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    Rainbow Straight Talk with Sheila Putang and Megan Bunger

    in Lifestyle

    We created this format to be able to discuss on topics that affect the LGBT Community in everyday life. We will also be having discussions on different events, and things that happen in the world. We are wanting to create a VIEW sort of format and will be looking for one or two more guest host in the future. The first episode, our main discussion will be addiction. This will cover sex addiction, drug addiction, and alcholol addiction. Rainbow Straight Talk format is produced by Link Putang.

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    Sheila Putang Episode 3 Being True To myself

    in Lifestyle

    Sheila talks about some touchy issues and lets her listeners know what she thinks. The following topics are on this episode. New Website, Ex Gay Therapy Clinics,Where is Bryce, and Why I think Obama is not doing such a great job.

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    New Rainbow Straight Talk with Sheila Putang Episode 1

    in Lifestyle

    The new half hour format of Rainbow Straight Talk with your host Sheila Putang will have you gasping "Oh No She didnt" when yes she did.
    Join Sheila as she talks about LGBT rights issues, politics, entertainment , gossip and more.

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    Rainbow Straight Talk 001-2011 With Sheila Putang and Christa Hilfers- Putang

    in Politics

    WestBoro Baptist Church is stirring up a whole lot of controversy with their Supreme Court Ruling in their favor saying their protest of gay soldiers funerals are protected by the first amendment. Along with that the state of Iowa is trying to put a ban on gay marriage by taking steps to put it on a ballot to let the people vote on it.
    More and some juice from your Host Sheila Putang, Co Host Christa Hilfers Putang and joining us tonight former Co Host Megan Baby Putang! Its a show you don't want to miss.

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    Rainbow Straight Talk Episode 2

    in Politics

    Sheila Putang along with her Co hosts Baby Putang, Lynn Fomma Putang, and Christa Hilfers-Putang will be tearing apart the worse conservatives that ever hit TV and the air waves, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

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    Rainbow Straight Talk and Gays Setting The Record Straight Holiday Episode

    in Lifestyle

    Sheila Putang and Megan Bunger AKA Baby Putang are combining the two show formats for a special holiday episode with special guest host Lynn Fomma Once a Putang. This show will be a combination of past topics and current LGBT events. Its going to be a very fun show.

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    Sheila Putang Gays Setting the Record Straight Speical Epsiode

    in Lifestyle

    This is a special espisode to cover what we forgot to cover in episode 4 Gay men Cruising for sex, FriendsofBryce.org has been established, and Judge In New Orleans denies inneracial couple the right to marry.

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    Gays Setting The Record Straight

    in Lifestyle

    That make you think show on Gay rights and life is back. Sheila Putang and Baby Putang will set people straight on situations, and politics that effect the LGBT Community. This episode will be uncovering the harmful lies that the Westboro Baptist Church (God hates fags) preaches about LGBT people around the world. Listen as Sheila and Baby discuss the true truth about God and gays.

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    Sheila Putang and Link Putang Show on Gay Issues and More Episode 1 Entertainment and Informative

    in Lifestyle

    We will be talking about LGBT issues, entertainment, politics, and so much more. This episode will cover my latest blog post and also will be discussing my out look on gay rights, and what is happening in the world today.

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    P2P Global Health Forum

    in Current Events

    Moderator: Sheila Kasasa, founder of the National Africa US Chamber of Commerce in order to aid in the development of an interconnected global community of African diaspora small and medium enterprises comprised of driven, self-motivated individuals.


     Dr. Akua G. Asare, A graduate of Case Western Reserve University with her Bachelors of Arts in International Studies, Akua G. Asare M.D went on to receive her Medical Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Asare works at the American College of Cardiology in product development of Toolkits and mobile applications to address high priority clinical areas and integration of the ACC’s institutional offerings in the Quality Improvement for Institutions program. 

    Andrena Sawyer, Founder and President of P.E.R.K. Consulting, a Maryland-based consulting company for nonprofits and small businesses.  She is a certified Self-Esteem and Life Skills Trainer. She serves as a liaison for IEDA Relief and as an Executive Board Member of Education for Hope and Project Dream BIG. She is also an avid writer. She is the author of The Long Way Home and The Other Side of Assertiveness. 

    Gbenga Ogunjimi,  social entrepreneur strengthening institutions in Africa. He currently serves as the Founder/CEO of LDI Africa, an award winning social enterprise working both in the U.S. and across Africa. LDI Africa is a nonprofit social enterprise that builds the capacity of African corporations, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations to compete in the global marketplace through the service of skilled volunteers.

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    Thuli Dumakude- A History Lesson not in a classroom

    in Culture

    Africa the motherland and where there are many storytellers passing on traditions to the African and African American Communities. The stories told answer questions of history, tell of lessons passed on and taught to generation after generation. Through oral tradition the storytellers pass on folktales, traditional knowledge, practices and the richness of the people. History is in the word spoken by storytellers. Thuli will join us and talk about South Africa and through her stories about the young generation and the growth of South Africa. She will talk about how Africa has stayed true to nature and it’s cultural. Thuli will also grace us with stories and information about a new generation that is thriving in Africa. Thuli stated all eyes are on Africa and there is a new birth in the continent. Thuli is winner of the Sir Lawrence Olivier Award in London and the Obie in New York for her lead role in Poppie Nongena. She’s the winner of three (3) Audelco Awards in New York for writing, directing and performing her one woman show Buya, Africa, she also won the FNB Vita Award when she performed Buya Africa at the Civic theatre in Johannesburg South Africa.Thuli played Rafiki in the Lion King on Broadway, Poppie Nongena in New York, London, Toronto, Australia and Chicago. She performed Bongi in Bongi’s Journey at Crossroads theatre in New Brunswick, Lost in the Stars, Kamadonsela (Lady Macbeth) in Welcome Msomi’s Umabatha in South Africa, London, Israel and New York City. Halala the musical at The Ariel off broadway, Sheila’s Day at Crossroads Theatre in New Brunswick, Grahamstown Festival and The Market Theatre in Johannesburg, Madre, in Juan Darien, directed by Julie Taymor. She just played the role of grandma in Generations at Soho Rep.Thuli is currently at The Playroom Playroom Theater in NYC performing in Africa My Beautiful.