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    Debra's Round Table: With Sheila Finkelstein - Real Seniors Using iPads

    in Writing

    Known as “The Tech Savvy Senior,” Sheila Finkelstein, is a 75-year-old grandmother.  Her “kids” (educators and business people) often come to her for “how-to’s.” Even her son who teaches computers to high school students came to her a couple of years ago to learn how to use Twitter!

    As a former teacher and current life coach, Sheila has had years of experience in honing her communication skills – –  the very skills that are so handy in supporting seniors to have fun while learning how to thrive in the age of technology.  First, she “tunes in” to expressed needs in order to discover just what is important to seniors, and  then establishes what they want to accomplish. - See more at:







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    Guest: Sheila Zilinsky (The Weekend Vigilante)

    in Religion

    The Weekend Vigilante® with Sheila Zilinsky is the fastest growing show in alternative media. It examines what you’re not being told on the 6 0′clock news. Hailed as ‘Alex Jones in a skirt’, she exposes the emergence of the New World Order, totalitarianism, tyranny, the steady erosion of freedoms, liberties & sovereignty; as well as the extirpation of Christian values. She wages war against establishment corruption, corporate fascism, eugenics, martial law, the encroaching draconian police state as well as the unseen hand of evil orchestrating world events. Visit her website at http://www.weekendvigilante.com.

  • 00:31

    3 Muses - Judgment

    in Spirituality

    Join Tierney Sadler, Sheila Cash and Mary Phelan as the 3 Muses talk about Judgment.  Are you judging or are you afraid of being judged?  Listen in on this lively conversation!

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    The Sheila Ingram Show " A Moment with Sheila"

    in Women

    Helping to move women from pain to power and from power to victory

  • 00:44

    Power of Prayer with Global Prayer Partners Founder Sheila Gale

    in Prayer

    Many of us know how powerful prayer is in our everyday lives. Prayer is used among people in every walk of life and in all spiritual pathways. It gives us strength,hope, and encouragement to face the challenges we encounter in this human existence.

    Today's special guest, Sheila Gale suffered a major crisis in her life when her daughter became ill. Her daughter was waging a battle against a prolonged mystery illness, wasting away in the hospital attached to tubes and wires. Miserable to see her daughter endure such suffering, the longtime host of the hugely popular The Sheila Show, reached out to her listener base for a desperate favor in the form of prayers. Inundated with responses, she read all 450 of them to her daughter. Miraculously, within 48 hours her daughter was healed.

    Realizing that there are many people from all parts of the world and from all different religious and theological backgrounds who need a helping prayer from time to time, Sheila Gale founded GlobalPrayerPartners.com. Global Prayer Partners connects people in need of prayers with compassionate, loving prayer partners and healers who are dedicated to the healing and upliftment of others.

    Sheila Gale has built a career by helping other people help themselves. The Sheila Show has been a wellspring of self-healing instruction and inspiration for her followers. Now she wants to help people on a much bigger platform; through direct intercessory prayer.

    Today she is here to tell us her story and to encourage us to get our communities involved in Global Prayer Partners.

    Learn more about Global Prayer Partners by visiting http://www.globalprayerpartners.com

  • 00:45

    Abiding Love Worship Center Ministries: "Legally Blind" Stuck in Religion

    in Christianity

    Abiding Love Worship Center Ministries with Evangelists Aaron & Sheila Gravett.  Listen as Sheila and Aaron candidly and boldly discuss "Legally Blind" Stuck in Religion on "Grace in Your Face."  Learn how the grace of Christ breaks the bondage of legalism in your own personal life and in your church.  This message of grace and freedom will shake the bonds of chains that religion has placed on you.  Let Christ reign in your life, not religion!




