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    Willie Lawson Show - Building A New Conservative Infrastructure

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    If it isn't it should apparent to any red-blooded conservative that the current conservative/Republican infrastructure is not sufficient to move the message of conservatism any farther than it is right now.  It is time to build a new infrastructure that is willing to move into new areas in news ways to touch new people.  A very important aspect of this infrastructure is media.  Current Republicans are, and for good reason, afraid of the liberal media spin on anything that they don't like. We have to understand that the bully pulpit is controled by media sources that are not friendly to the conservative cause.  And they broadcast to every corner of the world 24/7.  The only ways to combat that media machine is to buy them, fire everyon there and replace them with journalists, not activists. Or build a separate more powerful media infrastructure.  The Willie Lawson Show nad show like it are ready to become the pillars of that new infrastructure. Help us by investing in our future.  Go to www.willielawsonshow.com and click the paypal donate button to invest in our future.  Another place to to help build is the Black Conservatives Fund http://blackconservativesfund.com/.

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    Episode 1 (Naked Departure and Sheri Veronica - A woman on a mission)

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    In this pilot episode of the Naked Depatrure talk show, the host Charlie Spice introduces the woman behind the fastest growing and most controversial Facebook page about injustice in the Caribbean. 

    Tune in and join the discussion that takes you behind the scenes of the Naked Departure journey of the publisher, Sheri Veronica who is a woman on a mission to save her country from injustice.

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    Willie Lawson Show - What IS Our Purpose?

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    Tonight we explore the purpose of the Willie Lawson Show mission and talk the direction of the Independent Conservative Movement.  With the 2014 election looming, the importantace and the effectiveness of the ICM is indeed in question. Tonight we make an appeal to cover our budget shortfall of $301.00. to help us tonight go to www.willielawsonshow.com


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    DW3 pays “Tribute” to their late drummer-mentor Ricky Lawson

    in Entertainment

    GRAMMY®-nominated vocalists DW3 are brothers Billy & Eric Mondragon and Damon Reel.  With the release of their highly-anticipated Woodward Avenue Records debut, Southern California’s premiere R&B, funk and contemporary urban jazz powerhouse DW3 lets the world in on a cool “Vintage Truth” paying tribute to their late drummer Ricky Lawson.

     “Vintage Truth” features contributions from a handful of the genre’s superstar performers. Brian Culbertson plays piano on the opening track, the rousing, vocal harmony laden R&B tune “Let The Music.” Paul Brown produced, mixed and contributes his inimitable guitar to “I Can’t Tell You Why,” while Greg Adams lends trumpet and horns to Eric’s original tune “Hold Me,” and Dave Koz infuses his lush sax emotion on “When You Cry.”  Before he passed away, legendary GRAMMY®-winning drummer Ricky Lawson, who performed with DW3 in the final two years of his life, co-produced four of the core tracks on “Vintage Truth” with keyboardist Sean Dancy – including “Dance With Me,” “Overjoyed,” “California Dreamin’” and “When You Cry.”

    Follow DW3 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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    First time children's author Sheri Poe-Pape Will be a special guest on the GWJS

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    First Time Children’s Author Sheri Poe-Pape will be a special guest on the George Wilder Jr. Show this Saturday 4/11/2015 starting a 6 pm Central Standard Time, CDT, or Chicago time. She will talking about her book, ‘Cassie’s Marvelous Music Lessons.’ Please Join us for that and have your questions ready to be answered by the author. The Wilder Network and Internet radio. Please join us that, as always, it should be fun. Check out and listen to all shows at www.blogtalkradio.com/georgewilderjr



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    Willie Lawson Show - $5 Friday

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    Today we wrap up the week.  We also spend some time challenging my listens to 5 dollar Friday.  give $5 to the Willie Lawson Show Fundraising effort and then challenge your friends to do the same.  Positive peer presure is always fun to watch.  It made millions for ALS.  We are just looking for a couple hunded. 

    So, if you are a member of Americans for Prosperity American Majority, Liberty News, Tea Party Express, Urban Game Changers, Republican Party, Libertarian, this is your chance to put up or shut up. 

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    An American Epidemic of Police Shootings and Brutality

    in Politics

    "My Brother Was Gunned Down Like An Animal"

    Baltimore Suspends 6 Police Officers in Inquiry in Death of Freddie Gray

    Are The Police In America Out Of Control?

    April 24, 2015 @ 3-6 pm



    "The Last Word" with Michael Lawson


    “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person, give him a mask and he will tell you the truth”

     Oscar Wilde


    Today’s Guest:

    Thomas Fortenberry, TLW Senior Producer

    Michael Evans, Chair Fresno County Democratic Party

    Randy Voller, Former Chair NC Democratic Party

    Dr. Grace Liem-Galloway, Former Chair Carbarrus County Democratic Party

    Corine Mack, President Mecklenburg Chapter NAACP

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    TRUNEWS 03/18/2015: Chris Lawson and Johnnie Moore

    in News

    Following Barack Obama’s humiliation in the Israeli election to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu, Rick talks about David Axelrod’s meddling in Nigeria to elect Boko Haram supporter Muhammadu Buhari as President. Researcher Chris Lawson talks about the occult book Jesus Calling and other New Age deceptions. Filmmaker and author Johnnie Moore tells Rick why Christians must unite to stop ISIS from destroying Christian civilization in the Middle East.

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    The Legendary Sheri Sher discusses her new novel, 'Mercedes Ladies'

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    Legendary Hip Hop Artist and Author of the novel 'Mercedes Ladies', Sheri Sher talks with Elegant Eventss about founding the first all-female DJ & MC Crew in Hip Hop history. Sheri Shers' novel is based on actual events. 'Mercedes Ladies' is a MUST READ straight from the ACTUAL VOICE OF Hip Hop Culture from the beginning stages.

    Join us Thursday, April 2, 2015, 9-11 pm EST on Southern Muscle Radio with Hip Hop Pioneer, Sheri Sher as we discuss her personal journey to self-empowerment. Call in to Southern Muscle Radio at (646) 727-2352 or log in to www.southernmusclradio.com/listen

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    in Spirituality

    Sheri Brown is an internationally known Psychic Medium who works in Atlanta, Georgia.  Sheri is known and recognized for her abilities to bring forth messages from the spirit world. Sheri is able to tune into the higher vibration of the spirit world and bring back messages from spirit guides and loved ones.  This communication is known as channeling or mediumship.  Sheri is known for her direct style and approach and gets right to the point in her readings. Sheri uses these communications with the spirit world to bring about Clarity and Insight.

    Sheri radiates truth and integrity with all of her work wishing to help others on their spiritual journey. Sheri has a open heart and uses all her talents to bring about answers and wisdom to your higher and greater good.

    Her skills include Clairvoyance, Medium, Reiki and Chakra/Aura Balancing. Sheri is also a Certified hypnotist. Sheri is an highly trained and skilled energy healer, a licensed massage therapist, has her Real Estate License, and started her own holistic spa. She teaches classes in meditation, energy healing, psychic development. Her intention is to use these skills in order to assist people with shifting blocks in their lives and integrating their mind, body and spirit into one.

    Sheri Brown does this with a sense of Love, Light, Compassion and always Gratitude!


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    Lynch Confirmed, Why It Doesn't Matter

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    The president's nominee to replace Attorney General Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch was confirmed by the US Senate yesterday.  This confirmation has some conservaives in quite a snit. Today we will explain why they are over reacting and why this is a non issue.

    We will hit on what i think Wal-Mat is up to with these mystery store closings.