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    Negdog Radio War vs The Core Wednesday-Episode 291

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    On this Wedsnesday War vs the core Negdog @negdog is beinging back his superhero in the fight vs Fed Ed and more! the @commoncorediva is back again with special guest Sheri Few of www.uspie.org bringing us up to speed on the latest actions on common core, ESSA, Fed Ed, UNESCO, and more! Think it ends there? Think again! 2+2 still = 4!!! Call in to speak with our guests!

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    02-01-16 Monday Night with Sherry Shriner

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    Monday Night with Sherry Shriner - Listen to what God's Messsenger on Earth has to reveal!

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    Barbados, Month in review - Child Abuse and Corruption Worries

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    Exposing corruption in Barbados and the month (January, 2016) in review.   (1)  I am a student at Harrison College.  I got into this school because I am bright, but Naked, I am one of the poorest students here.  And yes, I have sex with my teachers.  I have sex with them on the school premises, in their cars, at their homes and at the beach.  Anywhere we can hook up, we do.  But believe me Naked, they will be sorry in the future.  Why?  Because I plan on exposing them to the world.  (2)  Burned baby:   I know of a little baby boy who was burnt in a nursery in Barbados back in August, 2013.  He was 8 months old.  The nursery he was in was an illegal nursery but people were given the impression that it was legit.  Since that little boy was burnt, the nursery closed down and this was a big scene.  The owners are people who have money and big friends, up to now nothing has been done lawfully about that little boy because I have been watching and listening very carefully.  They lied to the father about how the little baby was burnt.  They even made sure the baby’s father was set up and sent to jail for a robbery.  I don’t even think that poor man knows what hit him!  People who went to give a statement in his defense ended up in jail.  That’s Barbados for you — that’s how they work.  (3) Peter Harris and the people of Barbados' concerns about him.  Etc. Etc.

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    01-25-2016 Monday Night with Sherry Shriner

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    Monday night with Sherry Shriner - Listen to what God's Messenger on Earth has to reveal. 

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    Paul Altman and Massive Land Fraud. School children and predatory teachers

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    LAND FRAUD:  Paul Altman:  Are you the owner of the title deeds for Limegrove Shopping Center? How did you manage this deal without the land papers and did the former managing director of Republic Bank Mr Lehunte loss his esteemed position because of this massive land fraud.  Platinum Bay Condos, are you aware that Sotheby Realty pull up stumps as the realtors for this property, where Cheffette used to be after Mr Joseph Jordan established once and for all he’s the owner of Golden Anchorage Ltd which includes all lands from Limegrove to Molyneux.  How did you pull it off, and still managed to be bestowed Barbados highest honor?  We believe you should renounce this knighthood if any of these allegations are true.  A document fell off the back of a truck saying these lands were sold to Joseph Jordan on the 26th March 1986.  Property Transfer Tax Act Cap.84A section 12A. Form A47-072, No 1128/86 with your then company name Alleyne Aguilar & Altman Ltd as the real estate sales agent to whom commission was paid of $4,950.00 not as the OWNER or TRANSFEREE.  You seems to have a moment of amnesia here.  Briggs Williams was the former owner not you again. You would have remember I hope that Clarke, Gittens & Farmer were the attorneys who is part of this land transaction.  Maybe you should hire them to alleviate any malfeasance on yours or they part.  Even Howard Palmer the owner of the Beach House now knows this.  Dear Sir you cannot sell or market Platinum Barbados in Holetown.  These white on black injustices have to stop.  Massa days done long time ago.  Do the right thing for the sake of your knighthood and ask for forgiveness and a pardon.  Maybe we should be pardon if we got it wrong sir… Next the Central Bank.   Anonymous

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    PTSD & Autism Up Close with Sheri Timmons

    in Women

    We are pleased to have Sheri Timmons join us this week. Author Sheri Timmons is a devoted wife and mother of six who boldly shares her faith with others. She shares her life experiences that led to her PTSD diagnosis and how she fought to battle back to a place of peace, joy, and healing. Sheri also shares the uncertainties her family faced when their youngest child was diagnosed with Autism and how they refused to give up hope that he would not do well in "normal" settings. She hopes that by telling her story, she will be the light that someone needs.

