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    Gracious Wild: A Shamanic Journey with Hawks

    in Spirituality

    Stacey Couch is a devoted shamanic practitioner, naturalist, archetypal consultant, and author. Her calling is in cultivating the sacred bond between humans and nature. She works as a publicist and journalist for the planet, empowering people with the ability to form a real connection with their own souls.  As an answer to her life-long yearning to help save endangered species, Stacey accepted a position working on a lonely, abandoned island. Although she was there to help rescue a species of fox from the brink of extinction, it was a host of hawks that caught her attention. The encounter was the start of the soul-searching quest that Stacey writes about in her extraordinary memoir "Gracious Wild: A Shamanic Journey with Hawks".  She is a published scientific author with a degree in Conservation Biology. After years of working as a professional wildlife biologist, Stacey turned to matters of the soul and became an avid practitioner of spiritual healing and wisdom, taking a special interest in shamanism because of its nature-centric approach.  Stacey Couch is both a Certified Shamanic Practitioner and a Certified Archetypal Consultant. She is the founder of Wild Gratitude a shamanic practice that offers individual healing, spiritual consulting and workshops. Wild Gratitude is a website with a wellspring of information on animal symbolism.  Her website is: http://www.wildgratitude.com

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    Rituals and Meditations-Learn Shamanic Journey

    in Self Help

    In Rituals and Meditations, Teresa first teaches the basics of Shamanic Journey. This is the first of a 5 part series, about using meditation to heal relationships, patterns of self destruction, debt and health concerns.

    Shamanic journey is the art of using Visualization and intention to enter an altered state of consciousness in order to connect with the spiritual dimension of reality. It is the basis of all 3 Meditations in Teresa's online class, Rituals and Meditations.



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    Rituals and Meditations-Learn Shamanic Journey, Part 5

    in Self Help

    Learn Shamanic Journey Rituals as Teresa wraps up her series, Introduction to Shamanic Journey,  with the crowning glory of Akashic Records.

    Shamanic Journey Part 5

    Using the technique of Shamanic Journey to enter the Akashic Records is unbelievably beautiful, soft loving and sacred. Tresa has been a professional reader for many years and considers this one of the most beneficial types of healing available to us.

    For a personalized reading, visit Teresa here.

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    Rituals and Meditations-Learn Shamanic Journey Part 3

    in Self Help

    Learn Shamanic Journey Rituals with Teresa Maron She knows how powerful these techniques are from personal experience and wants to share them with you, in this Introduction to shamanic Journey series.

    Shamanic Journey Part 3

    The Ritual : When your Workshop is established and you are ready to begin your Shamnic Journey, establishing a ritual, that is repeated each time,  is a key element.
    In part 3 we will learn to establish a sacred space and craft your questions.

    For more in depth information try Teresa's VIDEO class, Rituals and Meditations download it today, and learn at your convenience! Class sample here!

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    Rituals and Meditations-Learn Shamanic Journey, Part 4

    in Self Help

    Learn Shamanic Journey Rituals as Teresa discusses the technique of deepening and how she uses it to reveal past lives for herself and her clients.

    Shamanic Journey Part 4

    Deepening into the past lives is a technique from hypnosis that takes you even further into your altered state. Many people "see" past lives, but it is not uncommon to hear voices, or other sounds, experience feelings or just have a sudden burst of clarity. The first few times you enter this deep state you might not understand what you are experiencing, but with patience and of course, repetition you will soon be getting strong guidance.

    For VIDEO instruction, take Teresa's comprehensive online class, Rituals and Meditations, a sample of the class is HERE.

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    Mystical Shamanic Journey Into the Wild with Wildlife Biologist Stacey Couch

    in Spirituality

    When wildlife biologist Stacey L.L. Couch undertook a full-time role working and living alone on an island to care for endangered foxes in a captive breeding program, she had no idea that she would be forced to realize her own vulnerability. The isolation is an accidental vision quest that spured a dramatic life change. Her guides in this process were a series of hawks. The hawks helped Stacey cultivate her own gift for finding grace in the everyday.

    In her book, Gracious Wild: A Shamanic Journey with Hawks, Stacey tells the story of her incredible journey out of the mundane world of science, and into the vast shamanic realms of creativity and inspiration. She guides readers on an intimate exploration of what happened when she allowed the messengers of nature to guide her.

    Stacey's belief is, "that wild animals are trying to speak and interact with us every day. To listen to them is to listen to that which is divine within each of us. Their calls mirror our own inner calling to a greater purpose."

