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    Laurie Seymour: Prospecting Your Inner Jewel

    in Lifestyle

    Laurie Seymour is an author, provocative speaker, and Master Facilitator of TheBacaJourney.com. She left her career as a psychotherapist and founded TheBacaJourney.com as an educational site for dialogue and exploration about conscious living. She teaches how to have more clarity in your decisions and actions. Her inner research proved that unlocking your potential is more powerful than believing you need fixing and shares with others that life's deepest answers shine through when you're quiet and connected to your inner resources. Let Laurie teach you about your Inner Guidance System and help you connect with your Inner Teacher.

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    AFC East Roundtable

    in Football

    New York Jets Superfan Andrew Hersh is joined by Patriots Superfan Patrick Siska and Dolphin Dave to discuss what was a crazy offseason in the AFC East.

    - Who is the biggest challenger to the Patriots throne?

    - Is Ryan Tannehill the long term answer at QB for the Fins?

    - The best, worst and most under the radar moves of the offseason

    - What's with all the incest going on in the AFC East? Yes. INCEST TALK!


    We are looking for a Buffalo Bills Superfan. To apply, reach out on Twitter @nfupodcast or email us at nextfanup@gmail.com. We are also on THE Facebook. Facebook.com/nfupodcast

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    Kathleen Durst Disappearance, Linda Crystal Forensic Astrology

    in Current Events

    "The Jinx" is now playing on HBO, featuring Robert Durst the heir to the Seymour Durst Fortune. Years ago I did a profile on Kathleen Durst , Robert Durst's wife. I have the original notes and will be discussing her disappearance from 1982. Along with new approaches that I learned during the time period that Kathy has been missing like maps, locations, death and danger zones and the number of the day. WHAT HAPPENED TO KATHY DURST? What happened to Robert Durst's mother? Charts reveal these myasteries very clearly.

    I will reveal the mystery behind Robert Durst and some of the things he said during the interviews with the producers of The Jinx. Why some of the things he said are so important.

    I have also told you that souls recycle and come back to their families and I believe we may be seeing this in the McCormack Family as proof. Listen in and see what I am talking about Wednesday March 18, 2015 at 6:30pm EST. You will be fascinated in the information.



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    WMAD #6 Interview DQMW Creator & Executive Producer Beth Sullivan

    in Television

    CBR Radio Presents

    CBR Radio special series 'Women Making a Difference  “Interview with Executive Producer, creator and writer of the acclaimed CBS Television hit series Dr, Quinn, Medicine Woman . WMAD #6 Wednesday, March 11, 2015

    “Women Making a Difference “Highlighting women who are making a difference in the lives of others in their own unique ways. Strong, intelligent, caring women be it famous women or non-famous women each one has gone beyond their own daily lives to make lives better for others be it one person or many people they pave the way for women around the world to do the same in their work places and own communities.


    Special interview with creator, Executive Producer and writer Beth Sullivan.

    Beth Sullivan created and executive produced the hit television series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman from 1993-1998 plus two DQ movies in 1999 and 2001 starring Jane Seymour and Joe Lando (a co-production of The Sullivan Company and CBS Entertainment Productions). The series has received Emmy, Golden Globe and People's Choice award nominations, as well as Emmy Awards for Cinematography, Hairstyling, and Sound Mixing. Actress Jane Seymour won The Golden Globe for her portrayal of Michaela Quinn and Barbara Babcock received an Emmy nom for her role as Dorothy Jennings In addition, the show has attained widespread community acknowledgment, receiving the Heroes Memorial Foundation of the United States of America Founder's Award for honorable recognition of Native Americans, the Genesis Award for spotlighting animal issues, the Family Film Award for promoting family values, and the Environmental Media Award Finalist Certificate for raising environmental awareness.

    Photos and audio clips used on this broadcast copyright CBS, Beth Sullivan- , music composer William Olvis ,Dianne Bennett & host PamfromCalif (CBR Radio)

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    Spring Trade Show Review

    in Business

    This week, Aaron and Terry have a full slate of wonderful guests lined up to discuss the shows that have happened so far in 2015 and also preview upcoming events. We will talk to Mark Seymour from Next Level Apparel about the ISS Atlantic City show and some events they are sponsoring, Greg Kitson from Mind’s Eye Graphics about the recent MAGIC Show and SGIA’s involvement, Dave Pomeroy form the NBM Shows about their Orlando show and upcoming Arlington, TX show and also Jeff Brown from ISS Shows about Long Beach and the upcoming Atlantic City event. Plus Aaron and Terry will discuss DAX and other great events going on around the industry.

    Aaron and Terry will also bring you details on things you want to discuss. Join the conversation at our Facebook or Google + Page or even hit us up on Twitter. Tell us about what you have going on in your business!

    Also don't forget to join us live via the online chat below during the LIVE show.

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    Al Diaz, Janine Seymour Rewrite Your Story With Sensual Grace Re-Membered

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and co-host Janine Seymour share their insights on Rewrite Your Story With Sensual Grace Re-Membered.

