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    Wars, Whores & Weasels

    in Politics Conservative

    Elected whores abscond your wealth through ‘legislation' while the oligarchs benefit.  These political weasels pander to the war whores in a fascistic orgy of debt, war and death.  Conservatives cheered when the GOP gained the Senate with cries of repudiating Obama’s agenda and we’ll hold their feet to the fire, yet il douchebag president and his sycophants in the GOP act as though votes don’t matter – because they don’t.  Voting will NEVER restore the Constitutional order so long as the people are not organized in the Militia of the Several States and juries with elected sheriffs courageous enough to arrest the whores and weasels.

    The fascist propaganda machine conditions Americans to wait until the new Congress will...do nothing but launch more wars and debt and weaken us with more chaos. When the people harbor avarice, apathy and anxiety in their hearts; fascism rules the day!

    Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people of good conscience can set aside their differences and band together right now to restore Constitutional governance for a free and virtuous nation from your own neighborhood on up to dismantling the Duopoly. Restoring sound money, free markets, The Militia of the Several States, religious and civil liberties and a sensible foreign policy of non-interventionism backed up by the biggest baddest military on the planet; or watch the statists in both parties push their corporatist agenda to their benefit and our demise. Now is the last chance to stop those who perpetuate an empire abroad and a police state at home.  To defeat the lawless hordes of statists, useful idiots and their fellow travelers especially the Democrat-socialists, first you MUST CRUSH the Neocons. . .for liberty!

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    Backing the Badge: Critical Incident Support

    in Training

    The December 11, 2014, episode of American Heroes Radio features a conversation with Sergeant Gary Bush, Marion County Sheriff’s Office (ret.), Detective Michael J. Saxe, New York City Police Department, (ret.), Dr. Alison Brown, CEO ENCOMPASS, LLC    and Mike Ohren, Vice President, ENCOMPASS, LLC.

    About the Guests

    While critical incidents are commonplace within the realm of law enforcement, providing an effective response is not. During the interview, we will explore a few scenarios that span the career of two law enforcement professionals; Sgt. Gary Bush (Retired Marion County Sheriffs Office/Polk County Sheriff’s Office and Detective Michael J. Saxe Retired New York City Police Department) A couple that are typical/expected in a law enforcement career and the other, an atypical event that we pray will never occur again.  We will look at the effects this had on each law enforcement professional. Sgt. Bush had no CISM or Peer Support services offered. Detective Saxe had the services available. What are the results during and following each of their careers? Critical insight will be provided by Dr. Alison Brown and Mike Ohren, two mental health professionals and co-founders of BACKING the BADGE, the law enforcement Division of ENCOMPASS, LLC.  Sgt. Gary Bush and Det. Michael J. Saxe are the actual professionals that dealt with the situations that will unfold in front of the audience. Therefore, the narrative is very moving, personally and professionally engaging and atypical of most others offered.  This is a rare opportunity to see the effects that cumulative stress, administrative issues, and critical incidents actually have had on law enforcement professionals.

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    CR Live 12/10: After America Plan,Dark Horse Over Arabia,Obama's New Bible Verse

    in Politics Conservative

    7 PM EST

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!

    Tonight's topics include:

    The Mysterious North American Union: An 'After America' Agenda Hiding in Plain Sight
    You Won't Believe What a Cop in Alabama Did to Woman Caught Stealing Eggs (Youtube)
    DHS Document Leak Reveals Obama Plan Allowing Terrorists and Transnational Criminals as Immigrants
    Why Is The US Treasury Quietly Ordering "Surival Kits" For US Bankers?
    Macabre "Flying Black Horse" Caught on Video During Saudi Arabia Storm Seen as Omen (Youtube)
    Scientist Spots Mountain-Sized Asteroid Which Could Impact Earth in Near Future (Youtube)
    Grass-roots revolt over 'huge deception' by GOP
    U.N. official wants prosecution over U.S. torture
    Obama: 'I'm the Big Elf. I'm Like Will Ferrell'
    Retired ABC Journalist Describes Obama's Raging "Profanity-Laced Tirades" Against Press
    Obama quotes nonexistent Bible verse in immigration speech


    And Much More!

