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    They're Doin' the Most

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    (Intro) Boughetto has a struggle kitchen moment.  Lavinia shares her kitchen creation. (13:00) Ya Ya Dacosta to play Whitney Houston in upcoming LifeTime TV biopic.  (19:45)  Blu Ivy-gate.  Nappy-gate.  Cant' a Toddler live?  Boughetto coins "Creole Denial".  (35:00)  Love & Hip Hop's Stevie J arrested for owing $1M in back child support.  (43:30) Black folks and their creative funeralizing situations.  (50:45)  New reality tv hot sleezy messes, "Preacher's Exes" and Mona Scotts Black college Greek life show.  (59:00)  Justin Beiber gets baptized by hipster NY pastor in a hotel bathroom.  (1:04:15)  Quick revisit to the Pastor These Hoes Aint Loyal story.  After hearing the entire message, are their opinions changed?  (1:08:15)  The GOP wants to go back into Iraq.  (1:10:45)  Lavinia's side bar: There aren't enough summer programs available to kids due to budget cuts.  (1:12:15)  The Arsenio Hall show is cancelled...again.  (1:15:00)  Little Bill's Alice the Great (voiced by Ruby Dee) passed away.  RIP Queen Ruby.

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    Hater of the Year

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    Thanks for tuning in!  #DemGirls, Lavinia and Boughetto are cuttin' up again.  This week they begin the show by following up a couple of past stories.  As promised, Lavinia found the name of the book she remembers from the Reading Rainbow.  She also has something to say about the feedback on the pork story.  They discuss the Sgt was a prisoner of the Taliban for the last 5 years until his release last week.  Was his release in exchange for the release of 5 top Taliban commanders a good?  They also discuss Pastor Jamal Bryant White and his "These Hoes Ain't Loyal" serman.  Boughetto's got a read for him.  Finally, they wrap it up on the top of the #SupremeIdiots , Dummy who strapped her baby to her wedding dress & the screenwriter who blames the lack of accolades for his movie "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" on  the success of "12 Years a Slave" and the Ill-timed (not untimley) death of Nelson Mandela. Weigh in on all our topics on Facebook (www.facebook.com/nerdyblackchicks) or Twitter (@nerdyblkchicks).  Follow the chicks on Twitter & IG  (Lavinia @shebeshonuff, Boughetto @boughettorising).  You can listen to all of our past episodes on BlogTalkRadio, Itunes, & Stitcher.  Please remember to show us some love by clicking that thumbs up, or by giving us a 5 star rating and leaving a review.  You can also send us your feedback to nerdyblackchicks@gmail.com.  We appreciate your support!

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    Don't Be Trippin, Baby

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    Thank you for tuning in to and supporting our show!  This episode begins with Boughetto trying to break her neck while recording. Dem girls talk about the bitter sweet news of the passing of Maya Angelou.  Followed by a brief message delivered by Queen Angelou on the Power of Words.  #GoodNewsBlackPeople!  Levar Burton has raised more than enough money to bring back Reading Rainbow.  Can we get Reading Rainbow for grown folks?  Don't care about Kimye, but Jaden Smith showing up at the nuptials in a white bat suit got our attention.  And the Smith's are under investigation by child protective services after that photo of Willow and her 20 year old friend went viral. Where's their Grandmama?  Somebody needs to get them on it.  Lifetime taps Angela Bassett to direct their made for tv biopic about Whitney Houston.  The Houston family is not feelin' this at all.  Who does Bobbi Kristina say should play her mother in ANY movie.  Love and Hip Hop Atlanta drops a song that is terrible, horrible, and bad. Lavinia & Boughetto consider the possibilites of producing their own hip hop track.  And Finally TI vs Mayweather...over Tiny?  Really?  How does she do that? 

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    Good News, Black People!

