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    SHOTS FIRED by @GrownZone! My reply

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    Priceless wisdom was handed down to me be my elders, southerners born in the late 1800s and early 20th century who migrated North, who were sharecroppers and domestic workers, business owners, medical professionals etc.

    They made it easy for me to thrive. My childhood was charmed as a result. I learned and played hard with no interruption. I truly am a child of MLK's "Dream".

    Just this morning I read about young black feminists who said they would/would not "march" for Eric Garver because "'nuff black women out here providing soft landings for your b!tch @sses, I am not one of them".

    Obviously there is more going on here than the murder of a man that many of us saw lately via a passerby and his camcorder. The situations involving the two women, one dead one not, mentioned in this show are not as cut and dry as Eric Garver or even Trayvon Martin.

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    U.S. Marshal Harry Bailey and the case of the WICKED FARMERS vol 2 of 12

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    Wicked Farmers is a case involving an old Farmer who after he had built-up his father’s farm, unwittingly sublet it to a couple of crooked sharecroppers who plotted to steal it from him.


    One sunny morning an old panhandler collapsed in front of Marshal Bailey in the middle of midtown Manhattan. Marshal Bailey called for an ambulance and wound up riding with the old man to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, Marshal Bailey learned the old man’s life story, as he clung to his last breath.

    The old man asked Marshal Bailey to restore his good name, and his daughter’s inheritance, which was the land his father gave him.

    His only child Sara, an up and coming attorney turned her back on him after he lost his wealth by trusting in other people.

    Sara an aspiring attorney now works for the law firm that represented the Sharecroppers who plotted and stole the panhandlers fathers, her grandfather’s, land.

    Once involved, Marshal Bailey finds himself in a joint investigation concerning the daughter’s law firm that may lead to her arrest while he is attempting to reclaim her inheritance, and restore her love for her dead father.

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    Pratibha Parmar, film maker "Alice Walker in Truth"

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    THIRTEEN's American Masters Series Presents the First Film Biography of Writer/Activist Alice Walker in Honor of her 70th Birthday and Black History Month. Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth premieres nationally Friday, February 7 at 9 p.m. (eastern) on PBS. American Masters - Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth charts Walker's inspiring journey from her birth into a family of sharecroppers in Eatonton, Ga. to the present. Pratihba Parmar, is the film maker of this insightful bio-documentqry. She joins us to discuss more details about the film.


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    Ron March...Warfare Against Black American

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    The Elaine Race Riot, also called the Elaine Massacre, occurred September 30, 1919 in the town of Elaine in Phillips County, Arkansas, where Approximately 100 African-American farmers, led by Robert L. Hill, the founder of the Progressive Farmers and Household Union of America, met at a church. The purpose was "to obtain better payments for their cotton crops from the white plantation owners who dominated the area during the Jim Crow era. Black sharecroppers were often exploited in their efforts to collect payment for their cotton crops.

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    Medical Racism Part II

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    The United States of America has many institutions that lead the way in medical research, but unfortunately, advances in medicine have come at the expense of Black Americans and feeble citizens of America. In 1932, U.S. Public Health Service  enrolled 600 impoverished, Black American sharecroppers from Macon County, Alabama in a study of the ravages of untreated syphilis. This clinical study was funded by the United States government and maintained for 40 years ( between 1932 and 1972) in Tuskegee, Alabama to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis in rural black men who thought they were receiving free health care from the U.S. Public Health Service and the Center for Disease Control. The study continued under numerous US Public Health Service supervisors during the 40-year period even after it had been demonstrated that penicillin cured syphilis. US Public Health Service paid local doctors not to treat black men enrolled in the Syphilis Experiment. It took public outcry to initiate the closure of the study after reading about the “experiment” in the New York Times.  The Syphlis Experiment at Tuskegee  terminated on November 16, 1972.

    Henrietta Lacks was an African American woman who went to Johns Hopskins University Medical Center for gynecologic treatment. Tissue was taken from Ms. Lacks without her consent, was grown in the laboratory and now serves as the control for cell culture research systems around the world. Henrietta Lacks died in 1951 from cervical cancer, a very poor woman, and was buried in a grave without a tombstone. Johns Hopkins Medical Center has made billions of dollars from the propagation and sale of the human tissue cell line, "HeLa cells" grown from Henrietta Lacks. In 1970 Henrietta Lacks died and was buried in an unmarked grave and has never been recognized for her contribution to the advancement of science worldwide.



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    The voices of former sharecroppers

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    Slavery after the "Emancipation" Pastor Edward Griffin will share his life experience as a former sharecropper in Anquilla, Ms. Join Ines Soto-Palmarin, Co-Founder of Gathering of Hearts as she discuss her views concerning the Mississippi Delta Poverty Tour with our listeners.