    Tuesday, February 17th  11am PST

    Janine is simply a conduit for Divine Energy, transmitting Languages of Light and Sacred Sounds combined with Healing Hands and Vibrational Essences. This vibrational healing works on the deepest soul level. It transforms the cellular body, activates DNA and sparks memories of destiny and purpose.  It is characterized by a profound sense of bliss, transcendence and unconditional love.

    Janine is guided by the client's soul needs in order to co-create a healing experience that is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

    Janine brings a unique and pure approach to each session. Her work is transformative and of the highest integrity. It is her greatest joy to channel this love and support you in your healing process.

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    Transformation Via Paying homage to African American Icons

    in Lifestyle

    Hi Everyone & welcome  to the happy hour of  www.blogtalkradio.com/lifeissobeautiful, hosted by Vanda Maria Guzman

    Tuesday Feb 3rd  2015, 3-4p.m. eastern . # 347-205 9957 Chat room open.

    My guest for this first Black History show is Victor Holliday. Victor Holliday is an inspirational messenger.  He is a living witness that present moment awareness is where the POWER is to transform your life toward peace and enlightenment. He ministers daily to those that cross his path and others that seek him out.  His spiritual journey began the moment he hit the floor of his storefront Pentecostal church as a child and deepened at Howard University where his desire to KNOW GOD began to transform him on the spiritual path. This led him toward metaphysical studies that included the Teachings of Ascended Masters, A Course In Miracles, and the Self Realization Fellowship as touchstones. He is a tremendous asset to the spiritual light in the world and I am happy we are connected.

     We will share this show together today : Theme is Transformation Via paying Homage to African American Icons in lue of Black History month.

    We will celebrate Dr Johnnie Colemon founder of U.F.B.L. as well as the first   Pastor of Christ Universal Temple . The next Icon will be William J. Seymour ,Father of the Azusa Penacostal Movement in 1906. So please join us and call in with your comments and your thoughts . 

    Thanks for joining. Love Vanda 

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    Seymour Snott comes to Turnbuckle Turmoil

    in Sports

    Seymour Snott of GOUGE wrestling makes his long awaited debut on Turnbuckle Turmoil. He is a veteran of the ring having competed in many promotions in the mid Atlantic area. He is "The Geek With The Physique" and "The World's Strongest Mathlete." He has appeared in the pages of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. He is co-host of My Supper With Seymour. He's produced a t-shirt for sale that is endorsed by none other than "The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan.Learn more about the highly entertaining and talented Seymour Snott as he joins us for Turnbuckle Turmoil

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    The Obama Broadband Doctrine, Cedar Falls and What's Next

    in Internet

    Cedar Falls, IA became Ground Zero for launching a Presidential drive for gigabit community-owned broadband throughout the U.S. Learn how this 20-year old network took center stage last week as the latest beacon leading cities nationwide on the path to faster, better public-owned broadband. 

    Broadband is driving Cedar Fall's economic activities. Listeners get a detailed breakdown of the city's progress since upgrading to a gigabit network a year ago from Bob Seymour, Planner III/Economic Development. Curtis Dean, Broadband Services Coordinator for the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities provides insights to expected developments in the state's broadband future. 

    President Obama held up Cedar Falls as a great example of the value of public braodband networks in helping to meet America's highspeed Internet needs, and why we need giant service providers to stop blocking communities' ability to become the next gigabit success story. Our guests offer listeners advice on how their communities can overcome the challenges of these statutes.    

  • MUSICAL CONTEXT with Hershel Myers Jr

    in Radio

         From THE BASEMENT erupts conversations centered around music, the music world, and the people in it.  MO's own Hershel Myers Jr talks to the stars and plays a special combination of vibration.  He delves deep with diplays of entertainment and sheds light on the creative.  Energetic and sincere.  Forthright and powerful, catch this show every week on Monday with Hersh.  347-205-9366

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    Michigan History from Detroit to Mackinac Island

    in Travel

    Join World Footprints as we explore the Great Lakes State of Michigan and travel from Mackinac City to Detroit. 

    Our audio tour will start with a visit to the Michigan Historical Center and Museum in Lansing where we will offer a flavor of every place in the State between the lower and upper peninsula.  Museum director Linda Endersby and Michigan History Foundation director Cindy Hales will help us learn about the stories of the people who helped shape Michigan.

    Then, one of Michigan's crown jewels is Mackinac Island--Tonya's childhood playground.  Since the late 19th century, the island's Grand Hotel has welcomed celebrities, Presidents and other visitors from around the world.  The Grand Hotel offers the world's longest porch and has been the setting of several movies, including "Somewhere In Time" with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve.  Hotel historian and concierge, Bob Tagetz, will take us inside the rich history and traditions of this iconic hotel.

    Finally, we will share the legacy of a family deeply intertwined in the history of Michigan and Mackinac Island--the Shepler family--the namesake behind Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferry.  This multi-generational family enterprise has transported legions to and from Mackinac Island between Mackinaw City and St. Ignace.  Chris Shepler will share his family's legacy, their passion for customer service, philanthropy and he'll give Tonya a new experience as Captain.

    Visit and connect with World Footprints for the best travel information to any destination.  Let us inspire you.