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    Thank you for tuning in!  This week Lavinia & Boughetto start of the show with a few "good news" stories.  Their main topic: "Resegregation" of schools & unequal education.  Why and how is this happening 60 years after Brown v Board?  Lavinia shares her personal experiences and observations of segregration within seemingly integrated schools.  Rihanna picks on a teen fan for her Ri Ri inspired prom bat dress.  Celebrity bullying and instagram foolishness.  GTFOH News stories:  Ray J to give Kim K $40,000 from their tape profits as a wedding gift.  If that BS is true...smh.   Baltimore Raven, Ray Rice avoids court for wollopin' on his girl.  Boughetto reveals what she learned about the incident on her recent trip to the Atlantic City Revel Casino.  Roll Call!!!  The Maya Rudolph show debuted last week and Michael Jackson's ghost/hologram performed a song he didn't like at Billboard awards.  Are you here for it? Weigh in on all our topics on Facebook (www.facebook.com/nerdyblackchicks) or Twitter (@nerdyblkchicks).  Follow the chicks on Twitter & IG  (Lavinia @shebeshonuff, Boughetto @boughettorising).  You can listen to all of our past episodes on BlogTalkRadio, Itunes, & Stitcher.  Please remember to show us some love by clicking that thumbs up, or by giving us a 5 star rating and leaving a review.  You can also send us your feedback to nerdyblackchicks@gmail.com.  We appreciate your appreciate your support!


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    I'll See Your "Negro" Comment & Raise You 1

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    The Sterling Scandal:

    We had a few seconds of audio issues but we go right into the show.  Boughetto is tired, and Lavinia is sweets-deprived but they plan to keep it movin'.  Lavinia talks about her struggle with this 7 day challenge she started this week (5:00).  This week in racism: Cliven Bundy and how he believes black people were better off as slaves (7:30).  The girls discuss the Bundy foolishness & the double standard for old racists. The photo that started the Sterling Scandal (14:35)  The side-chick's got history & game (19:33). We don't condone side-hoein' , but this is hoein' done right (26:25). She used her side-hoein' tricks to get at my man: The wife's lawsuit that started it all (27:18).  Loud music interuption causes Lavinia consider another way to record the podcast, but they continue on to talk about another lawsuit filed by the Sterlings against another side chick (30:00). Adam Silver bans Sterling from the NBA, and this got women trying to get at him (32:10). Friend of the show, Jerome Espree weighs in on the Los Angeles Chapter of the NAACP who was going to give Sterling a second Lifetime Achievement Award (37:28).  They wrap up the show by giving the Clippers and other NBA players props for being how they were planning to handle things if the commissioner had not handled things the right way. 

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    We're Gon' Get Our S--- Together.

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    Tonight Lavinia (@shebeshonuff) and Boughetto (@boughettorising) talk about what everybody's talking about, LHHA's Mimi Foust and her "leaked" sex tape with Nikko Smith.  The ladies explain their positions on loving or hating this this scandal.  While Lavinia still tries to figure out who Nikko is, Boughetto spills the tea about some of his rumored questionable behaviors (11:15).  Sex tape vs a o. Are sex tapes the Kim Kardashian way to success?  Could Mimi be jocking for her own spinoff?  Attention seeking online, what some people will do to be known for something...ANYTHING (17:15).    Lavinia talks about one of the grossest attenting-seeking stunts she's ever witnessed online (17:25).  Wakka Flocka Flame and his girl are the newest members to LHHA. The Nikko Smith mix up.  Who is really going to profit from this sex tape (24:14)  The ladies get a little emotional for a momen (25:55) S/O to the Black Is Podcast for expounding on our beef about churchified sex song from a few episodes ago.  They had an awesome roundtable discussion.  Also much love to Big B & Queen Neen of the In Deep Show.  Check them out on Stitcher!  (27:17),  Lavinia goes off on a tangent (28:30).  Drake makes a wish come true for a sick girl (31:00).  Boughetto shares her thoughts on the nursing home stripper-gate story (35:25).  Lavinia catches feelins when she realizes they are almost out of time.  Big B from the In Deep Show joins us for closing of our show.  He immediately goes left, but redeems himself by speaking a prophetic word over the Nerdy Black Chicks Talk Radio Show. (40:45). Please like us on FB, www.facebook.com/nerdyblackchicks, and follow us on twitter @nerdyblkchicks.  Or you can email us at nerdyblackchicks@gmail.com .  And please share, share share!  Thanks for listening!!! 

