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    Shabaam Sahdeeq, Hip Hop and 'Hipster' Media, and a BIG surprise

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    On this episode of The NY Hip Hop Report, we speak with Shabaam Sahdeeq, the veteran Brooklyn MC who just released his 5th album, "Keepers of the Lost Art." We'll talk about his career, his redemption, the current album, the state of NY hip hop and what's next.

    In our continuing look at how hip hop is portrayed by the media, we'll examine historical and recent backlash against "hipster" media covering hip hop, particularly new media outlets and the New York Times.

    As usual, we'll quickly profile a couple of new releases and upcoming events on the New York-area horizon.

    Lastly, we'll be talking about a big project that we at The NY Hip Hop Report and Birthplace Magazine are about to drop. It's still a bit of a secret, so we won't be able to say much, but you should still tune in and let us tease you...

    Of course, our conversations usually wander, and we're always looking for YOUR CALLS, so feel free to join the discussion!


    The NY Hip Hop Report is a weekly talk show, featuring discussion regarding relevant New York hip hop topics, interviews with artists and other industry professionals and invites live caller participation. The program, started in 2012 by Birthplace Magazine founder Manny Faces, has included interviews with iconic figures such as Big Daddy Kane and Video Music Box’s Ralph McDaniels, as well as special shows, including an April, 2013 broadcast live from the 10th annual L’Original Festival, a yearly international hip hop festival in Lyon, France.

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    In the next episdoe of  Bodega Fresh, MC/Lyrcist Shabaam Sahdeeq calls into the show. Sahdeeq is no novice to the industry having first reached fame withe the legendary Rawkus Reocrds, is 1/4 part of the super hip hop collective Polyrhythm Addicts and has featured alongside music icons such as Busta Rhymes, Redman, Method Man,Kool G Rap, Common ,Mos Def and Eminem. TUNE IN 7PM W/ YA HOST NADINE MICHEL!

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    Wus good Fam, this week we welcome Hip-Hop Artist Shameless Plug to #theBoomShow. Some may have thought that Shame took a hiatus? but that is so far from the truth, Mr.No Days off has still been on the grind perfecting his craft. Hailing from Brooklyn he has been penning hooks and concepts on upcoming albums that include Tragedy Khadafi, MrCheeks, Ruste JuXx , Large Professor, Sadat X,  Shabaam Sadeeq, Nitty Scott, MegaDon, Innocent, and Sean Price just to name a few. New Music dropping real soon! Plus of course DJ Nia Boom will be in the Mixx and latest in Entertaiment new. Call in or hit us in the chat room 323-443-7518 Lets GO!

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    Men & Money: w/special guest Shabam Sahdeeq

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    What does it mean when people say that ‘a man should be a good provider’? If a man can’t or won’t provide for his family does it make him any less of a man? Where does the pressure to be a good provider come from…society, women, other men? Join The Emotion Picture Radio Show and our special guest Brooklyn rapper Shabaam Sahdeeq as we discuss the men and money?

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    WORKS WITH dirty south with artists Young Dirt, Carlimo Da Don, J Hood formerly of D Block, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Kuzzo Fly, Trump247, General DV, Champagne City,, Skroodle, Done Wright and 100 Kilo Rico

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    Emcee, Artist, Director, Actor, Author Mr. Complex is true to his name.   Rising to prominence as an emcee, he established a cult following in the mid 90s following the release of three critically acclaimed solo albums “Hold This Down”, “Twisted Mister”, and “The Complex Catalogue”. The success of the projects lead him to work with such artists as De La Soul, Mos Def, El-P, Common, and Masta Ace, as well as touring parts of Europe and Asia. In addition to this  he is 1/4 part of super Hip Hop group Polyrhythm Addicts (Apani B Fly, DJ Spinna, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Tiye Phoenix).  He drops by Bodega Fresh to discuss his illustrious career in Hip Hop as well as his indie films works.  Sunday 7PM with host Nadine Michel.

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    As a lyrically astute emcee, classically trained pianist, producer, songwriter, & composer, Tiye clearly employs "the phoenix principle" in her music by challenging the barriers placed upon female hip-hop artists. Tiye (renamed after the pharoahess in the 18th Dynasty in ancient Egypt, mother of King Tut) began playing the piano by ear as a child, and then studied classical piano between ages 7 and 13. Equally in love with poetry, Tiye evolved into a clever, skilled emcee through the years. In the late 90s, Tiye formed S.O.U.L. Food Symphony, a D.C.-based all female collective with an ethereal sound that consisted of emcees, singers, & musicians. SFS performed with artists such as Nas, Black Moon, & Gil Scot Heron. Tiye went on to write with legendary groups Public Enemy, and work with classic hip-hop producers Hank & Keith Shocklee. Tiye has toured and performed with soul songstress Tina Marie and the late Rick James, and recorded with the UK group, The Runaways. While signed to Rawkus Records, Tiye worked with various artists such as Mos Def & Last Emperor, and appeared with Talib Kweli & DJ Hi-Tek on their Reflection Eternal album. Tiye is also a member of The Polyrhythmaddicts, the hip-hop supergroup consisting of DJ Spinna, Shabaam Sahdeeq, and Mr. Complex. As a beat-maker/producer, Tiye won the 2006 MTP (Meet The Producers) All-Female Beat Battle Invitational, and went on to win the MTP Championship for 2006, where she competed as the only female alongside 8 other previous male champions.  If you can, catch a Tiye Phoenix performance where you'll undoubtedly see and feel raw hip-hop at its height; whether she's spewing an inferno of rhymes or playing keys, she's sure to give audiences more than just a "show"- she provides an artistic experience. Tiye is currently working with a variety of artists and producers on a myriad of upcoming projects.

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    GetYourz Radio: "Itz Yourz Session"

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    music bt artist such as: Chaundon, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Mellow Dramatic, Sadat X, Thirtin Howl III, Nicolay and much more.....

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    Itz Yourz Vol.#3

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    Music By M-Bass, Esnavi, Mala Reignz, Militanat Protege, Mellow Dramatic, Dub Magic, Rasheed Chappele, Shabaam Sahdeeq and more.... Itz Yourz!!!!