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    Tierica Berry- Affirmative Expression

    in Entrepreneur

    Tierica Berry is an authorpreneur and founder of Affirmative Expression. Her company operates in two primary markets; education and entrepreneurship. Within education she focuses on women’s empowerment, spoken word and literacy. On the entrepreneur side she helps entrepreneurs write, publish their books and leverage their book to grow their business. In partnership with Hustle University, she recently released Hustle and Grow Rich, a book to help individuals reach the next level in their business and personal lives.

    Senior Program Coordinator

    Authorpreneur Coach




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    Relationship Matters

    in Spirituality

    Emmie Hamel believes uniting with common purpose to transform your life and your relationship is not only possible but very feasible. With her husband Grant, Emmie models the art of balancing self care with relationship care, walking her talk with courage and clarity. She talks about losing ourselves, finding ourselves and the value of self-care as part of relationship-care. AND - Emmie will answer your questions online. 

  • Mother's vs Baby mama's/Child Abuse

    in Current Events

    Tonight we will be delving into the differences between a mother and a baby mama. Some people to get it confused and think a mother represents all facets of parenting sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't but we will definitely touch upon the differences. We will also briefly discuss child abuse and Jennifer Berry the woman suspected of throwing her infant out of the window. What drives a person to do such a deed?

    So join us as we take it there tonight on The Menu.

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    A World Awakening: Meet the REAL Adam Berry

    in Paranormal

    "A World Awakening" strives to unify, empower and give voice to an ever-expanding collective of like-minded individuals who seek Light, gathering together as a cohesive global community. Changing the world begins with changing the mind. Our singular intention, our mission is to serve, to love, to explore, inform and enlighten, promoting peace along the path of a spiritual journey destined to achieve understanding of our eternal connection. We seek the truth which will liberate and elevate humanity.

    "Let us live simply in the freshness of the present moment, in the clarity of pure, awakened mind." Matthieu Ricard

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    Diana Kerekes RN Interviews Pauline Leung

    in Health

    On todays show we will have the pleasure of interviewing Pauline Leung. She has a very amazing story to share with all of you. She will share what using the Glissandra Skin Care System has done for her life

    During an interview Pauline stated  “I just stayed home and eventually the allergy left me as mysteriously as it arrived, but it left behind those big colored patches and rough spots. These pictures don’t truly show you how bad my face was. My friends tried to coax me out of the house, but I didn’t want to face the world looking like that.”

    “Nothing happened for a few days, but within two weeks, I began to see some improvements on the color of the scars, and within two more weeks they were gone – I mean, just plain GONE! And so were my fine lines. My skin tone looked years youngerand today, 10 months later, I barely use make up and hardly have any wrinkles. Strangers ask me what have I done to have such perfect skin? I tell them about Jean’s formula, Glissandra. In fact, when I was visiting friends in Hong Kong, I had to sell what I had brought with me, and order more online for friends and family. Everyone loves it, because it makes them look so much better.”


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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & 'Living Spirit' Sheryl Glick

    in Health

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Sheryl Glick. Sheryl Glick, a New York-based accredited Reiki energy healer/medium, offers individual and group sessions and teaches healing and spiritual development. Sheryl taught in New York City schools and holds a BA and MS in Education/Literature. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and a longtime hospice volunteer. She is the author of Life Is No Coincidence, The Life and Afterlife Connection. Sheryl Glick is the host of Healing from Within, an internet radio show heard on www.sherylglick.com .
    Sheryl’s newest book, The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love. The Living Spirit relates stories and poignant examples from Sheryl’s experiences as a spiritual healer/medium.

    this Q&A includes:

    • many symptoms of autoimmune disease- nourishing herbal infusions, slippery elm balls, dannon plain full fat yogurt..

    • do not remove mercury fillings- absolutely no evidence that mercury fillings are poisoning you..

    • linden flower infusion is more powerful than steroids in anti-inflammatory action..

    • what happens when you drink only one quart of nourishing herbal infusion a day and no water or other fluids?

    • emotional intelligence and intuition...

    • genetic links to grey hair..

    • making hawthorn berry infusion..

    • osteoporosis- drugs, calcium, vitamin D, infusions, yogurt and bone mass..

    • herbs and food to increase health and fertility of men..