    Today Stacey Couch, a life-long student and teacher of nature and mysticism, is here to share her phenomenal story and inspire us with what she learned from her life-changing  journey.

    To learn more about Stacey L.L. Couch and her book, please visit http://www.wildgratitude.com


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    Rituals and Meditations-Learn Shamanic Journey,Part 2

    in Self Help

    Learn Shamanic Journey Rituals as Teresa  continues her 5 part series on the Benefits of learning Shamanic Journey for uncovering and healing deeply buried stress and trauma to free you up for creative pursuits and joyful living.

    Introduction to Shamanic Journey Part 2

    Setting Up Your Workshop : One of the benefits to Shamanic Journey is that the tools are all available in nature, and can be modified into a highly personal and meaningful ritual. The more meaning you put into your special ritual, and in creating your Workshop the more effective it becomes. In part 2 we will learn some of the ways to use these tools to deepen your journey.


    If you are inspired to Learn More, consider Rituals and Meditations, my advanced Video training, sample class here:

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    in Culture


    ENVISION THIS: We need to make friends with our bodies because they are an infinite source of wisdom.”

    Mikaya Heart is an award-winning author and a spiritual mentor. Her principal tool is the shamanic journey, which enables us to get in touch with that 98% of reality which is unseen and contains vast potential. Her intention is always to empower the individual, teaching people how to access their own personal inner wisdom and the guidance that is available to all of us. She helps people to free themselves from negative influences and learn how to operate from a place of trust instead of fear.

    Her latest book, Life, Lies and Sex: A User’s Guide to Being in a Body, is an expose´ of the many lies we have been told for centuries and an examination of the true nature of reality with some suggestions on how we humans might most easily fit into it. Our culture encourages us to ignore our physical selves and glorify the rational brain out of proportion. Ms Heart explains that energy moving through our bodies is what makes us fully alive, whether it is expressed sexually or in one of a million other ways. 

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    Gracious Wild: A Shamanic Journey with Hawks

    in Spirituality

    Gracious Wild with author Stacey Couch

    Stacey L. L. Couch is a shamanic cowgirl who works as a publicist and journalist for Mother Nature. A pioneer at heart, she empowers people with the ability to explore life's big questions. She aims to show how to form a real connection with our own souls through the natural world. Stacey started her career working for Mother Nature with a bachelor's degree in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology from the University of Washington. She has lived in coastal, desert, marshland, rainforest, and grassland ecosystems studying everything from seabirds to raptors to foxes to songbirds. She is a published scientific author and has been the director of both a birds-of-prey education program and a community supported agriculture program. 

    Gracious Wild  is the story of Stacey Couch's incredible journey out of the mundane world of science and reason into the vast shamanic realms of creativity and inspiration. Your can join her on this intimate exploration of what happens when one woman allows the messengers of nature to guide her. These winged guides wrap her mind in the mysteries they present, leading her to a richer, more fulfilling life.

    For more information visit: http://www.wildgratitude.com/

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    Sacred Shamanic Pathways with Eddie Mullins - Angelic & Shamanic/Star Realms

    in Spirituality

    NEW SHOW/PODCAST - Sacred Shamanic Pathways with Eddie Mullins

    Tuesday November 3rd 1:00 p.m. pst/ 4:00 p.m. est 

    On The Show: The golden breath of nature, Archangel Jazziel & Archangel Raguel, the mystical energy of November and much more...

    Healing your way into the shamanic way of living. Connecting with the Shamanic/Star, Nature & Angelic Realms. Experience soul stories, education, angelic & shamanic healing tools, shamanic journeying with the power animals & archangels, LIVE healing calls and much more. Join the magic of the shamanic soul pathway.

    Join Angel Way Walker, Angelic-Egyptian-Shaman, Soul Healing Strategist- Eddie Mullins for a journey of the illuminating sacred soul! 

    Eddie's Site  VIEW

    The Navigation Process VIEW

    Angelic Shamanic Healing VIEW

    Angel Soul Sessions VIEW

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    Mikaya Heart! Shamanic Practitioner & Spiritual mentor!

    in Spirituality

    Mikaya Heart is an award-winning author, and a shamanic worker who helps
    people to operate from a place of trust instead of fear. Today she talks
    about her own personal journey from anger to joy, and how she got to a
    place in her life where she is in a place of trust that all is well and
    that "something" is always taking care of her. The experiences that led
    her to this awareness are extraordinary.