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    "Voices of Wisdom" - Honoring Emmett Till

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      Honoring Emmett Till on his birthday, July 25, 2013
    Will be the Battle siblings, Thelma and Robert who used to live in the same house Emmett was dragged from in East Money Mississippi.
    Join TRIBE Family Channel and host Joey Pinkney for another episode of ‘Voices of Wisdom’ with former sharecroppers of East Money, Mississippi, Dr. Thelma Battle Buckner and her brother Bishop Robert Battle.
    Dr. Buckner shares how her family navigated periods of deep-seeded racism in her new release, "The Battle of a Daytime Nightmare." Faith, finesse and a lot of fortitude kept their family year after year, when the way of the south cheated them as black sharecroppers unapologetically, murdered their grandmother and even stole their inheritance-80 acres of oil and mineral rich land. The Battle of a Daytime Nightmare www.thelmabattlebuckner.com

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    SRA featuring Min’imah Shaheed

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    Min’imah Shaheed grew up on a farm in Arkansas with her mother, father, and nine siblings who were all sharecroppers.  Advancing to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she went back to school after getting married and rearing seven children.  Mrs. Shaheed is also the proud grandmother of ten, and has six great grandchildren.  She was a factory worker before going back to school.  She was employed there for 10 years and everyday she said that she was going to quit.  A thought would bombard her mind, such as: “You’re supposed to be helping human beings and not getting someone rich.” Each day she noticed that she was getting sicker by the moment. This condition progressed over time; eventually causing Mrs. Shaheed to quit her job.    With a thirst for knowledge, at age 40, Mrs. Shaheed went back to school to advance her skills in basic academics. In the process, one of her instructors in her reading class asked her “To get her G.E.D. and go into the college crossover program.”  Mrs. Shaheed said, “Oh no, I can’t do college work!” And his reply was, “Oh yes you can.” The math instructor said, “Mrs. Shaheed, you have great potential.”  She replied, “Where.” He replied, “You have to bring them out.”   So that motivated her to continue with her education.  She set her goals by age 50; she would have her G.E.D. Associate and a Bachelor Degrees by age 50.  But she accomplished them at 49.  Mrs. Shaheed said, “Returning back to school was the best part of her life.  She met many wonderful instructors and professors whom she felt helped her build self-confident.    She received her Associate Degree in Human Services at Milwaukee Area Technical College and her Bachelors at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.  

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    This week, The African American Biography Series of 2013 brings to you the life of Mr. Jackie Robinson and Mr. Willie Mays.  Two African American Major League Baseball Players. Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia in 1919.  He was born into a family of Sharecroppers, but his mother Mallie Robinson single-handedly raised Jackie and his other siblings.  From his humble beginnings he grew into the first Baseball player to break into Major League Baseball and to break the color barrier that segregated the sport of Baseball for 50 years.  At UCLA, Jackie Robinson was the first athlete to win Varsity Letters in four sports:  baseball, basketball, football and track.  Due to financial difficulties, Jackie Robinson was forced to leave college.  He enlisted in the U.S. Army.  He became a second Lieutenant and lasted two years in the Army before receiving an Honorable Discharge.  In 1947, Brooklyn Dodgers President Branch Richey approached Jackie Robinson about joining the Brooklyn Dodgers.  The Major Leagues had not had an African American player since 1889.  Jackie Robinson's life and legacy will be remembered as one of the most important in American History.  Mr. Willie Mays today is 81 years old.  He was born in Alabama and imagined becoming a baseball player like his father.  While working in a steel mill Willie Mays' father also played on a semi-professional baseball team which was sponsored by the mill.  He began teaching Willie to catch a ball even before he could walk.  At age 14, Willie Mays joined his father on the mill team.  By age 16 Willie Mays began his professional career with the Birmingham Black Barons. This is Black History on internet radio, blogtalkradio.  I'm Laura Gall and the name of my show is "You Talk Too Much".  Thank you for listening.

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    Below the Surface

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    Robb Overholt - speaker, starter, pastor, warrior poet   Robb  was born into a poor family of sharecroppers in the late nineteenth century somewhere in the farm country of a distant continent. Being a lover of cheese, at the tender age of 8, he packed his bags and headed for Wisconsin of the famed United States. It was there that he was taken in by a vagabond group of merchant marines. Under their tutelage, Robb developed a brisk passion for soft-rock classics that would render him a hopeless fan of the likes of Air Supply many years later. Becoming known as the one who really created the Internet, Robb would seek and eventually find solace as he retreated to a quiet life somewhere on the estate of Aaron Spelling. He was last seen waving a glow stick in the back row of a Barry Manilow concert belting out Copacabana at the top of his lungs. NONE OF THAT IS TRUE. THIS IS: Robb Overholt married his high-school sweetheart, Shaula, in 1993. Their marriage continues to hold strong twenty years later and Robb considers this their greatest achievement. Being a catalyst, Robb has spent the last sixteen years beginning new works that build stronger communities. With an innovative approach, he has initiated and launched many community projects, served on large church staffs and led three successful church plants from North Carolina, to Virginia, to Las Vegas. He and his wife both share a passion for helping individuals and organizations unleash and reach their full potential. Living in Virginia Beach and father to the two greatest kids in the world, Robb enjoys the privilege of working with organizations from Hampton Roads and around the country on organic development and innovative practices for transformative works in the life of individuals and organizations.

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    Riley Martin and Alien Abductions

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    Riley Martin says it all started when he was seven... they took little Riley aboard an alien spacecraft to a huge mothership near the planet Saturn. Born 1946 into a family of sharecroppers where adults can not read or write.
    In 1953 two aliens took little Riley on his first trip to their mothership near Saturn. Riley's second trip was when he was 18. It was on this trip that they placed a strange looking headset on him... then in a matter of seconds download into his brain ...beautiful symbols by the thousands...then while Riley slept they downloaded the history of humanity, alien insights,and a whole lot more.Riley made friends with this little alien he calls..Tan.O-Qua Tangin Wann. 

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