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    We begin the show with a brief but very important message about National Sarcoidis Awareness Month from @IamJustLeticia from the Pisces Life Network. Boughetto is multitasking, cooking while broadcasting. Lavinia briefly explains why there was no live show last week.  The ladies talk about the recent stabbing at a Pennsylvania high school.  Lavinia issues her own PSA to parents regarding their children.  Then they cover the story about Shanesha Taylor, the homeless mother who was arrested for leaving children unattended in her car while she interviewed for a job.  The desperation had to be so real for her do what she did.  We are later joined by friend of the show and political strategist, Jerome Espree who co-signs Lavinia and Boughetto's "This Country is so Raggedy" rant. This welfare system is a trap.   Tell us what you think about the show or share your thoughts on the topics we cover.  Like us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/nerdyblackchicks.  Follow us on Twitter, @nerdyblkchicks, @shebeshonuff, @boughettorising. Or send you emails to nerdyblackchicks@gmail.com.

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    ReBroadcast: #RayRice #Juror4 & the #PreachinPlayboy

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    Due to some technical difficulties that we're experiencing, this is a rebroadcast of a past episode.

    The arrests of Ray Rice and fiancee, Janay Palmer.  Was it a minor altercation, or did he knock her the hell out.

    Juror #4 from the Dunn Trial reveals, jury was deadlocked on Guilty vs Not Guilty (9 - 3).

    Boughetto tells us about the new app that ladies can use to rate their male friends on Facebook.  Finally, Lavinia shares a story about her interaction with the toothless drunk preaching playboy at Burger King.

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    The Nerdy Black Chicks' Out of Order Episode, and they are cuttin up for real this time.

    Judge Joe Brown gets 5 days in the clink for telling the magistrate, You ain't got the juice!  Nick Cannon dons powder and and ugly wig to promote his new album White People Party Music. Who's mad, really?  Yet they weren't mad about Dave Chappelle's "whiteface"....hmmmm.  What is white people party music, anyway? Nasty ole Lady Gaga has some chick throw up on her on stage.  What will she think of next.  Wait...didn't she do a song R. Kelly?  Ray J posts a pic of an Instagram bully and says she looks like Planet of the Apes.  Did he have to go there?  ....Had a brief bought of technical issues... P. Diddy changes his name again before releasing a new album.  Thanks you to "EZ" out of Jersey who called in and joined the conversation!   Great caller, who managed to shade the artist formely known as Diddy and himself at the same time.  lol  RHOA's Cynthia Bailey is accused of fraud.  Omar Epps, the warrior leather mini skirt & men with up dos. 

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    Crackheads have Crazy Strength

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    Boughetto and Lavinia are pissed off that George Zimmerman is being considered a "celebrity" by Celebrity boxing match coordinators.  Lavinia has a few a stern message for anyone involved with the boxing match between Zimmerman and DMX.  Of 15,000 match ups, of course they put GZ up against a damn crackhead.  They discuss their disappoint in the Bowl, because their was nothing "super" about it (17:00).  Let's stay focused.  Who cares about Manning?  Russell Wilson made history. "Colin Kapernicker?".  Dr. Martin Luther King's children are in court figthing over his stuff...again (26:20)  Somebody needs to help them fix their lives. Boughetto reluctantly tells us about her blog post, Why I Chose to go on Youtube and Watch Africa's Next Top Model (35:15).


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    He Does His Best Work When He's High...Sheila Dickerson!!

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    Lavinia (@SheBeShonuff) and Boughetto Rising (@boughettorising) begin with their morning tv watching routines.  Followed by a disclaimer that they just aren't as sharp at 11pm as they were before winter kicked in.  They give their modest opinions of the President's State of the Union Address.  Lavinia calls for it to be blackchurchfied on youtube complete with organists and ushers. Our friend, Jerome Espress joined us with all of his political wisdom and saved us like Drake saved SNL (15:35),  He breaks the Bengazi Scandal down. Republicans and Democrats got issues.  Edward Snowden is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Norwegians (31:35)  Where's Dick Gregory's Nobel Peace Prize nomination? He's been warning us about the goverment spying on us for decades, Toronto's Mayor Ford accused of getting his sister's ex-boyfriend beat up in jail (35:30).  NY Rep. Michael Grimm threatens to throw reporter off the balcony.The corrupt Baltimore Mayor that everyone loved (41:45).  Boughetto shares a story from her former cop days when she had to take some fools down. (42:40)  And of course the show cuts off just when things get good.  Gonna have to come back for the After Show. 

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