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    Having Dialogue With the Colonel - Gary Palmer

    in Entertainment

    I will have the oppoirtunity to Interview with Colonel Gary Palmer and his musical career. How he got started, what made him decide to start new band The GP Project


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    Winchester Radio--Discussion of Supernatural's 'Hibbing 911'

    in Entertainment

    Jody Mills (guest star Kim Rhodes) reluctantly attends a mandatory sheriff’s retreat and is partnered with an overeager sheriff named Donna (guest star Briana Buckmaster) who wants to bond. Just as Jody thinks things can’t get any worse, a body with just strings of meat and skin hanging off the bones is discovered.  While the local sheriffs blame an animal attack, Jody knows better and calls Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles).  Tim Andrew directed this episode with teleplay by Jenny Klein and story by Jenny Klein & Phil Sgriccia.

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    Ron Siegel Radio Network Nov 14 2014

    in Real Estate

    Ron Siegel of Anaheim Hills CA and David Harrington of Aliso Viejo CA discuss current events, financial markets, politics, and even poking fun at the rest of the media in a live radio broadcast from Anaheim CA.

    Ron and David will discuss: Why did David run for Office; Biggest Issues facing Aliso Viejo; What made David leave a career in the Sheriffs Department for the City Council; Commerce Department reports Retail Sales; Obamacare changes for 2015; #1 Reason you should sell your Real Estate Now; Historical Mortgage Rates by Decade; How to throw away a fortune; Mortgage Minute; Your Credit Matters; Real Time Real Estate; Word on Wealth; and so much more.

    Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that will benefit you / your family.

    Reach Ron at                  

    Twitter: @RonSiegel



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    A Muslim and a Catholic wake up in America....

    in Politics

    Tuesday 7pm CST you asked for it now you get it Isa by himself with out the distraction from Common Cal. Thats right people all of the ADHD that Cal brings to the table is gone for this next episode so come on in and lets talk about the Neo Nazi thugs some still call civil servants the police. My possible guest if his boss lets him will be none other then Don Bates. When I left the military (USAF EOD) join the police academy serve as a sheriffs deputy transferred to a Manessa ball Police Department in May 2001 did search and rescue in New York for Ground Zero came back 1 December and quit from being awakened by the corruption that my eyes and saw. Serve as a private investigator for years while I earned my degree in medical Laboratory sciences quit that in April of this year to run for office and I lost…
    Trying to figure out what new and exciting thing to add to my resume. International terrorist just doesn't quite fit the bill kind of boring.

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    Key Budge, Fraud Investigator, L.A. County Sheriff’s Department (encore)

    in Current Events

    Originally aired 1/7/2014

    Detective Key Budge is a major fraud investigator with the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department.

    Key has been recognized by the financial sector for his work in this field.

    Detective Budge has traveled across the United States training law enforcement, the banking industry and the public regarding fraud trends.
    Key is also an on air personality with a local radio station sharing his knowledge of fraud crimes with his listening audience.


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    in Spirituality

    Michael Ellegion and Laura Legere will share exciting new information on what our Common Law Grand Juries are doing, including the release of prisonsers.


    The National Liberaty Alliance, not yet a year old, is vital and active in all 50 statates!  The Common Law Grand Jury sits ABOVE the Supreme Court - the fourath arm of government. Constitutional Sheriffs now in alignment.


    Read more from Michael and Lauara:  http://www.hollowearthnetwork.com/page/466759580













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    Manny Vega Will Report Live From The White House

    in Politics

    Manny Vega will report live from the White House with Sheriff Kits.  Manny Vega protesting in front of the White House will give a live update.

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