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    Shelly Aristizabal, New Leader of Business Women Connect

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    Shelly Aristizabal is magnetic, intentional, and ready for the challenge of leading BWC!  You can get a good feel for what Shelly's all about by visiting her site http://www.shellyaristizabal.com/ but for the real scoop on what she has in store for YOU and BWC, be sure to listen to this episode. 

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    100 Day Challenge with Shelly Aristizabal

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    Join Business Women Connect's NEW President, Shelly Aristizabal, as she chats about the importance of Goal Setting and The 100 Day Challenge! 
    Now it's your turn to take the 100 Day Challenge, start the year fast and focused, and to achieve some superhuman goals.
    Gary Ryan Blair, the #1 best-selling author of Everything Counts developed this extraordinary program by fixating on one life-changing question:
    What does it take to deliver radical results—quickly? The 100 Day Challenge contains the answers, and the best part is that it's appropriate for everyone in the Boardroom, Classroom, Locker Room and Living Room.
    Vist www.BusinessWomenConnect.com to Get Started

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    Shelly Aristizabal chats with Gary Ryan Blair

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    Shelly Aristizabal chats with Gary Ryan Blair,  the creator of The 100 Day Challenge! If you are looking to make 2013 Your Best Year then Start Fast & Finish Strong!
    Join us as we begin the 100 Day Challenge on January 15! 
    Go to www.BusinessWomenConnect.com for details!

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    Shelly Aristizabal chats with Karen Hough

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    Come on, Get Unstuck! Karen Hough is the Founder & CEO of ImprovEdge, and has been using improvisation as an engaging learning tool for over 12 years. She is the author of the Amazon #1 category Bestseller, “The Improvisation Edge: Secrets to Building Trust and Radical Collaboration at Work” , and just about to release her 2nd book soon! She is the recipient of the Athena PowerLink Award for outstanding women-owned business, and ImprovEdge is a certified WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise). 

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    Shelly Aristizabal chats with Allyson Spellman

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    CEO & founder of Unleash Your Voice, leading woman’s empowerment coach, author and speaker. The Unleash Your Voice brand consists of programs, workshops and tools designed for women to uncover their authentic voice and reclaim their true identity. 

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    Special guest Shelly Aristizabal-Infinite Soul

    in Spirituality

    Today we will have our 3rd and final speaker from the Infinite Soul Conference, November 12.  
    Shelly Aristizabal is one of the world’s leading Community Commerce Executives, an author, speaker, coach, and a passionate student in the area of personal development and achievement. A product of the success principles she teaches, Shelly became a innovative entrepreneur early in life and now is committed to sharing the basic life skills and lessons of success with people of all ages and stages. Shelly is committed to encouraging others to design and pursue the life of their dreams everyday. She has enjoyed her mission to discover her own true purpose and to live a more meaningful life. This journey has lead her to trust God completely and follow her heart. Now she encourages others to begin their own journey toward discovering and living a healthier, happier, more prosperous life. 
    Visit Shelly at ShellyAristizabal.com

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    The Shelly Wilson Show with Drew Cali and the Mediums at Large

    in Spirituality

    Psychic Medium Drew Cali with special guests Mediums at Large (Gina Barry, Kim Watts and Kathi Munson) presents an evening of Spirit Messages in a private banquet room at The Courtyard Marriott at 11 Excelsior Avenue in Saratoga Springs, NY on Friday, June 5, 2015 from 7 – 9 pm. This evening will entail 2 hours of gallery-style Mediumship connecting various audience members with loved ones who have passed on, while providing evidence, information and messages of love, hope and healing.

    Psychic, Medium and Healer Drew Cali recognizes that honor, integrity and compassion are a must when working with Spirit. His goal is to raise the awareness of Spirituality in a broad based and universal manner so that all walks of life may become more in sync with their divinity, purpose and natural intuitive self. 

    Mediums at Large is a partnership of three Psychic Mediums - Kathi Munson, Kim Watts and Gina Barry, who offer gallery style mediumship readings on a regular basis. They have trained together with nationally known mediums and have solidified their bond during spiritual journeys here and abroad.

    Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Growth Coach Shelly Wilson would love to assist you on your spiritual journey. She is the author of 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within and Journey into Consciousness. http://shellyrwilson.com

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    Shelly Nun-Chucks Show Ninja Sunday

    in Entertainment

    It's ninja sunday, just never know what I'll bring up.

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    Shelly NunChucks w Rick Didham

    in Entertainment

    Hi Shelly! I hope this helps, we should check to see if the skype thing works too. Im Ricky.Didham on skype

    Rick Didham is a Singer/Actor and model from Auckland New Zealand.
    He has performed on and off from the age of 6 years old appearing in musical variety shows, Theater productions and New Zealand televisions shows. To help pay bills he has modeled in international campaigns for Philips, Air New Zealand and Budweiser beer. Ricky has also appeared playing a game of poker with a Sasquatch. In a Tv Commerical for the very popular "Snacken with Sasquach" series. In his spare time he is the lead singer for his band Ancient Sage.

    Ancient Sage is a New Zealand based Indie band. formed in 2011 By writer Shane Neiman and Ricky Didham. Other band members joined later on. Vishal Kabir Lead guitar and Nash Josi rythm guitar are both originally from India. Their fist EP Modern Mythology is available to listen to on Soundcloud.

    (note later on this year Ricky will be the flying down to his birthplace in Dunedin to star as the lead actor in a short Art film called "The Playing field" It is a comedy/drama about sports ie Rugby and sexuality. The film will be submitted to international short film festivals)

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    Cooking and Comedy w/ Mitchelle M. Cobb & Chef Shelly

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, we have a special guest filled episode representing and empowering the strength of females in the entertainment world who are making major moves in their crafts.

    Kicking the show off, we speak to a beautiful young woman out of the California area who is branding her name and talents in the cooking lane. The personal Chef Shelly is LIVE on the line to talk about the background, hustle, and goals of being one of the most popular personal chefs in the Cali area and what she looks to take on next with her talents. Follow her on Twitter/IG - @PersonalChefShelly.

    We feature a woman who is well-established as a comedian and actress in the Latin community already gracing numerous shows and movies in that culture. Mitchelle M. Cobb is her name and she is LIVE on the line with us to discuss her background, experience on the television screen, the latin entertainment community, and much more. Follow her on IG and Twitter: @Labarbs.

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    Shelly Dressel: the Goddess of Creation on #togetherforNepal

    in Health

    A registered nurse, Shelly Dressel first began channeling in 1995 as means of seeking a deeper connection to her own divinity as well as to that of the angels, guides and teachers who surround her. She is a clear channel who is able to tap into situations from a soul perspective. This perspective is higher than the plane in which our mental activity takes place. Shelly’s channeled information always comes from a place of love and acceptance. In the ensuing years, she’s channeled innumerable angels, teachers, masters and received unique words and phrases from the Goddess of Creation, to assist you move into a deeper vibrational healing. These words work in a subconscious manner to bring change to your life. Shelly enjoys passing along her knowledge in form of teaching; her ongoing classes include Opening to Channel, Expanding Consciousness, and Creating Balance in Your Life.

    In this interview, Shelly will share with us an open stream of information through the Goddess of Creation on behalf of the people in Nepal after the recent earthquake and their healing journey.

    Hosted by Luciana Stiglich, founder of Inner Healers.