    • medical profession is not here to make you healthy, they are here to cure disease..



  • Friday Night Prayer -

    in Religion


      We welcome all those who do not have a church home, or a place of worship to join us for Prayer and weekly services. To join us after the call has ended you call over to the conference line 724.444.7444 Access Code 73551# then enter 1#

    Sunday Morning Praise - 11:30AM

    Life Changers Thursday Night Bible Study 7:00 PM

    Friday Night Prayer - 6:00-7:30 PM

    all times are Eastern Central Standard Time

    The Ministry Contact Information

    Email: sharetaberryministries@minister.com

    Tel: (919) 438.1473

    Web: http://psbministries.wix.com/sbministries

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    R&B artist "Switch" and Promotions Guru "Harry Coombs"

    in Music

    Switch was an R&B/funk band that found fame recording for the Gordy label in the late 1970s releasing hit songs such as "There'll Never Be", "I Call Your Name" and "The Best Beat in Town" and influenced bands such as DeBarge, which featured members Bobby and Tommy's siblings. Named due to their ability to ‘switch’ to different instruments during a song, the group got the attention of Jermaine Jackson who heard the group’s demo tape and within days the group was promptly signed to the Motown Records subsidiary label, Gordy. There, they recorded and released their self titled debut album in 1978. Since 2010 Switch has reunited featuring 3 original members, 1 original sessions/on stage guitarist, and 3 new members.

    Harry J. Coombs is a true legend in the music industry. He was national field representive for Gamble and Huff (Philadelphia International Records) and has been involved with too many artist to beign to name. Harry has worn many hats and is a wealth of knowledge on how the music business works. His story has just been released in the book "My Musical Journey, and we are pleased to have him on WDKK Radio to share with you.


    in Radio

          If you know Johnny Davis, you know he’s a good guy, now.  He wasn’t that way when he was young, and you know what?  No one probably could have told him he was going to have a show where he would be throwing down the jamms.  And the reason why I spelled it JAMMS and not JAMS, is because Johnny Graham Carcker (Cracker) Davis is popping them preferences, just for all of you who have learned to love this show.  THE HONEY COMB HIDEOUT is on the real, all kinds, all types, all styles, all and all we sho love to ball!  Johnny Davis also does his show after KINGS IN THE MORNING on Wednesdays, and it’s WILD!  I’m going to pretend I’m Chuck Berry and yell, GO JOHNNY GO!

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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy and Guest Robert Berry 09/23/15

    in Lifestyle

    I am happy to have my friend Robert Berry as my guest for Live Your Music 09/23/15.

    Robert Berry is a Grammy nominated recording artist, singer, songwriter, producer, and performing musician.

    He was featured on an album titled "3" with Keith Emerson & Carl Palmer; he has toured with Ambrosia; and has a long running project - Alliance - with members of Boston, Sammy Hagar, and Night Ranger, and has also performed with the Tubes, and Greg Kihn.

    Robert is also the owner of Soundtek Studios in Campbell, California.

    During this interview, Robert and I will be talking about what it was like to perform with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer and Paul Keller for the 3 Live Tour in 1988. We'll also be talking about the new release of a two-CD set 3 LIVE BOSTON 88 of live recordings from a concert in Boston.

    I'll be playing a song I love which is titled On My Way Home, from the live album, during the show.

    To find out more about Robert Berry and to connect with him online, please visit his website at: www.RobertBerry.com

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    What Is Spiritual Warfare Pt. 2 Teaching - Prophetess/Pastor Shareta

    in Religion

    What Is Spiritual Warfare? Part 2,

    Last Thursday we went over Part 1 of our What Is Spiritual Warfare Teaching with Prophetess/Pastor Shareta, We gave out some key points as highlighted below

     What Is Warfare:

    Hostile or competitive battle between enemies or rivals where something of value is at stake or may be lost (like your family, or your soul).


    We also gave out some key scriptures also:

    2 Corinthians 10:4
    1 Samuel 28:1
    Isaiah 40:2
    1 Corinthians 9:7
    1Timothy 1:18

    Today we are going to talk about Who is Satan and Where Did He Come From? We will be reading the following scriptures below.

    Ezekiel 28
    Isaiah 14

    Bring your Bibles and Pen and Paper and be ready to take notes.


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