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    Episode #290 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

    in Indie Music

    Join host Jacqueline Jax for a Behind the Music interview broadcasting live with Indie Artists from around the world.

    Today's Artist Lineup:
    -1pm est: Jeff Bernstein
    -1:20pm est: Sheri Lynn
    -1:40 pm est: Young Z
    -2pm est: George K Johnson
    -2:20pm est: Narcoticz

    A.V.A Live Radio is an Independent new music station featuring new artists from all over the world. Our mission is to honestly and accurately cover the current state of the music industry and band life culture from the perspective of the music artist. Join our host, recording artist Jacqueline Jax as she journeys through the complex and inspirational music and media world talking with music icons, indie artists, producers and industry professionals joining our music community from the four points of the globe. We invite you to become a valued member of our community as well by subscribing today. www.AvAliveRadio.com || www.twitter.com/AVALIVERADIO || www.facebook.com/AVALIVERADIO || You may also enjoy our support website for developing artists www.americanvocalacademy.com || Our Host www.JacquelineJax.com

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    Terrorist Threats and Water Woes

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    TERRORIST THREATS:  Barbadian terrorists on the loose!  

    WATER WOES:  The debate continues about water woes of the people of various parishes around Barbados. These water mains (photo attached) were exposed to the media as proof that the government of the day had neglected the health of the people of the country when they halted the relaying of millions of dollars in water mains as they now turn from the black color to a rusty color in bushes.  It adds to the woes of the only hospital on the island which is experiencing a shortage of supplies.  Not to mention, students who are pursuing a tertiary education, both home and abroad in Jamaica, are yet to receive their bursaries.

    As the three most important aspects of health, education and water are being compromised by the bad management of your government's sloppy approach to you as a people, a healthy population cannot flourish! An educated people can be viable as they can be resourceful and last but not least the most important item; water, which is life as our people do need water for their health assurance.  Any good and thoughtful government would explore these three important aspects of these matters of great concern.  Copied from Rawle Maycock

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    Terrorist Threats From Barbaric Barbadians to Evolving Barbadians

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    Terrorist Threats From Barbaric Barbadians to Evolving Barbadians.  Why fight the process?  Why stand around and watch your people destroy each other?

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    The Wicked Domain on LiveParanormal.com with National Paranormal Society

    in Paranormal

    Join your host Alex Matsuo on Sunday, January 17th, 2016 at 9pm EST/6pm PST as she welcomes the Assistant Executive Director of National Paranormal Society Sheri Collins to the show to talk about the NPS Endeavor Project. This a show NOT to be missed!


    *You will need to create a FREE account on LiveParanormal.com to enjoy this feature*

    Call-In Number: 619-639-4606

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    Founded in 2011, the National Paranormal Society is an organization designed to bring together the best the paranormal community has to offer.

    The society affords investigative groups, scientists, researchers, ghost hunters, and the general public a place to go to ask questions, share knowledge, and learn from each other. In this field, true breakthroughs will happen because we are sharing results, refining techniques, and pushing each other to maintain a high level of integrity and quality of work.

    Explore all that the NPS has to offer. From investigative teams in your area, to psychics across the state, haunted locations across the country, and radio and television dedicated to the exploration of the paranormal every hour of the day or night. You can visit their website at http://national-paranormal-society.org/

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    35-Year Journey of Rape and Sodomy at Ellerslie School by Irvin Harris

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    35-year journey of rape and sodomy at Ellerslie Secondary School.

    The system of rape and abuse of power has been out of control for years in Barbados.  Ellerslie Secondary School had one of the biggest serial pedophiles in the History of Barbados on that school's teaching rolls. That man raped and sexually abused people's boy children for about thirty plus years, and everyone knew about this fucking monster. The Ministry of Education in Barbados is the breeding ground for child rape and pedophiles.  Victor Callender


    Panel:  Sheri Veronica  Rawle Maycock  Patricia Hinds  Victor R. Callender  Alex Mitchell