    YouTube: Abiding Love Worship Center


  • 01:01

    Tough Talk Christian Radio

    in Christianity

    Tough Talk Christian Radio hosted by Tony Gambone with his guest Raymond Maaske & Sheila Gale:

    Raymond MAASKE reminds us that we have been given the gift of LIFE and that we are to live it fully and completely. The limitations we place on our lives are usually those we place in front of ourselves. MAASKE throws caution and complacency to the wind and remind us that we are extraordinary if we just accept ourselves as ‘ordinary’ and follow our heart’s desires. What did you sell your life for? Did you get what you expected? Be inspired, encouraged, reminded BUT never be the same after listening to Live Life Like You Stole It (nOT Sold it)!

    Sheila Gale has been bringing Quantum Edge Healers, Top Visionaries, Inspirational Speakers and Best Selling Authors to the airways for more than a decade. Sheila’s listeners appreciate her authenticity and quick wit. She is a refreshing change as a renowned T.V. and Radio Host. The Sheila Show is heard in 130 countries via the internet each week. Sheila also has a T.V. platform, interviewing cutting edge speakers worldwide, that can be seen on her website.
    Sheila’s mission is to live and teach, “Self Love”. She calls it “The Final Frontier.”
    So many of us look to others for answers, for healing, for help. When you get empowered and realize that “it was you, all along” miracles will flow to you with ease.



  • 02:59

    #PettyAfterDark Petty Confessions CALL 646 668 8182

    in Relationships

    whats some petty shit you did u just dying to get off your chest

    we having a confession session tonight so u can call in and let that shit out

    no matter how petty...or how dark and twisted we wanna know

    also in honor of Tupacs birthday im play all biggie song (pettyden)

    special music from  the petty gods

    and hear shit like this ...

    Joy .....Been slayin this guy for 2 years and he is practically married. He even spent their anniversary with me be at the crib using her stuff im petty tsk tsk

    Sheila.... I charge my kids friends a pack of lunch meat, hotdogs, a jug of juice, etc. in order to spend the night. Fawk I look like Wal-Mart??

    CALL 646 668 8182

    #Petty After Dark Petty Confessions TPG Tuesday Petty Gathering

  • 01:00

    Shine - Global Prayer Partners

    in Women

    Do you beleive in the power of prayer? 

    Prayer has been at the center of my life for years and years and personally I have seen first hand how miracles and faith work hand in hand.  Today's guest has an inspiring story about prayer too.  An answer to her prayer for her daughter (you'll have to listen to hear it all) lead her to SHINE in her own life and purpose. Sheila realized that there are many people in need--from all parts of the world and from all different religious and theological backgrounds--who require a helping prayer from time-to-time. Prayer is the great unifier as all of the spiritual pathways believe in the power of prayer. GlobalPrayerPartners.com will offer an extraordinary worldwide network for prayer requests to be answered by concerned spiritual seekers and healers from around the globe! learn more about her at http://thesheilashow.com/

    Your Host Antiqua Lisha has a deep desire for you to realize how important your life is, no matter your past and discover how to step into your own spotlight.  As a personal coach she has a gift for you her book Ageless Beauty as well as an invitation to schedule a 30 minute discovery session with her to learn more about her programs and coaching.  http://www.Antiqualisha.com 

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    The Sheila Ingram Show " A Moment with Sheila"

    in Women

    A show design to move women from pain to power and from power to victory

    discussions on womens issues and upclose and personal interviews on the Sidebar segment

  • 00:33

    A Musing: Marriage is a Legacy

    in Women

    Today's Show:

    "Haven't you read," he replied, "that at the beginning the Creator 'made them male and female,' and said, 'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh' ? So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate."   Matthew 19:4-6 NIV

    This week we are continuing our topic on marriage with guest, Sheila Gunlock.

    Sheila's Links:

    Websites: http://www.sharinggraceministries.com/ and http://www.sheilagunlock.com/

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/sheilagunlock

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sheila.gunlock

    Heather's Links:

    Website: http://www.heatherrandall.com/

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/HeatherMRandall

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