Journey to Bliss Ronit Gabay

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    Sherinata was formerly educated with a bachelor's degree in Business and Fashion. A career in the business world was never a problem for Sherinata, but for personal fulfillment she was always helping family and friends as a medium and intuitve counselor. Personal tragedies over the years, one including the loss of her husband to cancer at 32, left her to raise her 1 yr old son alone but brought her to a whole new level of spiritual growth and awareness. Ten years later, remarried to an amazing and loving husband, raising another child and still entertaining children she had an opportunity to learn about various healing modalities which opened her up to a whole new level of spiritual awareness. In February 2012, Sherinata released her second book, Blastoff! to Create Your Magic, The Ultimate Program of Energy Mastery and Self Empowerment for Kids of All Ages. She has also developed a “magical” and captivating workshop that compliments her book and teaches the Blastoff! technique to those that attend. Sherinata has taken her years of experience in the children’s entertainment industry and eloquently crosses it with spiritual enhancement for the body, mind and spirit. This unique workshop is a perfect blend of fun, entertainment, energy mastery and self-empowerment for children and adults.

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    Learn-Live-Love Guest Sherinata With Medium /Intuitive Beth Lynch

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    Channel & Author Sherinata Pollock of 2012:Propehcy, Prayer & Preparation Mother Earths Plan for Humanity. Experience a positive approach to 2012 and the shifts of consciousness that are taking place. For more go to www.2012motherearth.com

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    Sherinata guest on Learn-Live-Love Sun May 14 10am est

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    By now you have heard a lot of buzz about 2012 and the great shifts that are upon us. The question is, is it the end of the world or just as we know it? Are all earthly events predicted going to be cataclysmic? They say that this is the shift of the Heart Consciousness - but what does that really mean? Sherinata channels the Divine Realm for her book. They give us The Plan and it includes upcoming prophecies, how to prepare for them and global and personal prayers to take us through the shift and beyond. They explain that our history is the evolution of our thoughts, and our world is merely a reflection of how we physically and emotionally treat ourselves and each other. Once we begin to change our thoughts and beliefs, we will begin to see improvements in our world – both in the environment and in manKind.
    Join host Beth Lynch (www.innerlightteachings.com) and guest Sherinata Pollock (www.2012motherearth.com) as she shares empowering information from her channeled book “2012: Prophecies, Prayers and Preparation…Mother Earth’s Plan for Humanity”.

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    Spiritual Success with Reckel & Flow: "2012: Prophecies and Preparations" feat. Sherinata Pollock

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    Welcome back, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, to an amazing and powerful episode. This week hosts Reckel and Flow interview Sherinata Pollock, author of "2012: Prophecies, Prayer and Preparation (Mother Earth's Plan for Humanity)". The mystery of 2012 is unfolding with the emergence of a divine plan. How you prepare today to be a part of this major event will shape the future of life on Earth itself. Call 1-760-890-7168 to listen or to speak LIVE with the hosts and Sherinata on your iPhone, Droid or Blackberry, plus Producer Nick will man the chatroom. See you on the air!

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    Time to Blastoff! and Create Your Magic

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    Sherinata Pollock is here to revolutionize the way we raise our children. By using her specialized energy healing, self empowerment and frequency technique called "Blastoff! to Create Your Magic!". Blastoff, a term that has been coined by Sherinata, is a unique Spiritual Behavior Modification that not only interrupts and aligns behavior patterns for all ages, but it instantly heals the physical body from aches, pains and illness on a cellular level. Weaving the "Blastoff!" into your life also builds overall confidence, intuition and trust on a spiritual level enhancing your overall mind, body and spirit.

    Sherinata Pollock has 25 years experience as an intuitive and has worked with children for over 10 years as a children's entertainer. 

    Her passion is to change the world! Through intuitive and trusted parenting for children, and life skills for adults, teaches kids of all ages how to weave "Blastoff!" into their life in her ongoing series of books, workshops and seminars.

    As a result, using "Blastoff!" on a daily basis instantly manages  aches, pains, stresses, dis-ease, and disorders in your life. In doing so, you magically gain freedom from medications and achieve an overall well-being towards greater health, abundance and happiness in your life.

    Using this sacred technique everday wil activate your energy and naturally guide you to making conscious decisions based on frequency that directly affect your body, life and the entire world.


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    Numerology and Creator Magic

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    In Today's show we will be discussing how numerology, energy and illumination work together to improve your life on all levels. 
    Sherinata Pollock will be joining me on today's show as our Master Illuminator. Join us to find out how you too can create your own magic by experiencing instant healings within your body, life and world.
    I look forward to sharing this valuable information with you!
    Love & Light, Sharri Stailey ??♥

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    "Stepping Into 2012 Empowerment" With guest, author & intuitive channel Sherinata Pollock

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    Just a blink of eye away from the great shifts predicted for 2012, there are many earth events lined up from now until then. Are they all cataclysmic? Is our host wiping the slate clean to start anew? Are we ushering in a whole new realm of existence? Does being human at this time mean you are helpless? How can you heal & transform? Join host AnashaWana (www.HealthySoulCenters.com) and guest Sherinata Pollock (www.2012motherearth.com) as she shares empowering information from her channeled a book “2012: Prophecies, Prayers and Preparation…Mother Earth’s Plan for Humanity”.

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    "Remembering the Magical Creator You!"

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    "Remembering the Magical Creator You!"
    with guest Sherinata Pollock, Author & Channel
    It doesn’t matter how young you are, you are born to be a powerful Creator. You CAN make a difference in your own life and on this planet we all share. Ready to remember how? Host AnashaWana (www.HealthySoulCenters.com) invites author and channel Sherinata Pollock (www.createyourmagic.com) to share her potent techniques with immediate results to blast your magic in motion.

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    The 5th Prophecy & Global Prayer - Saturday Aug 20 1pm

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    Join Beth & special guest Sherinata for a global discussion as Sherinata leads us in the prayer to raise frequency. Saturday Aug 20. Discussion  & Q&A BEGIN AT 1PM.For more visit  www.2012motherearth.com
    5th Prophecy & Global Prayer will begin precisely at 2pm.
    This shift is not about the power of religion, but the strength and power that lies in humanity - 2012 Mother Earth

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    OGLHaiti Today

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    Sherinata joins Nadine to talk about 2012.